15 Best 32 inch TV UK (HD and Affordable)

When you are looking for a budget TV, the perfect screen size you can get is 32 inch. The 32 Inch TV is best for viewing as well as comes in your budget. For this reason, people are looking for some of the best 32-inch tv UK. We have taken into consideration all the factors that a customer wants and made a list especially for the people who are looking for the best 32-inch TV UK.

All of these TV have unique features and are best on their own. Some of them are FULL HD whereas some of these models only support 720 resolution. You can select according to the budget you have and the extra features that you want on your television. Moreover, there is direct linking given which will redirect you to Amazon, you can take a look at other features over there and directly purchase the TV if you like the model.


Things to consider in best 32-inch TV UK

These are some of the basic things that you should take a look at before you choose the best one. It will help you to choose the one that you like and will fit all your need.

  • The first thing that you need to see is the resolution. If you want a clear vision, you should go with a TV that has a resolution of 1080 Pixels.
  • Next thing you should see is the smart technology. If you love watching YouTube videos or Netflix, consider smart TV as you can connect internet through it.
  • If you use a flash drive, make sure it has USB connectivity. Moreover, the same goes for projector connectivity. (There are HDMI and VGA connectivity options).
  • Don’t forget to see the pricing. Although, all the listed ones are best 32-inch TV under 300 pounds. You can still check the pricing if you have budget issues or want an affordable one.

Most of the television listed here have half of the features. Whereas if you want every feature that is given over here, you should choose one from top 5 32-inch HD TV.


Spoiler: If you want something unique and looking for full HD TV with a unique style. Don’t forget to check out #10. There is something you will love to see. Moreover, the best part is, it comes in your price range. You won’t be spending extra money on it.


#1 Samsung UE32M5520 32-Inch Full HD Smart TV

best 32-inch TV UK

The first in our list of best 32 inch TV UK is the Samsung smart TV with the model number UE32M5520. Talking about the features, it has full HD Display of 1080p resolution along with LED screen. You can see a crystal clear picture in this model due to the display and color options. It is the best 32-inch LED TV Full HD with internet availability.

Most of the TV in this range do not have internet connectivity options. This is why Samsung is #1 on our list due to the smart TV feature. You can watch your favorite YouTube videos on the TV and control the television with your mobile phone. It uses DVB-T2C tuner technology along with energy class A.

For the connectivity, they have given HDMI, USB as well as Ethernet connectivity options. With 20W sound output, this will be the perfect TV to play games in the cloud. The TV has different variants you can try if you don’t require smart TV features or want HD ready TV. The price may vary for the different variant.

#2 Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU

best HDR 32-inch TV UK

Bravia has its own name when it comes to TV. Also, this Sony Bravia’s best 32-inch TV UK is the budget television designed by keeping all their requirements and the features in mind. The screen is LCD with 720 screen resolutions with the image aspect ratio of 5 (Other models here have 16:9).

Sony Bravia’s models are famous because of their X-Reality PRO technology which they have implemented in this 32-inch model also. For those who don’t know what X-reality Pro does, it will refine the pixels and also upscales it. So, you can get better clarity on the screen along with reduced noise.

Not to mention it is a smart TV so you can watch your favorite Netflix shows.  Guess what? they have Netflix app built-in. Moreover, it has a USB connectivity option from which you can record the shows and store it in the flash drive. Unfortunately, this is the only connectivity option available. It has energy Class A savings.

#3 Toshiba  32W3863DB

best 32-inch TV UK

Toshiba 32W3863DB is another great option if you are looking for the best 32-inch TV UK. It has a LED screen which has a 720p resolution. This means the TV is capable of High Definition media. The image aspect ratio is 16:9 which is the same as most of the model in this range.

The special feature of this particular model is Amazon Dash Replenishment (Automatic Re-ordering). This is what makes the TV unique. Talking about the connectivity, they have USD, HDMI, VGA, as well as Bluetooth enabled. Only a few of the models have both VGA and HDMI support together. Therefore, this is something cool which Toshiba is offering.

Moreover, for the tuner technology, they have Freeview HD as well as Freeview play. Being a smart TV, you can watch Netflix and other online shows in it such as YouTube videos. The TV can be controlled by mobile phone also. You can talk to Alexa via Amazon Echo or Echo dot. The TV doesn’t have many other features but the price is pretty low as compared to others and hence it has been given the 3rd position in our list of Best 32-inch TV UK.

#4 Finlux 32-FHD-5620

best 32-inch TV UK 2019

If you are looking for the best 32-inch TV UK 2019, here is the choice for you. Finlux 32-FHD-5620 is the 2019 model which comes with full High Definition resolution of 1080 pixels. They have a 32-inch LCD screen with a great display.

Talking about the connectivity, it is one of the few televisions where HDMI and VGA are supported. Moreover, the connectivity options are not limited to this but also includes Ethernet and USB. They also have Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled. They have an energy class A+.

You can simply configure Freeplay to take a glance of view even if you are far from your hall and looking for some extra TV. For the Alexa users, you can talk to Alexa using Amazon Echo or Echo dot. They use mpeg4 tuner technology. The only disadvantage of this TV is that there are no variants available of the same model. However, the model is affordable.

#5 Panasonic TX-32E302B

latest 32-inch TV UK

Panasonic has the best 32-inch TV UK. You should choose this model if you want something in your price range with a lot of connectivity features. They have taken care of everything a person needs in the affordable pricing. If you are looking for the best 32-inch TV under 200, this one is the best model you can go with.

As mentioned they have more connectivity options which include 2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 USB port along with RGB connectivity with SCART. The list doesn’t end here, they have also included the Component & Aerial connectivity which will totally blow your mind. The only that is missing here is the VGA port. They should have inserted 1 VGA instead of 2 HDMI ports.

The screen resolution of the TV is 720p which makes the television High definition television. They have Freeview HD as the tuner technology. They have two variants in which either you can get the television only or you can choose to go with the blue-ray player along with the television. The screen size can also be selected from the variants. However, the pricing is perfect so most of the people will choose to go with a 32-inch TV.

#6 Sony Bravia KDL-32WD751

best brand 32-inch TV UK

If you are looking for the best 32-inch TV under 300, this one is out of your range. The model is a bit expensive but it includes more features that make the television totally up to the price. However, it has various variants that come with wall bracket and several options are available in the same category such as with 90-degree turn wall bracket, etc.

As it a Sony Bravia model, it includes X-Reality Pro picture technology for a clear picture. It is a smart TV so you can connect internet with it using Wi-fi. Moreover, it gives Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime as their inbuilt app. The company knows what user love. There are several other TV services included in the model.

The TV supports 1080 pixels full High Definition resolution of 1920 x 1080. For the screen display type, they have an LED screen. DVB-T/T2 is the tuner technology they use. Unfortunately, there are no connectivity options other than Wi-fi. This is one of the disadvantages and the reason why this model is so down on the list.

#7 LG 32LK510BPLD

top 15 32-inch TV UK

How can we forget LG when we are talking about the best 32-inch TV UK.  It has Energy Class A+ which will save you some money in power. The model was first launched in 2018 and therefore has most of the features that are necessary today.

There are only two connectivity options that are HDMI and USB. The screen is High Definition with 720 pixels LED screen. The image aspect ratio is 16:9 for the image clarity. The tuner technology used is DVB-T and DVB-C. They have a soundbar which comes with the TV. You can choose the variant with a soundbar for the same purpose else soundbar won’t be included here.

The LG model has dynamic color enhancer and virtual surround sound to give you the best feeling ever. Despite missing some features, the Television price is in the same range as others and that is quite disappointing. However, the brand name says it all. For LG lovers, this is one of the outstanding models you can go for.

#8 Blaupunkt BLA-32/148M-GB-11B-EGPX-UK

lightweight 32-inch TV UK

Blaupunkt’s model is available in two sizes, one of 24 inches and the other is the one that you are looking for, 32-inches. You can either select the variant with DVD or you can select without DVD. The item is light in weight and weighs only 1 Kg. Yes, a television only weighs 1 KG. This makes this model pretty cool. For the people who have to deal with constant moving, this is the model for you.

The screen resolution is 720 pixels which means it is High Definition ready and along with this, it comes with Freeview HD. The screen is LED and comes with a 16:9 image aspect ratio. It is a smart TV so you can watch your favorite Netflix shows on the go.

Moreover, the best part is about the design of the model. It has the thinnest slim design. For the connectivity, HDMI is supported along with MIRACAST. MIRACAST is not offered by most of the televisions. So, if you want MIRACAST, this one is the best model to go with. Also, they have other option which is perfect.

#9 Samsung UE32N4000

affordable 32-inch TV UK

This is another Samsung model that has 32-inch screen size and Energy class A. The model is new and was first announced in 2018. Samsung UE32N4000 comes with 720p HD ready display resolution that makes it the same as other TV in the list.

It has a lot of connectivity options including HDMI, Optical Digital Audio out, USB, RF in, and well as you can connect component and composite. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have VGA support but still having all of these connectivity options is good in the price range. The connectivity options provided are more, so it has all the features you need.

For screen, it has color enhancer technology to see your favorite shows in a clear picture. Also, it will automatically remove all the detected noise. You can see a clear Vibrant picture with this TV. All of these things make the HD vision even more clear. You will get amazing picture quality with these features.


best 32-inch curve TV UK

As promised in the intro, here is something that you will love. If you are looking for something unique, here is a curved TV in the price range brought to you by Samsung. It provides full 1080p High definition vision.

The screen is LED and comes with amazing picture quality. Probably, it will look better because of the curved display given. It has Kant-S Freeview HD and you can connect it with HDMI as 2 ports of HDMI are given along with USB flash drive connectivity. You can stream your favorite shows from the internet or simply watch YouTube videos in Full HD vision.

Samsung has really taken one step forward by launching a TV for the mid-range users and giving them the advantage of the curved display. You can purchase it from Amazon at an affordable price. For the people who want to try something new and unique, you can try this TV. Also, it is from a reputed company. So, you won’t have to worry about the quality and the durability of the product.

#11 Cello C32227F

best 32-inch HD TV UK

The model is bit old and therefore it is so down in the list. The CELLO c32227F tv is a 2014 model but some of the important features are present which are useful even today. The TV is one of the best 32-inch TV UK if budget is the main issue as the television is affordable and you can get one under 200 pounds.

The screen resolution of the television is 720p display (High Definition ready). For the connectivity, they have a USB port to insert a flash drive. There is Freeview enabled if you require an extra TV to watch when you are out of the hall. It has a LED screen and the image aspect ratio is 16:9.

There are not more features as we already mentioned above. However, the pricing of the TV is less and if you do not require more features, you can surely opt for this particular television model from Cello. There are different variant available which will include different screen size. You can go according to the price you are comfortable with as the features in all the variants are almost the same.

#12 Sony KDL-32WD756

best 32-inch TV UK

If you want to go for the full High definition picture resolution of 1080 pixels, Sony KDL-32WD756 is another choice you can make for your 32-inch LCD TV. The model release date is a bit old, it was first released in 2016 but has all the features you need.

With digital tuner technology, it has Motionflow XR 400Hz Enhancer to see the clear picture quality. This feature isn’t available in any of the models in the list. So, if you want the best picture quality with Motionflow XR, this is one amazing television to go with. In short, there is nothing to be said when it comes to picture quality.

There are not more features available, especially it has no connectivity options that you can use. However, they have managed to add Freeview HD in the LED TV. If your desired features are available in this model, you can surely go for it. If full HD display is the only thing you are looking for, this model is worth checking out.

#13 Sharp LC-32HI3321K

best 32-inch TV UK

The 32-inch HD LED TV comes with 720-pixel screen resolution. It has Freeview HD and comes with Energy A+ savings. The model is new when you see the release date, it was first introduced in 2018.

There are various connectivity options given which includes 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Talking about the special features, it has DTS Tru Surround and Active Motion 100. Moreover, it provides PVR USB Record along with saorview.

If you want some extra quality sound, you can get the soundbar for this television. It comes in a different variant. Moreover, you have two soundbar options you can choose from.

#14 Hisense H32A5600UK

best 32-inch TV UK

Hisense H32A5600UK is a smart TV that has full HD ready screen resolution of 1080p. The model was recently introduced in 2018 and for the same reason, it has all the amazing features that you are looking for.

You can connect with Wi-fi, USB or HDMI. It has enough amount of ports for each of the use. The screen resolution is of 1080p with perfect picture quality as well as it has great sound. For the great sound quality, they have DBX Total Sonics, DBX surround-sound as well as DBX total volume which gives you perfect control.

As mentioned above, the TV is a smart TV and so you can access Netflix, YouTube, or watch your favorite show in Amazon video streaming service directly from your television.

For Amazon UK, the product is currently out of stock. However, you can buy LG’s replacement with same specs in a budget series too.

#15 Veltech VEL32FO01UK

best 32-inch TV UK

If you still haven’t got the perfect 32-inch television in your budget or features you want. Veltech is another TV you can take a look at. It comes with HD vision of 720p and also has Freeview HD that has many channels.

For the connectivity, it has 3 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports. The features are overall less and so is the price of the TV. For the same reason, it is at the bottom of the list. You can check out the customer’s reviews and view more information on the official website of Amazon from the link given below if you are not sure whether you should choose this model or not.

Final words

To conclude, these were some of the best 32-inch TV UK that you can take a look at. You can surely take a look at one of these from the official Amazon website to know more about any of the products. This is our list which we have handpicked keeping in mind the brand, features, customer reviews, as well as popularity among people in Amazon. If any of these fits your need, you can surely purchase them without any confusion.

Therefore, you can easily choose the one that you like and purchase it from the given link. If you want to know more about any model, you can check out the review. The reviews say a lot more things than what is mentioned in the product description. So, make sure you check all of these things before you actually proceed to purchase the TV.

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