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Summer is fast approaching, camping and other outdoor activities for every family and friends are now ready and prepared. One thing that you will miss when you are outdoors is your favorite program and watching your favorite movies. Problem solved with this portable digital antenna from Moonraker provides you with an all-in-one source for great viewing and listening.

Product Description

Moonraker Aerial antenna is particularly designed for digital TV reception with models of DTV-1000. It has a built-in low-noise amplifier that can have its power either by the antenna power from your set tops box, digital TV, or through your 12v OR 24v DC power cord supplied. You can set up in different ways, depending on your preferences which digital aerial, you can enjoy for your home, travelling, camping, or other outdoor activities. With its light weight you can use it’s provided suction cup installation for any smooth surface. For example, on the truck or on your car windscreen. You can also use a pole mount for your home or caravan use.

Moreover, this lightweight antenna has a waterproof and anti-UV box, so you will not be afraid when you are using it outdoors. Useful for indoor and outdoor operation.

Point Of View

Most owners recommend this Digital TV aerial because of its multi-function both indoor and outdoor use. With its low-cost that fit to their budget it has good reception both in sound and picture. It has a good server on the amplifier which gives you less noise and you can clear the program you are watching. Though at First, you have some issues, but as you set, it up rightly you can enjoy its features. For many years, family by family is satisfied with these television accessories. Hence, for your next shopping consider and experience the good service of the digital TV aerial.

Moonraker | Pro Outdoor Digital TV Aerial, Black
  • Lightweight, compact, waterproof and anti-UV housing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Ideal for all applications including truck, car, boat, motorhome, caravan or home
  • Pole mounting installation for home or caravan
  • Suction cup installation for any smooth surface e.g. truck or car windscreen

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