2 Ways To Have Home Theater Experience

SAMSUNG 75 inches


Most of us movies are our ways to escape from busy work and as a way of leaving the daily grind of hustle and bustle of life. Going to the movie theater needs an effort to enjoy your favorite movies such as fighting the traffic and other things that you wish not to. Fortunately, at this time our advanced technology movie theater is more possible right now in our living room. In this article, we will show two ways to enjoy home theater right in your living room without any hustle.

SAMSUNG 75 inches

A 75 inches smart TV allows you to experience a wide screen that will captivate you in every scene. Samsung 75 inch smart TV is one example that you can afford to have with its affordable price and the following feature. This will surely be impossible without your vocabulary.

  • Vibrant Color – Samsung provides you the natural color to watch every image of the movie. It has incredibly clear and realistic details which will give you a colorful viewing experience.
  • UHD Processor – With its processor it provides vivid and sparkling images with smart colors because of the special trip. That enhances color reproduction and diverge ratios and controls HDR.
  • UHD Dimming – Enjoy perfect colors, sharp and contrast level. The Dimming that Samsung divides the screen into smaller sections so that every detail you will see it.
  • HDR – It extends the light range of the TV so that you will immerse into the real color of every image even with the darkest scenes.


Logitech Surround sound SystemLogitech Surround sound System

Samsung TV offers a colorful and realistic and immersive scene, while Logitech surrounds sound systems that offer you the best and clear sound.

  • Like a theater experience – Logitech comes with 1000 watts of power and 165 watts powered subwoofer. This power delivers the deafening sound audio that will tremble your house just like in the movie theater.
  • Premium Sound THX certificate – Logitech met the strict performance standard to reach the THX certificate that delivers the greatest immersive sound experience.