Best 26 – 28 inch TV – Top 5 TVs in 2019

If you are looking for the best TV in the 26 to 28 inch range, then you are certain to have a lot of options before you. A small TV this size is a popular choice, so many companies make different types of TVs, making it more difficult for you to find the best option. When looking for the Best 28 inch TV, there are probably a few things that you have in mind for what you want. Price tends to be a big factor. Not only will this guide give you an idea of what to look for in a quality TV, but it will give you options to help not break the bank.

Reviews of Top 5 26 – 28” TVs in UK

LG 28MT48S Smart 28″ LED TV


  • HD Ready 720p
  • Smart TV Capabilities
  • Built In Freeview HD
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • Screen Mirroring Technology


  • Able To Stream Netflix And Similar Services
  • Setup Is Extremely Easy
  • Great Value For Price


  • Is Not Compatible With Wall Mounts
  • Guide Can Lag
  • Doesn’t have ITV Hub Or AllH

This 28 Inch TV is a Smart TV, so you are able to purchase and download apps that allow you to stream right to your TV. In the case that you don’t want to connect to a cable service, this TV has built in Freeview. While it does not have 4K Ultra HD, it is HD Ready. The TV is designed for gaming, meaning that you shouldn’t see any type of lag when you try to stream movie, television shows, or games.

LG 28MT48S 28 inch Smart HD Ready TV with WebOS



  • WebOS Smart Interface
  • High Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • LED Backlighting
  • 2 USB Inputs


  • Very Easy Setup
  • Simple To Use Interface
  • Good Value For Price


  • Some TVs Have Image Defect
  • Some Missing Remote Controls
  • Some Have Wrong Cable Outputs

This LG TV has a WebOS Smart interface, meaning that you can access different types of media content through the different apps. Some of the apps you have to have a subscription for to use. It has screen mirroring capabilities also, so you can mirror the TV to what is happening on your computer or your phone. The TV also have different modes specifically for what you are trying to do. There is the gaming mode, for when you want to play games, and cinema mode, for watching movies.

Samsung UE28J4100 28-Inch HD Ready 28 Inch Television


  • Quality HD with 100 PQI
  • Built In Freeview HD
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Built In Mega Contrast


  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • Great Picture Quality
  • Comes With Freeview HD


  • Connect Connect To Wifi
  • Poor Setup Instructions
  • Not Very Sturdy

This Samsung TV has a very good picture quality, and is HD ready. It also has Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, which means that you are able to see a wider spectrum of colors on the screen. The colors themselves are also more vibrant. It has improved contrast levels, so details in movies, TV shows, and games should be much easier to spot.



  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Flicker Free Technology
  • Mirror Screen Capabilities
  • Wireless Smart TV Functionality


  • Good, Clear Picture Quality
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Decent Range Of Apps


  • Doesn’t Have Freeview
  • Difficult To Turn On And Off
  • Laggy Interface

This 27 inch TV is great for those that don’t want to connect to a cable service. It has built in Freeview HD, which allows you to receive a number or TV channels and radio stations without paying for a subscription. There are also 2 HDMI inputs, so you can connect any devices you may have. It has Smart TV capabilities, so you can download apps right to the TV for streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

SAMSUNG V27F39S Smart 27″ Curved LED TV



  • Built In Freeview HD
  • Smart TV Capabilities
  • Curved Screen
  • 2 HDMI Inputs


  • Has A Sports Mode
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Good Picture Quality


  • Awkward To Move And Handle
  • Curved Screen Doesn’t Add Enhancement
  • TV Can’t Rotate On Stand

This 27 inch TV is full HD, meaning it is some of the best picture quality you can get, right below 4K Ultra HD. The screen is curved, meaning that the viewing experience is supposed to more immersive, making it seem like you are deeper into the action. The TV has built in Freeview HD, so you can access channels and radio stations free of charge. It also has it’s own built in apps so you can access your favorite content, like streaming services and games.


Based on the above analysis, we have found out that “LG 28MT48S 28 inch” (number 1 in the top 5 list) is the one which meets all our expectations and we have selected this one as the best one under £500. If you’re looking for the best 28 inch TV, then this is your top contender. You aren’t going to find another TV that has all of the great qualities for such a budget price. It has great picture quality, built in Freeview HD, and gives you the ability to download apps and connect to the internet through it’s smart TV functionality.

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