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8-Bit Retro


One way to change your children’s attention from mobile phones is with these video games that will surely provide them with an interest. It has 162 games that your children will love to play and for sure they will not feel bored playing them. The size is handy for every child, not to include its lightweight so that it will not be painful for their hands to get tired. Because of its handy size and the weight you can bring them anywhere and anytime and for your children’s companion for your travel. 

  • This video game has 162 built-in retro old-style games, it will surely give your children different needs in playing games. Also, with 152 games with 8-bit video games and 10 games with 16-bit.
  • The weight is light – This video games console has a built-in LCD with a 2.5-inch screen. It has a sufficient and lightweight size with a convenient way to play at home or easy to bring for traveling. This is very suitable for your children’s partner for travel.
  • Connect on TV – For a bigger screen, you can connect this device to your TV screen with AV connection cable. You can surely enjoy playing games with your children on weekends or in your spare time.

Best for Gifts – The video game console is an amazing and wonderful way for birthdays and for other special occasions for children. Moreover, it will help your children to develop their creative thinking and logical ability also.

The best gift for children and helps your children not to be bored on your travel or even for the weekend. The games are educational and not violent; they develop their thinking and logical ability. The price is affordable and you can buy your children each one for them also, with different colors available.

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