Best 70 – 75 Inch TV in UK in 2019

When it comes to buying a TV, some people believe that bigger is always better. You should always remember, though, that not every TV is a good purchase. This guide will take a look at some of the best options out there for large TVs between 70 and 75 inches. When it comes to TVs in that size range, your options start to become more limited, as not many manufacturers make TVs of that size. But that doesn’t mean that you should stick with a moderately okay TV.

This guide will show you what to look for and what to avoid, all the while pointing you in the direction of some good TVs. It’s also important to remember that TVs in this size range tend to be rather pricey. In fact, there is a significant price increase on all TVs 70 Inch and larger. If budget is a large deciding factor when it comes to your purchase, it may be worth checking out TVs in the 65 inch sizing.


Reviews of Top 5 70” – 75” TVs in 2019

Cello C75238T2-4K 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD Black LED TV


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Comes With Freeview HD
  • USB Socket for PVR and multimedia playback
  • VESA Wall mount compatible
  • Energy Efficient


  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • Can Be Mounted To Wall
  • Comes With Freeview


  • Does Not Come With Warranty

This TV has a highly popular review, especially for its 4K ultra HD, some of the best picture quality currently available on the market. Users have also noted that it has a very easy to use interface that almost anyone can become accustomed to. It also comes with Freeview HD, another touting point, as it is not necessary to connect with a cable provider if you do not wish to do so. The TV itself is very easy to set up, even for its extra-large size. If you do not have the space to stand the TV up, it comes will the ability to be mounted to the wall and is VESA wall mount compatible.

Sony KDL-75W855C Smart 3D 75 inch Full HD TV


  • X-Reality Pro
  • Android TV
  • Ultra Slim Design


  • Easy To Navigate Software
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Long Lasting


  • Not 4 K
  • Bad SD Channel Quality
  • Occasional Faulty USB Sockets

This TV is well-known for its name brand and satisfaction guaranteed to customers. One of the most popular features for review is the Android TV experience, which comes with entertainment, intelligent search, and personalization. You can even connect this TV directly to your smartphone. It also comes with motion flow, so there is a reduction in blurriness and judders.

Hisense 75 Inch Widescreen 4 K 3D Smart LED TV


  • Ultra HD 4 K
  • Smart TV Functionality
  • Freeview
  • HDMI and USB Inputs


  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • Wireless Setup Is Easy And Quick
  • No Lag With Streaming


  • Very Few Downloadable Apps
  • It Can Be Difficult To Update
  • The Menu Can Freeze

Of lately this British brand has been capturing attention and is considered a bargain for its size and quality as you can grab this hulk of a TV in a lower price. Even on SD channels, the picture quality is superior to many other name brand TVs. It’s great for watching cable television, but is also extremely use to set and stream TV, apps, and games. This is a great TV for watching Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, or even hooking up to a Raspberry Pi.

LG 70UF772V Smart 4 K Ultra HD 70 Inch TV


  • Smart TV Interface
  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • Can Be Mounted To Wall


  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Simple Interface


  • Average Sound Quality
  • Does Not Have 3D Option
  • Most App Services Require Subscriptions

This TV has a great price tag for what the system is offering. The picture quality is some of the best around, with 4 K Ultra HD, which makes the size of the screen more enjoyable. Being a smart TV, it also has an incredibly easy to use interface, which even non tech-savvy people can enjoy. It is also extremely energy efficient, for those that are trying to go greener or save on their bills.

SONY BRAVIA KD75XD9405BU Smart 4 k Ultra HD HDR 75″ LED TV


  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • HDR Display
  • HDMI Inputs
  • Access To Streaming Service Apps


  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Simple Set Up
  • HDMI Inputs


  • Lag In Changing Channels
  • Difficult To Connect To Wi-Fi
  • Sometimes Needs Restarted

The Bravia range from Sony require hardly any introduction having established itself as one of the market leaders in terms of picture quality and sound. This TV always gets great picture quality, whether watching terrestrial TV, using satellite, or using streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. It even works very well when plugged into a Blu-ray player. In the event that you aren’t very tech-savvy, the interface is incredibly easy to use and set up. However as all great things comes for a price, this set can set you back by the price that you can afford.


Based on the above analysis, we have found out that Hisense 75 Inch Widescreen 4 K 3D Smart LED TV is the one which meets all our expectations and we have selected this one as the best one with a lowest price. Ultimately, this TV will bring you all the qualities and features that you are seeking for at one of the best prices available. It is extremely easy to set up and use, and can even be mounted to the wall.


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