Leadstar 9 inch portable tv HD Screen with Freeview

This 9 inch portable tv is a great way to enjoy your favorite programs on the go. It has crystal clear resolution. There is a 9 “digital screen. There is not enough space for regular sized TVs. It lets you watch movies and shows!

Another portable TV that will provide you good viewing and good sound that you will enjoy your favorite streaming. But if you don’t want to watch you can listen to any FM radio station while traveling. It is very light and the size is perfect for the back of the seat of your car or on the top of your dashboard.

With its perfect slim design, it does not acquire too much space in the area. Also, the color black of the Portable tv case provides an elegant look that can match any color design of the car or kitchen. 

Leadstar 9 inch portable tv

9 inch portable tv
  • Loadstar 9 inch portable TV has a screen of 1024 x 600 resolution. With Free view TV and FM radio. 
  • This 9 inch portable tv have long-life LED Panel with real-time recording lives your favorite program or movie. With a USB port, you can watch for your favorite music, videos, or anything you want to stream.
  • With a built-in stereo loudspeaker and earphone socket with 1800mAh Li-polymer. You will enjoy watching with clear sound and good images.
  • With a British power adapter, you can enjoy listening to radio FM functions also. It has a great slim design perfect for the vehicle or in the kitchen.
    It includes a one year warranty.

Point Of View

People are satisfied with what this 9 inch Portable tv offers. Moreover, it is more than worth its cost. It is not a smart TV but you can enjoy more Free view HD channels while driving to your destination.

With its many ports to connect your favorite device to view your media files like photo, series movie, and Portable tv program. With a built-in antenna, you can switch to adjust. The signal if you are in a place. Where it has poor reception.

After all, People enjoy watching. Their favorite Portable tv program without any issues on pictures and sound it provides. 

LEADSTAR 9 Inch Portable Small Digital DVB-T2 DVB-T TFT HD Screen Freeview LED TV for Car,Camping,Outdoor or Kitchen.Built-in 1800mAh Battery Television/Monitor with FM Multimedia Player with USB card
  • 9" digital 16:9 screen with 1024x600 resolution; H.265 Freeview TV / DVB-T/T2 TV (MPEG4) FM function for UK and other countries,Our TV can be use in all DVB-T2 countries(UK,DE,FR,ES,PL,IE etc.),
  • Long life LED Panel.Real-time TV recording, Support FM,PVR(for Recording Live TV) and play JPEG/MP3/MP4/MPEG/WAI/VOB/RMVB/AVI/MKV/M4V 1080P video by TF Card or USB.
  • Built-in 1800 mAh Li-Polymer,(Could play MP4 by USB about 110 mins) stereo loudspeakers and Earphone socket; DC power supply from mains (110-240V 50/60Hz)
  • FM function,Audio-video, input function;Super slim fashion design;Small screen for car or kitchen.(British regulation power adapter,European regulation power adapter,Manual(English/German/Italian/French/Spanish),antenna,remote control,Windscreen Car Mount Holder,AV line).
  • We are the manufacture of portable car TV over 15 years.Support technical service by 24hours Service online.


What is a portable TV?

Portable TVs when you move. Then a great way to watch your favorite shows. They offer an affordable, simple and convenient solution.

Which can take care of all those times. Where people without TV access inside their homes. Living in an apartment / house is difficult or impossible!

Is it still possible to watch TV on the go?

So you are traveling and want to arrange your own entertainment. But you don’t have any of those expensive boxes or wires. No worries.

Portable TVs exist before we even had access to the Internet. So they can stream content from anywhere.

Even if there is no open power outlet nearby. (Or at least one won’t work). All these new models are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Which is like hours without tiring Ethernet connections. Gives playback time like old school DVD players did when playing videos in a hotel room.

What is the size of a portable TV?

Portable TVs come in a variety of sizes. And when it comes to size, the most popular size is 50 inches.

A portable television (or TV) is a type of media player. Which can be easily taken from a place like an audio device or a laptop computer.

After all, But listening / watching audio files. As well as displaying video content on the screen instead of presenting images. Instead if such pictures etc. are record on paper.

Also, Portable televisions do not require a power outlet. So they are great for a camping trip.

Where you can get access to electricity only through the battery pack. Which goes away after about 3 hours of continuous running at full speed.

How does a portable TV work?

Those who travel often. Portable television is a great option for them. The unit itself has two parts.

After all, Receiver and display. All in all, Both are light enough that they can be carried without any problems. Or when you go on vacation forever.

Then there is the risk of damage from being present in your luggage. How much power each device needs to use one. It is necessary first because with different types of screens.

There is still no industry standard for what kind of work would be best. (Hence conductivity). Once this information has been determined. All we have to do now.

Need an airy portable TV?

The answer is yes! For your portable television. You need an airy. To see if it is able to work without a first.

After all, Make sure your TV is made and model. However, most modern televisions have less power. A signal boosting system is require due to the output.

Which may have weak reception signals. I can not reach enough to such specific area.

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