5 Best 144hz gaming monitor, tested and reviewed

The best 144hz gaming monitor is a hobby that needs constant updating. With new tech coming out every day, gamers have to update their hardware as well. However, one of the most important things now is the refresh rate. Just by looking at the screen, you will notice some smoothness going on.

It’s lovely! Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best 144 HZ gaming monitors. That you can buy right now. As a gaming and monitor enthusiasts. We have the experience and expertise to suggest. The best gaming PC monitor that you can buy. STAY TUNED!

Top 5 Best 144 HZ gaming monitors

1. KOORUI 144 HZ 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

After all, Kicking things off with a budget one. The KOORUI 144 HZ 27 Inch Gaming Monitor is a monitor that won’t break your bank. Therefore, it comes at a sweet spot where most gamers can afford it.

It features a decent 1080p screen that supports a 144hz monitor refresh rate that is just ideal for gamers. If you want to game on a 1080p gaming PC, this bad boy can get you through anything.

It features IPS Panel that will reproduce. The best colors, Free Sync technology for gamers to enjoy. After all, and a 1ms response time. That I believe is the most important for most gamers.

Talking about the ports, it has HDMI and a Display port. Therefore, gaming will be a charm – on budget, of course. This Asus Nitro is one of the best cheapest 144Hz monitors on our list.


  • True to Life colors produced by IPS LCD
  • 144 Hz Display with 1 ms Response Rate
  • The beautiful design will minimum bezels
  • Thin form factor


  • The Resolution is limited to 1080p, ideal for budget
KOORUI 27 Inch QHD Gaming Monitor 144 Hz, 1ms, DCI-P3 90% Color Gamut, Compatible FreeSync, Ultra Slim Frame, VESA Mountable (2560x1440, HDMI, DisplayPort) Black
  • EXCEPTIONAL PICTURE QUALITY: The 27 inch QHD (2160*1440) display with the DCI-P3 90% wide color gamut brings what you’re watching to life in over 16.7M colors. Besides, Gaming monitor with high color accuracy, no fading phenomenon, the colors of all angles are more realistic, detailed and consistent. Thus you can get the same image quality from any angle.
  • SMOOTHEST GAMING EXPERIENCE: Gaming Monitor combines a refresh rate of 144 Hz with Adaptive Sync, thus enabling smooth, smooth gaming sessions. Use game mode to view details in the dark. Players can shoot to attack or defend enemies hiding in the shadows and Precise Positioning improves hit rate.
  • MODERN AND MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: The Computer Monitor combines exquisite craftsmanship with modern design and brings an ultra-thin body. The stand adopts a mechanism that can be quickly assembled, allows you to adjust tilt, while VESA Wall-Mountable allows you to mount your computer monitor in any environment.
  • MULTIPLE PORTS: KOORUI monitors provide video interfaces via HDMI and DisplayPort ports. This gaming monitor is with 144Hz refresh rate (compatible with most normal graphics cards) and QHD 2160*1440p resolution. You can connect the edge-less monitor to Xbox, PC and laptops etc, transmitting high-quality images, any switch between office and entertainment.
  • RELIABLE MONITOR: KOORUI owns super strength from monitor quality to premium service, making you assured. With a 3-year warranty, a 12-month replacement service and calling technical support. If you find any damage, malfunction or missing accessories, please feel free to contact us.


2. AOC Gaming 144hz Monitor

AOC Gaming 144hz Monitor

If you want more of an eSports gaming experience, or if you’re trying to go into eSports gaming. This 144Hz gaming monitor might be the ideal one for you.

It won’t break your bank and it still would give you the best performance when it comes to gaming. After all, AOC Gaming 144hz Monitor 23.8 inch comes. With a 1080p panel that is totally adjustable.

Therefore, if you like it rather high hor low, you have the option to do so. The design is sturdy and the monitor has a 1ms response time.

That’s all a gamer can demand, right? The colors are also pretty and they can be adjusted as well. Hence, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this device.


  • Black eQualizer for better visuals in the dark
  • 144Hz monitor with 1ms response rate
  • Used by professional eSports gamers
  • Vibrant Colors


  • 1080p screen might not be the ideal choice if you want to go all out.
AOC Gaming CQ27G2U - 27 inch QHD Curved Monitor,144Hz, 1ms MPRT, VA, AMD FreeSync Premium, Height Adjust, USB Hub, Speakers (2560x1440 @ 144Hz, 250cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.0)
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Model Number: CQ27G2U
  • Package Weight: 7.98 kilograms
  • Package Dimensions (L x B x H) in cm: 18.5 x 51.6 x 73.2
  • English (Publication Language)


3. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ

144hz gaming monitor

For the PC master race, we have something special. This Asus TUF gaming monitor actually goes beyond 144hz monitor. It is a 165 Hz monitor that is surprisingly great.

The 27 Inch QHD display will give you the best experience when it comes to gaming. You will also be getting huge benefits in competitive games like CS Go, Fortnite, and Valorant. Trust me, if you have the budget, go for this bad boy.

After all, Having an extremely low motion blur is a blessing for gamers. Therefore, this is one of the best 144Hz gaming monitors that you can buy right now.

Oh! Did if forget to mention that it comes with a curved design? And it also supports HDR. How about adaptive sync and FreeSync?

What more can you demand from a gaming monitor? This is probably the best gaming monitor on our list.


  • Curved Gaming Monitor
  • 165 HZ killer refresh rate
  • Adaptive Sync and FreeSync
  • Low Motion Blur
  • Display HDR400


  • Expensive Price for a monitor
ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q1A Gaming Monitor – 23.8 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080), Overclockable 165Hz(above 144Hz), Extreme Low Motion Blur, FreeSync Premium, 1ms (MPRT), Shadow Boost
  • 23.8-inch Full HD (1920x1080) IPS gaming monitor with ultrafast 165Hz(OC) refresh rate designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB ) technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT), eliminating ghosting for sharp gaming visuals
  • FreeSync Premium technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates
  • Shadow Boost enhances image details in dark areas, brightening scenes without over-exposing bright areas
  • Supports both Adaptive-Sync with NVIDIA GeForce* graphics cards and FreeSync with AMD Radeon graphics cards *Compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series, GTX 16 series, RTX 20 series and newer graphics cards


4. Samsung 24″ Curved 144hz Gaming Monitor

Samsung 24" Curved 144hz Gaming Monitor

After all, Samsung is known for making one of the best monitors out there. This is hands one of the cheapest 144HZ gaming monitors that actually support QHD.

The most exciting thing about this gaming monitor is that it supports the adjustable refresh rate. Therefore, if you are not gaming, you can lock it up to 60 or 120 Hz automatically.

You won’t have to sweat over going deep into the setting and fixing things. Moreover, it also has the black gamma correction that will aid you when you are gaming in a dark environment.

After all, Even if we talk about port selections. This 144Hz gaming monitor features 2x HDMI and a display port connection.


  • Budget-Friendly QHD Panel
  • Great Port Selection
  • Free Sync Model Available
  • Black Gamma Optimization for gaming


  • 5ms response time can decrease gaming performance when it comes to the gamer.
Samsung LC24RG50FZRXXU CRG5 24" Curved FullHD 1080p Gaming Monitor - 144Hz, 1920x1080, HDMI, Displayport
  • Get fully immersed with 24 inch 1800R Curved Gaming Monitor
  • A refresh rate of up to 144Hz puts you ahead, even in the most demanding games
  • HDMI and Displayport connections
  • FreeSync virtually eliminates image tears so no more choppy game play
  • Play for longer with less eye strain with Flicker free and Eye Saver mode reducing fatigue-inducing blue light emissions.


5. LG Ultragear 144Hz monitor for gamers

Hold up, son! We have got something interesting for you here. This Top Amazon’s choice might become your next gaming monitor.

That is to say, LG, as we all know, has the best screens out there. Therefore, this monitor is no slouch when it comes to gaming.

It has a 27 inch tv FHD display that is HDR compatible. The price point is rather budget and for the price, you are getting a lot of performance out of this thing.

The design is great. Moreover, the colors are as beautiful as they can get. With a 1ms response rate, you won’t experience even the slightest lag when it comes to gaming.

It is also G-Sync Compatible for gamers. Cause, that’s what they long for, right? After all, Considering all the pros and cons, this is one of the cheapest 144hz monitor displays that you can buy right now.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • After all, FHD color-accurate display
  • Radeon Free-Sync
  • 1ms response time


  • It would’ve been nicer to see a QHD panel in this price tag
LG Electronics UltraGear Gaming Monitor 24GQ50F-B - 23.8 inch, VA Panel, 165Hz, 1ms MBR, 1920 x 1080 px, AMD FreeSync Premium, Gaming UI
  • 24” Full HD (1920 x 1080) Display of the 24GQ50F monitor allows gamers to see the entire battlefield at a glance, as before
  • The native 165Hz Refresh Rate of the 24QG50F monitor, delivers 1ms motion blur reduction so you can find emenies faster
  • Supporting AMD FreeSync, the 24GQ50F displays smooth, seamless motion no matter where you are on any battlefield, any track, or any pitch
  • Enhance your gaming experience with new Hexagon design and slim bezel on 3-side. The base can be adjusted to change the tilt of the monitor to help you play game more comfortable
  • Gamers can use On-Screen Display and OnScreen Control to easily customise the setting from adjusting basic monitor options to registering ‘User Defined Key’ that user can set the shortcut

Wrapping it up

For gamers, you guys need the best performance out of your Pcs. However, if the monitor is mediocre, it will limit your performance. Especially for the future of eSports, gamers should have the best 144hz gaming monitor to take their gaming to a whole new level.

Therefore, by researching and reviewing a lot of Monitor, we have talked about the best 144HZ gaming monitor that you can get without actually breaking the bank.


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Do you think that a 144Hz monitor is worth the extra money?


  • Yes, it makes gaming and other activities much smoother.
  • After all, No, I don’t think it’s necessary and I can’t tell the difference.
  • That is to say, I haven’t tried one so I can’t say.

Is a 144Hz monitor worth it?

The answer is yes!

That is to say, A 144hz monitor refresh rate makes games lively. After all, And makes videos colorful. This is an incredible upgrade from 60fps. 

Which translates into smooth gameplay for all your favorite titles, like Fortnite or PUBG. While waiting for the screen to load. After all, Not chasing someone around the map in someone else’s car.

Can you run 120 fps on a 144Hz monitor?

You can run 120 fps on a 144Hz monitor. The pros of running at higher refresh rates are that it reduces input lag and enables more intense graphics.

Also, But there is one major drawback. You need to have an expensive computer. After all, or beastly gaming console in order for this feature to work well..

  1. Do you have a 120hz monitor?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. Can your computer run at 144fps?
  • Yes
  • No

If you are looking for a monitor to use at home. The 144hz monitor refresh rate and 1 ms response time make it great option.

You will be able play games. With this screen without any input lag which can cause aiming. After all, or shooting mistakes because of how fast things happen on-screen!

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