2019 Best 4K TV for Gaming

Welcoming the new year are the best 4K TVs for gaming! Boasting of 4K Ultra-high resolution, these 4K TVs have everything you could want in a television.

  • Impressive contrast for more effective and realistic viewing
  • Picture-perfect quality that lets you see content with crisp details
  • Top notch ultimate processor
  • Unmatched clarity and detail

Today’s Best TV for Gaming

Brace yourself for the high-definition future that the 2019 best 4K TVs for gaming have brought to the market today.


LG is serious when it launched the LG B8. This OLED TV offers excellent picture quality and impeccable dark room performance. It features a low input lag that leaves no motion blur for any action games!

  • Its great viewing angles allow any gamer to sit close to the TV without experiencing any uniformity issues.
  • With emissive technology, the LG B8 produces perfect deep blacks for your movie watching in a dark room.
  • It comes with a sleek design and an impressive operating temperate. No more overheating when you play for long hours!
  • The LG B8 comes with a metallic stand that provides steady support to the TV.
  • At the back, the HDMI inputs are facing to the side. Whether you plan to mount your TV on the wall or place it on your table, you can easily access it.



Say goodbye to tearing issues with Samsung’s addition to the 2019 best 4k TVs for gaming segment. The Samsung NU8000 is a versatile 4K LED TV that offers good quality picture and HDR support.

  • It comes with a great motion handling that allows you to catch all the action.
  • Excellent design compared to the MU8000
  • The Samsung NU8000 stays fairly cool even after extended use. Hence, you can play your favourite game on repeat without worrying about heat dissipation!
  • Its high native contrast ratio produces deep black scenes, perfect for dark room cinema. If you prefer playing with the lights on, you can expect the same quality performance.
  • Good grey uniformity and wide colour gamut take gaming to a higher level!
  • A good 55-inch NU8000



The Sony X900F is the perfect choice if you plan to play on a recent 4K console such as the Xbox One S/X or the PS4 Pro. The X900F is the best mid-range alternative that offers HDR gaming.

  • Expect deep and uniform blacks perfect for dark room gaming. Its high native contrast ratio and full array local dimming support will give you an active gaming performance.
  • Say goodbye to blur on fast motion with its excellent motion handling. Never miss out on the action with the Sony X900F!
  • The X900F comes with a local dimming saving power, so you don’t have to worry about heat dissipation.
  • The television also has vents along the bottom edge and the back near the top so it won’t be blocked even when mounted on the wall.
  • When it comes to picture quality, be ready to be impressed with the model’s good black uniformity, excellent contrast ration, and decent local dimming feature.


A Hot New Resolution Perfect for Your Ultimate Hobby

Get the best deals on the market when you purchase the 2019 best 4K TVs for gaming! Up your game and enjoy movie watching for extended hours. With the best 4K TV, you will experience entertainment on an entirely different and higher level!

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