4K HDMI Switch

4K HDMI Switch

The new HDMI switch provides you with more sources for viewing. It is more convenient in connecting another source of monitor to another device. So if you have this HDMI connector you will only switch the button for the monitor or device you want to use. Not to mention the affordable price it offers.

Product Description

  • Available in two choices – one input with two output or two input with one output whatever source you need. For one input with two outputs you switch a single HDMI video source with two displays. However, it cannot use two displays at the same time. For two inputs with one output two HDMI video sources with one display.
  • It has a high resolution of 4K x 2K, 1080P, 3D and HD audio supported. This means, the HDMI devices support 4K you need to use standard HDMI 2.o cable but the cable sold separately.
  • As plugged in you can play with no power supply required, it has no external driver required. It is easy to just switch the devices by pressing the button on the HDMI switch, the blue LED indicators will tell what device is running.
    This HDMI switch has universal compatibility that works with most devices with standard HDMI interface.
  • It has fast and stable transmission, with the bi-directional HDMI switch box which not only supports high bandwidth of 3.4 Gbps data transmission. It makes sure of a stable and high-definition display of audio and video. With AWG26 HDMI input and output standard cable can reach up to 5m.

What to expect on 4K HDMI Switch

Upon purchase, you will receive the HDMI switch, either of the two choices: first one input with two outputs and two inputs with one output. It is made of aluminum that provides for long lasting use. It is more convenient than a single outlet of the HDMI. Most buyers recommend this.

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