A Superb Outdoor Antenna for Better Clear views and sound

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A Superb Outdoor Antenna for Better Clear views and sound

Do you have a problem with a reception in getting a good signal for your mobile TV? With the use of the latest technology 350 Omni-Directional Digital TV Antenna. Plus a VP2 amplifier for better and clear digital TV viewing.

Vision Plus
350 Omni Directional Digital TV Antenna






 Product Features

For mobile use, this latest Status 350 that satisfies the needs for antenna for outside use like in-vehicle, boats, and other places. With clear views and sound, it provides better and perfect reception anywhere you are. This model of Vision plus antenna provides reception both vertical and horizontal receptions. So, whatever the position of the antenna you can enjoy the quality of your Mobile TV. This vision plus status 350 has two models depends on the particular installation you need. They are both designed for versatility and with three fitting options- permanent fitting with 25mm mast fitting. This is good for mounted over a small locker and wardrobe. And there are 5 mete and 10 meters of coaxial cable.
This antenna leaves a good report as the most popular Omni-directional antenna. With the combined technology and superb design, it is the best omnidirectional antenna in the market today. Furthermore, it has a simple way of operation just turn on the TV and enjoy the program you want.


Buyer’s Opinion

People who own this antenna are satisfied with the reception they receive while in the car or the boat going anywhere. With a perfection installation, there is no problem switching any channel you want. This kind of antenna provides the needs of people who have a long travel. Besides the good reception, it also does not need a wide space it fit for vehicles. Perfect manufactured and design. Moreover, most buyers recommend by almost all buyers plus with the easy installation, they will not ask anything for this.

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