Seizo 32 inch flat screen tv with Freeview

Seizo LED Television offers its 32 inch flat screen tv that will help you save your energy consumption on watching your favorite content. With its Freeview tuner, you can enjoy viewing all your favorite movies and shows without a monthly due subscription. Not to mention it’s widescreen that you will completely see all its images. With all of its available open ports allows you to connect other devices that provide more viewing.

Seizo 32 inch flat screen tv

32 inch flat screen tv

This 32 inch flat screen tv is great for all the bedrooms, kitchen and in other rooms with an impressive HD screen. And great for viewing your favorite movies and shows with its great sound of the two good speakers with pure audio. This brings your room into life which you will get involved in what you are viewing just connect the speaker with the digital optical port. This 720P 32 inch flat screen tv has an energy-saving rate of A+ which is the ideal alternative for home amusement.

And will surely save your money on your utility bills. Due to its high-efficiency LED panel that you can watch your favorite movies and shows without worrying about your power consumption. Besides, it has a built-in 50 TV channels that you will not worry about any monthly subscription. With Freeview tuner it lets you view a wide range of shows and movies. You can even wall-mount it for more space with a VESA dimension of 200 1 100.

Point of View

Easy to install and you will enjoy all of its 32 inch flat screen tv descriptions most especially its energy-saving consumption which you can have all the time in your movie marathon. Not to mention the best price that you can have for a smart TV which you will not lose your money on when buying this television.

Seizo 32 Inch HD LED TV with Freeview, HDMI and USB PVR
  • 2 x USB / 3 x HDMI / Scart / VGA
  • PVR function lets you pause, rewind and record live TV
  • 32 inch HD Ready LED TV
  • Great Quality Picture
  • Show off your photos and videos thanks to two USB ports


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