9 Best 40-inch Smart TV, UK

The best kind of TV for every person is the 40-inch Smart TV. It is not only affordable but also gives you the best overall experience. We all need the features that will let you connect your TV to the internet and you can see your favorite YouTube shows or Netflix shows.

It is always difficult to choose one of the TV as there are many choices you have. Nowadays, as there are new TV launching every single week, people get confused about choosing anyone. There are certain features that you need to see when you are buying a TV, also along with that, you will have to see the price of the TV.

To make your whole work easier, we have created a list where we handpicked the best 40-inch smart TV UK and have ranked them all. The main features of the TV are highlighted and also a direct link is given which will redirect you to Amazon. You can directly buy the TV from there and also check out more features.


Why you should only go with 40-inch Smart TV?

There might be some people out there who are thinking about why you haven’t taken all the 40-inch TV instead of taking only smart TV. Well, this is because, even if you choose to go with smart TV, the price won’t differ much. We have gathered and handpicked all the TV keeping the pricing in mind.

Regular TVs are now outdated, people rely more on internet and web-series rather than old television shows. Smart TVs are television using which you can use the internet and watch your favorite shows online. Moreover, it has all the streaming apps inbuilt and if not, you can download it.

For the people who are thinking, they don’t need the smart features now, you might need the same feature in the coming future. As the prices are almost the same and you get the smart features also, you should only go with smart TV rather than going with a regular one. You won’t regret buying one.


Features needed in the Best 40-inch smart TV

First of all, the major features that you need on the TV should be checked before you buy. As all of them are smart TV, you don’t need to check for those features. The other main features that you should take a look at are as follows:

  • Ultra HD screen resolution or at least 1080 pixels screen resolution
  • The technology used for sound (if you are a music lover)
  • The technology used for enhancing picture quality should also be checked
  • Connectivity options such as USB, HDMI, and also see if there are other options etc
  • Moreover, the brand also matters.
  • Above all, you should check the pricing

We have taken care of most of the things, so you don’t need to worry about it. Just read out a short description of the product and you will come to know everything you need to know. Also, please be careful while you are choosing the variants as there might be more than one variant available for the particular model you are planning to go with.

There are several other things that are listed here, you can check it out and see if you want those as well. The link to Amazon is also given from where you can buy the TV if you like it.

So, why you don’t you just take a look at the given list and check out which TV is the best model for you?


#1 Samsung U32R590 Best 32-inch smart TV (4K)

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

Samsung always tops the list of our best 32-inch Smart TV, UK.  The TV comes with 4K Ultra HD screen at affordable price. It is powered by HDR 10+, so you will get standard quality HDR picture quality. The brightness and color quality is amazing in the price range. You will further get a 360-degree design.  You will get the same experience from every side you watch.

There are different variants that come with different screen size. It is a LED display and you can connect it using a Wi-fi. Moreover, the TV uses DVB -T2C as the tuner technology. It is one of the models of Samsung 32-inch 4K TV. You can easily get it from Amazon. The model was recently launched in 2018, so they have got all the features you can rely on.

The TV is listed in the first place on our list due to the 4k Ultra HD vision along with the design it has. Also, along with this, talking about the image aspect, they have got 1:78:1 as the image aspect ratio. Last but not least, you will get the 32-inch Smart TV under 400 pounds in the UK.  Also, not all the TV has the Ultra HD screen resolution and for that reason, this is the best 32-inch smart TV you can purchase.

#2 Cello C40SFS4K – Best 40-inch smart TV in budget

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

Cello C40SFS4K comes with the 4K screen resolution that makes it the Ultra HD Smart TV that you can afford. The screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels and also comes with a unique Cello Play feature using which you can move the channel forward or backward without any hassle. Moreover, the best part about it is that it has Air mouse remote control and it has a 9-axis gyroscope using which you can easily navigate to any channel you want.

The TV is super fast and comes with Android 7.0. Most of the apps are given in the TV itself that is mostly liked by the people including but not limited to YouTube, Netflix, etc. If you want to use more apps on your TV, you can simply open the Google Play store and download any of the apps that you want. You don’t need any streaming boxes now, you can simply watch your favorite channels online. The image aspect ratio is 16:9.

It has Freeview enabled. However, the price goes more than 300 pounds. If you are looking for something more affordable, they have a different model which is almost the same. The only difference is that it doesn’t support 4K, you will only get 1080 display. If you are fine with the display and the screen resolution, you should check out the below-given alternative, it is the best for anyone who is looking for something more affordable and with the same features.

#3 Cello C40Sfs – Best 40-inch smart TV (HD Resolution)

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

Cello has recently gained much popularity when it comes to the TV. Especially with this particular model. It comes in various screen size. However, all the screen size are below 40 and 40-inch. You can choose to go with the other variants if you don’t have enough budget. However, TV isn’t priced more. So, most people can easily afford it. You will get this best 40-inch smart TV under 300 in the UK. The model is the same as the above on, the only difference here is on the pricing and this particular TV is not 4k.

Yes, just like we saw some of the coolest and the  Best 32 inch TV UK (HD and Affordable). In the same, way you can get it at an affordable rate. Talking about the features, they have 1080 pixels image resolution that makes it Full HD screen. It is an Android smart TV from which you can download any kind of application from Google play store. Moreover, They have EPG to record all your favorite shows. The Android platform also allows you to install any streaming apps and watch your favorite show easily.

Moreover, the TV has Freeview enabled and also you can connect it using a Wi-fi. The TV was launched in 2018 and it is the best choice of the TV if you want at an affordable price and 4K is not the must need a feature for you. The TV has everything else that you need along with full HD resolution. Not to mention, the image aspect ratio is 16:9 and the television weights only 7 KG.  Therefore, we have listed it as a 2nd best TV in UK 40-inch.

#4 Sharp 32 1T-C32BC2KE1FB

best 40-inch smart TV, UK


Sharp 1T-C32BC2KE1FB comes with Freeview play and has a full HD screen resolution of 1080 pixels. You can take a look at the smart television as it has a LED screen. There are enough connectivity options through which you can connect your TV. For the tuner technology, it has DVD-T2.

There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with this, it also has SCART and MIRACAST available as their connectivity options. If you are a person who loves to listen to music on TV or want better sound quality, this one is an amazing choice for you, it has DTS TruSurround. It boosts the sound quality and you will get one of the best sounds with deep bass as well as clear audio.

You can totally get the surround sound quality with this. Moreover, the TV has a PVR recording through which you can record your favorite TV shows. There are several other features that make the TV one of the best, you can take a look at the other features from the official website of Amazon. You will find each and everything stated over there. The best part is the TV is very slim and for that reason, you can fit it anywhere you want. For the people who want to fix it on a wall, this would be the best choice.

#5 JVC 40 inch 4k Ultra HD 

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

If the above-given TVs are not enough for you and you want the Ultra HD screen with 4K screen resolution, here is another model that you can take a look at. The JVC’s model comes with a 40-inch screen and has a full ultra HD screen resolution. Talking about the pixels of screen resolution, the pixels are 3840 x 2160.

For the gamers out there, in this TV there are several gaming apps already installed. Moreover, you can also use the Opera custom store to download other apps. Also, if you want it for streaming online shows, you won’t even have to worry about installing anything as it has YouTube 4k, Netflix 4k, and other similar apps already inbuilt. Furthermore, it has a custom homepage where you can access the full internet browser, as well as there, are some social media apps.  It has classA+ energy savings.

If you are looking for some connectivity options, it has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports along with 1 SVGA port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, optical connectivity option as well as it has a 3.5 mm audio jack port. You can use the 8-day capacity of EPG along with 7 days of Freeview. The TV not only has basic features such as parental lock (Sleep timer) but also has DTS TruSurround – DTS HD for clear and surround sounds. You can the 40-inch TV under 300 UK.

#6 Sharp LC-40UI7352K

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

The 2018 model of Sharp comes will Full ultra HD screen resolution along with the Freeview HD. The variant here comes without a soundbar. However, if you want it along with the soundbar, you will need to pay a little extra for the soundbar. So, basically, it has two different variants that you can choose from. 

For the connectivity, they also have a USB 3.0 port which is not present in most of the TV.  Furthermore, it has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and SCART. There are also two of the USB 2.0 ports given and optical connectivity support. As it is a Sharp model, you can connect MIRACAST just like most of the models of Sharp.

The 40-inch smart TV has Ace Pro Ultra picture engine along with the HDR display. This gives you the best experience of the true-to-life picture. Also, the sound quality is very good even without the soundbar. No doubt, the quality will increase a lot if you choose the variant with the soundbar. However, it goes well without soundbar as it has DTS TruSurround. It has apps such as Netflix and YouTube already installed. Basically, it is almost the same model as the one we discussed above, you can go with this one if you want a little bit of change from the previous models.

#7 Samsung UE40KU6079UXZG 

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

The mode is a little bit more expensive than other models we have listed here. However, here you can select between EU model or UK model. Generally, the UK model will be wide, so won’t be available in screen size you want. You can surely give it a try though. The EU model comes with the UK power lead, so you don’t need to worry about using the model in the United Kingdom.

The Samsung UE40KU6079UXZG comes with UHD (Ultra high definition) display of 4k resolution. Moreover, there are various features which will make the picture quality truly amazing and will totally enhance your experience watching TV. TV is best for multitasking purposes and is super fast. 

Please note that, if you go with the EU version of the TV, you won’t be able to play UK channels. The reason why the EU model is available is that there are many people in the UK, who will prefer going with the EU model. Therefore, if you want to take full advantage of UK channels also, you should go with the UK variant of the TV. The features are the same. Make sure you have selected proper inch from the attributes given on the website because the same model comes in many sizes.

#8 Sony Bravia KDL40WE663BU

best 40-inch smart TV, UK

You though Bravia won’t be in the list of best 40-inch smart TV? not possible at all. Sony Bravia KDL40WE663BU is a smart TV with full HDR display. The model is available in 32 inches and 49 inches also along with the 40 inches. You can go with the version that you like the most and is in your budget. The energy class is A+ which gives you super savings.

The TV has Motionflow XR to keep everything smooth and sharp. As it is a Bravia model, you will get X-Reality PRO on the TV, that gives you standard picture quality. You can record your favorite TV shows and even you can take those shows in your USB flash drive to watch whenever you want. This feature is given by Sony Bravia. The model is slim and weighs roughly 8.7 Kg, that is the lightweight TV.

Moreover, they have all the streaming apps inside the TV including but not limited to Netflix, YouTube, etc. you can watch and even record any of the shows using the connectivity options given. For gamers out there, they have beautiful texture and amazing screen to play the games on. You can easily connect your PS4 with the HDMI connectivity option and start playing the game you like the most. Therefore, it is the best 40-inch smart TV for gaming and YouTube.

#9 Hisense H40B5600UK – Best 40-inch smart TV 2019 model

Best 40-inch smart TV

Hisense has also recently launched a new model of the best 40-inch smart TV UK. It comes in the new series of 2019/2020. For the people, who are looking for the latest model and only want the best 40-inch smart TV 2019, you can also go with this choice. Let’s see a little bit more about the TV to know how good the TV is and also other features.

The TV has a quad-core processor and comes with Freeview. You can stream your favorite shows online or you can even choose to record them to watch later. Most of the streamings apps are already inbuilt that you can use. However, to install other apps, you can directly connect it to the internet and download your favorite streaming apps. The applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, are already given. Moreover, they also have an integrated web browser.

For recording purpose, they have a built-in PVR recording module which you can use to record and see your favorite shows whenever you want. This is a new model and recently launched. Therefore, there aren’t any customer reviews as of now. The features are given as per the description and the brand name says it all. Hence, we have added this TV in our list of best 40-inch smart TV UK, you can go on the TV. Moreover, the TV has 2 years warranty, so you can rely on the brand and if something happens, you can contact the service center.

Which one is Best 40-inch smart TV for me?

Although we have given an entire list of the best TV you can purchase, there are still some of the people who might be looking for a single answer on which is the best 40-inch smart TV they can buy. This section is especially for them and will clear each and every doubt they are currently having.

To choose the perfect TV, there are certain things that you will have to check out. Among those, the first one is fixing your budget. You will need a budget on how much money you can spend. Once you have decided the budget, you can move on to the next question where you will make a list of the most important features you need. It may be the ultra HD screen or it might also be some of the sound technology you always wanted. Therefore, you should see if those features are available on the TV you are going to choose.

You can check out all the things and purchase the TV accordingly. Moreover, if you have any specific feature that you want, you should if there are any extra add-on available. In other words, if you want better sound quality, you can also go with the soundbar. In this way, you can choose the alternative or the different device that you want. Thus, you might save some money on buying the TV. Furthermore, you can check out different variants.


Final words

To conclude, it is up to you which one to choose. You can choose any model from the above given. If the model you want to go with is out of stock, it is recommended that you wait for a couple of days as it will be back in stock soon. Make sure you check out this list before buying because there might be some new models that you want to take a look at. Therefore, It is a better option to see if this list is updated. Once again, make sure you are choosing the right variant of the model, as there might be some difference and the features might also change if you change the variant.

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