5 Best Budget 8k TVs for Gaming & Sports Streaming

Best Budget 8k TVs

In just a year or two, 8K has already outperformed 4K TVs in terms of popularity. While the latter is still a champ in resolution and quality, there’s no doubt that 8K has its edge – much so for gaming. The Samsung brand is one of the pioneers of the 8K revolution. With its bigger screen sizes and brighter and crystal clear colors, these televisions captured the eyes of gamers. With this, we have listed and reviewed some units so you can find the best budget 8K TV for gaming.

Important TV Features for Gaming

When it comes to the best gaming TV, there are several features to look for. This includes screen size, refresh rate, HDR, response time, and input lag.

*Screen size – with 8K, you simply can’t compress it in a very small TV size. This is why most of the 8k TV for sale range between 50 and 75 inches. You can also find 32-inch options, but never lower than that.

*Refresh rate – refresh rate refers to how many times per second it takes the screen to refresh an image. The more times the screen refreshes the image, the smoother the image motion will be. This is very crucial for high-graphic gaming.

*High Dynamic Range (HDR) – HDR refers to the range of colors a TV screen can project. This is usually where 8K TVs excel the most.

*Response time – this is the time range on which a pixel can switch from one color shade to another. This is somewhat similar to input lag below, but it affects a different component of your TV.

*Input lag – this part refers to the response of the TV screen to your hand-held controller. For gaming, a lower input lag is necessary to ensure that the actions from the console will be in effect in real-time.

These are only a few of the primary features you should look for. But if you want to skip the technical aspect, you can choose from our three hand-picked options below.

3 Best TV for Sports And Gaming

Samsung 75-Inch

Samsung 75-Inch Q950R QLED TV

For gaming addicts, the Samsung Q950R QLED TV is the one to purchase. This 75-inch screen has a QLED 8K resolution and a Quantum Dot display. This gives brighter and vibrant colors. So whether you’re looking for the best TV for gaming PS4 Pro and other high-definition games, this TV could be the best choice.

Aside from its spectacular display, you’ll also enjoy the Smart features of this TV. You can access the internet for some online games or connect your console in it.

Also, this TV has the DVB-T tuner technology as well as a Direct Full Array Elite picture quality. Moreover, this has an 8K AI Upscaling, ambient mode, and a Bixby voice assistant.

If there’s one thing that stands out on this Samsung unit, it will be its Quantum Processor 8K. It delivers the best picture and sound quality for your games.

Also, this TV sports a near-invisible cable to keep its aesthetic for your living room. It also suits Smart homes. With almost no bezel and very thin construction, this TV will surely become a gaming hub at home.

Aside from 75-Inch, this Samsung TV is also available in 55, 65, and 82-inch models.


Dell 32-Inch 8k Premier Ultra HD Monitor

If you’re looking for a smaller gaming TV, then the Dell 32-Inch 8K Ultra HD Monitor might be the perfect fit for you. This has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 6-millisecond response time. Also, it has the VESA 100 feature and Dell’s PremierColor technology.

This comes with two display ports with an audio line-out. Also, it has a USB upstream port, USB downstream port with charging, stand lock, and a power connector. It has an IPS panel and LED back-lit technology. Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy a 1300:1 contrast ratio and 1.07 billion colors.

For the best gaming experience, this TV monitor also has an anti-reflective 2H hard coating. These are excellent features for an 8k TV price that’s lower than most.

Also, we like that this screen has a sense of realism and extreme details that make each color pop. So if you’re planning to put up a gaming TV in a small room, this one from Dell will prove to be satisfying.

Aside from that, you can adjust the tilt of the screen for up to 180 degrees to suit your gaming preference. Overall, this is a great package of performance, features, quality, and value.

Samsung QE 75Q900R 75-Inch 8K TV

The Q900R is the flagship 8K model from Samsung. It’s packed with stunning features, just like the first Samsung gaming TV, we reviewed above. It bears the same Quantum Processor 8K but with an ultra black elite moth eye.

In contrast, this is equipped with Q Contrast Elite and a billion colors. Aside from that, this has an 8K HDR 4000 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. It also boasts an 8K AI Upscaling to provide the most accurate and crisp graphics for your games.

Aside from that, this has an ambient mode, sound mirroring, TV sound to mobile, universal browse & play features. A bonus part here is its no-gap wall mount support for seamless installation on your home.

As a smart TV, you’ll also enjoy curated content if you’re not gaming. And with access to the internet, you can also play your favorite online games right away.

Aside from that, the Q900R has an optimized sound technology that gives you the best sound quality for every scene. It’s also one of the biggest and highest resolutions TV for gaming this year. Paired with an almost invisible bezel and power cable, every dollar is worth the splurge for this TV.

Final words

Are you looking for the best budget 8K TV for gaming? Or are you planning to splurge? These three options we have here will surely satisfy the gamer in you. It’s packed with stunning sets of features that will make your video game pop. Also, with bigger screen size, you will have more immersive gaming experience.

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