Latest BenQ gaming monitor review for the best gaming experience

Are you looking for a wider monitor that is good for both gaming and viewing? Not all HDR monitors have the potential to provide the best HDR in gaming; some can do better than the others. BenQ gaming monitor has 100Hz and Free Sync. That provides a soft immersive experience in this fast-paced action title.

This BenQ goes beyond common enjoyment and adds a curved ultra-wide 35 inches screen with VA technology and a great resolution of 3440 x 1440. BenQ curved screen provides an extended color that goes beyond the common RGB spectrum.

BenQ GL2480 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

BenQ gaming monitor

The BenQ GL2480 is a 24-inch gaming monitor that provides good value for money. Here’s a brief review of the monitor:

Design: The BenQ gaming monitor has a sleek and simple design, with slim bezels that provide an immersive viewing experience. It comes with a stand that allows for tilt adjustments, but there is no height or swivel adjustment available.

Display: The BenQ GL2480 has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, which provides crisp and clear images. The TN panel provides fast response times and low input lag, making it ideal for gaming. However, the viewing angles are limited, and the colors may appear washed out when viewed from the sides.

Connectivity: The monitor comes with HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs, which allows for easy connectivity to a wide range of devices.

Performance: The BenQ GL2480 provides good performance for gaming, with a 1ms response time and low input lag. The monitor also has a feature called “Black eQualizer,” which improves visibility in dark areas of the game. However, the monitor may struggle with more color-critical tasks such as photo editing or graphic design.

Additional Features: The monitor comes with a feature called “Eye-Care,” which reduces eye strain during extended use by reducing blue light emissions and flickering. It also has a low blue light mode that reduces blue light emissions even further.

BenQ GL2480 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

BenQ gaming monitor Point Of View

Upon purchase, you will enjoy this BenQ gaming monitor with the inclusion of Power cord for the adapter, HDMI cable, DP to mDP cable, and USB Type-C cable. Thus, the best 4k monitor at a better price. To others, they are not satisfied with the quality of its HDR but still, it is great for gaming action.

It is a good monitor both for gaming and viewing your favorite movies and videos with great color and volume. It is great that BenQ offers a two-year warranty. So that in case you have a problem the service customer will help you solve any related issues. To experience the best gaming experience in a wide monitor better experience this 35 inches curved monitor from BenQ.

BenQ GL2480 24 Inch 1080p 1 ms 75 Hz LED Eye-Care Gaming Monitor, Anti-Glare, HDMI, Black
  • Stunning full HD display: Enjoy immaculate 16:9 image quality with 1920 x 1080 resolution and fast 1 ms GTG response time
  • Slim bezel design: Minimize distractions and create virtually seamless multi-panel configurations
  • Multi-connectivity: HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports offer convenience to switch between media devices with ease
  • Brightness intelligence technology: Actively adjusts brightness according to on-screen content and ambient light conditions
  • Cable management system: Neatly hides cables inside the monitor stand


Overall, the BenQ gaming monitor is a good gaming monitor that provides good value for money. Its fast response times, low input lag, and “Black eQualizer” feature make it ideal for gaming, but it may not be the best option for more color-critical tasks. The limited viewing angles and lack of height adjustment may also be a downside for some users.


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