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An All in One Stick for Smart Viewing

All in One Stick


Enjoy all your favorite movie and program channels with just a small powerful stick in one with a remote control for convenient change channels. This is from Amazon who provides lots of entertainment devices that are affordable but powerful and last longer. These smart television accessories are not only useful for smart 4K TV it is also compatible with other regular and smart TV. However, this is a more powerful and convenient use for your 4k HDTV.

Product Description

With a fire stick you can manage your compatible TV, soundbar, and receiver with new power for your volume.

  • It has a complete program you can watch on BBC, Netflix, and many others.
  • With a perfect picture that is connected to Dolby Atmos.
  • Hence, with the help of Alexa you can view a live camera feed,you can even check the weather, ask to dim the light, and play music, among many others.
  • With complete apps, Alexa skills, and more websites to search to like Instagram, YouTube and many more.

Point Of View

You can enjoy watching your favorite program and movies with the convenient help of Alexa. You will surely enjoy viewing your favorite program from almost all channels you know. It is very easy to install:

  • Plug the Fire stick into your HDTV.
  • Then plug it in the wall socket.
  • Connect to the internet and you can now enjoy watching and viewing.

Most buyers love all the editions of Fire Stick that offered to all their consumers. This is the upgraded version of the old Fire stick. This is best for consumers with a premium account on Amazon for there is unlimited program and other benefits for a premium account. Thus, this is a recommendable TV accessory for movie lovers and other digital programs. You don’t have to keep on standing to change channels and change volumes Alexa will do for you.

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for use with Apple TV, F-TV, Xbox One, Roku, Media Center/Kodi, Nvidia Shield, most Streamers & other A/V Devices
  • Pre-programmed for Apple TV, XBox One, Media Center/Kodi and Roku device codes (excluding Roku Stick) which are easily changed. Full LED Backlighting-All buttons.
  • Volume Lock-The user can lock the volume in all modes; Channel Lock-The user can lock access to the channel changing capability in one mode such as the cable box; ID Lock- After a valid code has been set that code can be locked.
  • Macro Programming-This allows the programming of a string of commands (up to 15) within a mode or mode independent.
  • Device Code Database- Complete worldwide database of device codes; Library Search Capability-You can search the database for any missing codes; Learning Capability-Used to program any device that is not in the database. Go to:
  • Button Labels- These self-adhesive labels, as pictured, can be cut out and applied under the buttons that you program for your device functions; Key Punch Through-Allows the user to configure the same key function in one mode into any or all other modes; Comes with 2 AA batteries and a User Guide. Warranty: One Year Replacement for Defects.

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