22-inch Small TV under 200 Pounds – Buy Now

Sometimes you are just looking for a portable small TV. Maybe because you are traveling a lot and want to take it everywhere you travel or it might be simply because you want another TV for a different room. Therefore, for these purposes, you can go with this 22-inch TV. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a 22-inch smart TV, you should choose a different screen size as there are no 22-inch smart TV available.


Advantages of Small TV

If the objective is to have a TV which is cheap, does not dominate the room or is only used on occasion, a small TV is a great option. Not so long ago, 21 inch CRT TVs were considered big and today 29 inch TVs are considered small. The definition of ‘small’ varies greatly, in general TVs that are less than 32″ fall into this category.

The best 22-inch TV is affordable

A huge advantage of a small TV is the significant savings in cost. Most people would not want to splurge on a TV that will be in the kitchen, at risk of accidental spills. Or in a young child’s room at risk of ill-treatment and considerably less care.

Choosing the Right Size

The optimal TV size is largely determined by the distance a viewer will sit from the TV. Ideally, the TV screen should cover 40 degrees of the field of vision of the person watching the TV. CNET also recommended that the TV size should be no more than 0.667 times the distance from where the viewer is seated.

For areas where the screen has to be viewed from relatively close proximity such as a waiting room, a small TV provides a better viewing experience. Therefore if the distance from the viewer to the screen is 4 – 5 feet, (for example in a waiting room or a small kitchen), the optimal screen size is between 17 and 26 inches.

Portability of 22-inch screen size

In comparison to big TVs, small TVs have the convenience of portability in places where they are not meant as permanent fixtures. The extra space can then be used to serve another function or purpose. Portability comes in handy in college dorm rooms, boats and mobile homes as well.

Energy Efficiency

In addition