T4TEC Full HD 24 inch led tv at lowest price

The renewed design of T4TEC Full HD 24 inch led tv at lowest price offers the new entertainment viewing for you and your family. It comes with a one year Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Thus, this is an excellent TV screen for a small room perfect for your bedroom and kitchen. For your new partner in streaming your favorite movies and TV program why not try this T4TEC TT2490DV.

T4TEC TT2490DV 24 inch led tv at lowest price

24 inch led tv at lowest price
  • Freeview HD tuner – T4TEC TT2490DV HD LED TV provides you access to more than 60TV and radio channels with extra HD channels without any subscription.
  • Integrated DVD player – It has a built-in DVD player which makes it extremely easy to stream your favorite movies and also saves you enough space and value for no need to buy a separate DVD player.
  • HD Ready resolution – T4TEC TT2490DV HD LED TV has 720p HD ready resolution gives you a detailed picture while the LED screen gives you an aesthetic color and contrast.
  • USB playback and record – Two things USB connections you can do. You can directly view your stored media on your TV. Or you can record straight from your TV your favorite movies or TV shows. You can pause or rewind live TV if your USB HDD is connected.
  • HDMI input – This provides you an easy way to connect your external devices like a gaming console. The VGA input provides you with your PC for more viewing of your stored movies and videos.
24 inch led tv at lowest price 2

Point of View

This refurbishes T4TEC TT2490DV Full HD 24 inch led tv at lowest price provides you a new way of viewing your movies and even good for playing your favorite games. It’s good resolution and clear sound captivates you to enjoy it.

With an external USB connection, you can enjoy playing your favorite games all day because of its nice color and good sounds. Not to mention the affordable price it offers to all consumers.

T4tec TT2490DV Full HD 24inch TV With Integraded DVD Player BRITISH design
  • 720p HD display - great picture quality
  • Freeview HD - 70 free channels including 15 in HD
  • DVD combi - enjoy DVDs without a separate player
  • 1 USB ports - get content from USB drives


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