Best Amazon smart TV Deals in Tech Sale 2023

If you missed the last Christmas discounts and New Year sale, fret not as amazon smart tv is still offering amazing deals for their Tech Sale 2023.

We listed down the best deals that we found. Deals that are too irresistible to ignore or will make you wanting more.


Best amazon smart tv Deals


Amazon smart TV

This is probably the most affordable OLED TV on the Amazon smart TV market. Hailed as one of the best innovation in CES 2023, its ultrathin design can be innovatively reduce because it has no backlight and it also allows this TV to perfectly match any home décor.


  • Stunning Picture Quality
  • Elegant Ultrathin Design
  • User-Friendly webOS amazon smart tv Interface


  • Not 4K UHD
  • Noticeable Dimness
  • Average Audio Loudness
LG QNED QNED81 55" 4K Smart TV, 2023
  • Quantum Dot NanoCell technology for richer & more accurate colours in 4K
  • Intelligent α7 AI processor with AI Super Upscaling
  • Super slim design with adjustable stand
  • webOS smart platform with Freeview Play, Netflix, Disney+ and more
  • Smooth motion for a realistic sport viewing experience and advanced gaming

LG 43UJ630V 4K UHD HDR amazon smart tv

Amazon smart TV

The LG 43UJ630V is probably the king of amazon smart tv UK Best Seller for the year 2022. It sat on rank 1 for months and still ranking number 1 as of January 2022.

Featuring an active HDR, 4K resolution, and IPS display panel, it is capable of providing and producing images with vivid colors, deep details, and deeper levels of black and brighter white. For its price of on Amazon smart TV, it is one of the best affordable and value-orient TV of 2022. But, it’s nothing compare to OLED TVs of course.


  • Price
  • Value Oriented 4K HDR Smart TV
  • LG webOS 3.5


  • IPS Panel
  • Average Audio Loudness
  • No Local Dimming
LG LED UQ75 43" 4K Smart TV
  • Sharp 4K Ultra HD viewing with intelligent processor for a stunning picture
  • Immersive sound quality with AI Sound
  • WebOS smart platform with Freeview Play, Netflix, Disney+ and more
  • Instant movie theatre with FILMMAKER mode and HDR
  • Enhance your gaming experience with built in Game Optimiser and ALLM

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Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System

The Bose Solo 5 Soundbar is a simplistic, minimalist, and definitely one of the smallest soundbar. It’s pretty basic in terms of functionality and features but its low price of £219.00, it makes it an appealing upgrade if you ever find your built-in amazon smart tv speakers lacking punch and power. You’ll be definitely be please with the Bose Solo 5. It can reach a level of loudness enough to fill a medium-size room easily without losing much clarity.


  • Minimalist
  • Small Size
  • Remote Controlled


Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System - Black
  • Single sound bar provides higher sound quality compared to your TV
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices
  • One connection to your TV. Speaker:2.6 H x 21.6 W x 3.4 D (3.73 lbs).Remote control:4.1 H x 1.6 W x 0.4 D (5 oz)
  • Universal remote to command your TV bass module, Bluetooth devices and more

TODAY’S BEST DEALS Amazon smart tv

The Bose Solo 5 has a soundbar so small that it can be hidden under your main Best Amazon smart TV. Or can be kept in small rooms with limited space.

However, it comes at the expense of features and performance. Which you can expect from more advance systems like the surrounding speakers.

No HDMI ARC support. Output power is not very high (55W), low range pistols. Only goes up to about 120Hz. Which means if the Amazon smart TV is equipper otherwise.

Movies will seem poorer than what they do), etc … but despite these limitations. We think most people. These compacts will require something if their setup is not already decent enough.

So you don’t have the space for an expensive 5.1 surround sound system. But what is coming from your TV.

Want better audio than that? The answer to Bose Solo 5! This little box is pack with some serious speakers. Which will bring any game or movie to life in front of you with crystal clear clarity.

(Although it was originally poorly record). Only 55 cm long and 7 cm long. This thing without blocking anything else around them. Can fit under most TVs.

Which makes the placement perfect no matter what the slot in a corner.


The design of Solo 5 is simple and smooth. Its goal is not only to be lightweight, but also to be well made. Without any buttons or switches in your home theater experience.

 Will create complex things for you. The speakers are slightly angled. Which is like an egg shell around nine-inch (23 cm) wide corner positions. Helps to provide soundfield.

This means more than any other system Amazon smart TV. The distance between each individual driver is less. Ensure tight base tone without any distortion at high volume. Even when playing too much distorted music through these channels.

The design of Solo 5 is simple and clean. There are no buttons or switches for complicated things. A white black grill on the front with plastic on top and around.

Which helps keep it light. But it still feels well built. Behind it two drivers are centrally located in the unit. After all, Slightly angled as well. So you get a wide soundfield from these small speakers.

The output tone should be sufficient information

Including optical input and aux-in port. Soundbar offers what we expect at this price. It also has built-in Bluetooth feature for streaming wireless music from your phone or tablet.

After all, Bose didn’t add too much technique above his sleeve. There is only auto wake function. Which will be turn on when selecting the audio signal.

After all, (Perfect if you’re not around!). The rest is straightforward – there’s no stack mode EQ choice, etc. Although mostly design to be set and forgotten.


While listening to Bose Solo 5. The size of your Amazon smart TV will affect how much you are able to differentiate. If you have a small set.

However, this may not be a problem for those who want to buy it. Because they probably already know. Their sound doesn’t go anywhere, even when place next to speakers or headphones.

(Which we would recommend). On the contrary, if someone has got some thick set of themselves. After all, Okay, let’s just say. You probably need to invest in two rooms before you can even begin to look at it.

We add the Bose Solo 5 to our 32-inch Samsung TV. After all, Amazon smart TV And let’s start seeing. You are from the default settings. The word is much clearer than what you get.

After all, But unfortunately it is louder. Which means we don’t hear anything around us when we watch movies or shows at night.

But if you like music through speakers in your home. There are no other audio sources. But it should be a very simple solution. Because all you have to do is stop.


After all, Bose Solo 5 is a soundbar that adds volume to your Amazon smart TV. And it looks beautiful when done. The problem? It does not offer anything more than just increasing the volume.

There are other bars that may be good for you. What kind of fidelity depends on him. Size or performance level (or three!) To suit your needs!

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