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JVC LTC690 32 inch Smart HD LED TV

A Smart TV for Limited Space


With a medium size of a room JVC 32 inches smart TV is perfect for entertainment at an affordable price. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies in Netflix, YouTube, BBC, and other digital channels. Though this is not the latest model for a smart TV people are still buying this television for their small area or room for home theater experience.

Product Description

  • With this 32 inches TV you can enjoy watching with its Freeview play that has ranges of different channels and social apps like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and many others.
  • With ready HD 720p, it delivers a quality picture of 50 Hz from different streaming with Freeview play.
  • Hence, it has 2 port for HDMI, one port for component input, one port for USB 2.0, as well as one port for Optical, and a built-in WiFi.
  • Other features like true surround for best sound, Dolby digital plus, sleep timer, parental lock, and a Class A energy efficiency.
  • With simple way of set up, this is good for people who are not fussed with so many technical program. Thus, with its installed freeview there are more channels to choose from just turn on the TV and change channels you want.

Why still need to buy JVC 32 inches TV?

This may not be good for a home theater in your living area but this is good for your bedroom and other medium room. This will provide the best sound and quality picture. Also, it has a parental lock that allows you to lock the internet access to your children and for you to control their viewing time. With other port for easy connect your devices for gaming and viewing your favorite movies. Moreover, this eco-friendly because of its high energy efficiency ratings of Class A. This is the lowest price television compare to other brand and model.

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