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BenQ Best Eye Monitor

Best Eye Monitor


Are you looking for a monitor that will not harm your eyes when from prolonged use? Don’t worry BenQ offers you LED IPS good for your eyes and anti-glare monitor. It is important that we need to take care of our eyes. That is why the manufacturer of BenQ established a design that will not only have a complete feature in the monitor. It will also help the user to keep their eyes from too much exposure to blue light. 

Advantage of BenQ

  • It has a good quality image.
  • The screen made of matte and not glossy.
  • It gives a great image feature even if you are using a VGA cable. The use of HDMI makes the image sharper.
  • It has very low power consumption.
  • The screen does not get hot.
  • With the two cables VGA and HDMI cable, that is very convenient and it can connect the two monitors without any extra devices.
  • BenQ also comes with a VESA mount that makes it easy to use a monitor desk mount.

Disadvantage of BenQ

  • BenQ has two video inputs HDMI and VGA manually which is a bit confusing if you have no idea about it. Other brands have an automatic video input selection.
  • The cable power does not have a good design, not like the other regular laptop power cable. The cable part that connects to the screen and connected to the adaptor is shorter than the parts that are connected to the socket.

This monitor is good for dual or triple monitor use. It has an affordable price that is worth the product. It has a good quality screen from edge to edge panel it has ultra-slim bezel which makes the whole image seen accurately and wide. For helpful monitoring, this BenQ brand is recommendable though there are disadvantages it will work out if properly set up and understanding about the product.

BenQ GW2480 24 Inch 1080p Eye Care LED IPS Monitor, Anti-Glare, HDMI, B.I. Sensor for Home Office - Black
  • Full HD display 1080p
  • Wide viewing angle IPS panel
  • Edge to edge slim bezel design
  • Brightness Intelligence technology
  • Cable management system

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