Best 42 to 43 inch TV – Top 5 Picks in 2019

When buying a TV, especially in the 42 inch to 43-inch range, it can be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for. TVs in this size range tend to be very popular, so there are a lot of options out there, both good and buy. Some people tend to go for the cheapest option, which isn’t always a good idea. But shelling out extra cash for that name brand doesn’t always mean you’re getting quality, either.


Reviews of Top 5 Best 42 to 43 Inch TV in 2019

This guide will go over some of the best TVs of this size range, give you an idea of some of the best features to look out for, and even give you some tips for what you want to be avoiding.

JVC LT-42C550 42 Inch LED TV

11-blog Features

  • DTS TruSurround HD Technology
  • 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Built In Freeview


  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Great Value for Price
  • Slim Design


  • Average Sound Quality
  • Some Switch Off Without Prompt
  • Average Picture Quality

This 42in TV is a high definition model that offers a really crisp and clear picture. Even though it’s not 4K, many people are pleased with the picture quality that it offers. It also has built in Freeview, so without a cable service you can get 12 HD channels, 60 standard definition channels, and 25 radio stations. There is no subscription fee required. It also has three HDMI ports, so you can connect all of your favourite devices at once.

Hisense 43in Widescreen 4K 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD



  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • Built In Freeview
  • High Quality Soundbar With Dual Subwoofers
  • Smart TV Technology


  • Great Value For Price
  • Great Sound Quality
  • No Lagging With Streaming


  • Poor Picture Quality on Standard Definition Channels
  • Menu is Slow
  • Bulky Design

This TV is best known for its picture quality, because it has one of the best video technologies currently available–4 K Ultra HD. It has four times the number of pixels on the screen as your average TV. It’s also a smart TV, so you can connect to your Wi-Fi, download apps, and use built in streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu. If you don’t want to use a cable service, then this TV also has built in Freeview, which doesn’t’ require a subscription.

LG 43LH590V 43in Full HD Smart TV Wi-Fi LED TV



  • Smart TV Capabilities
  • Ability To Add And Purchase Apps
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel Picture Quality


  • Very Good Picture Quality
  • Smart TV Functions
  • Ability to Connect Streaming Devices


  • Bulky in Size and Heavy
  • Confusing Interface
  • No 4 K Ultra HD

This TV is well known for its brand name, meaning that the company has a good backing and reputation. While the picture quality is not 4 K Ultra HD, it is the next best thing at 1920 x 1080 Pixels. It also has 2 built in HDMI inputs, which is a decent amount for hooking up devices. It’s a smart TV, so it can be connected to the Wi-Fi and used with streaming services that are built directly into the interface, like Netflix.

Sony KD-43X8305C Smart 4 K UltraHD 43 inch TV



  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • Motionflow Technology
  • Android TV
  • Energy Efficient


  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Can Be Personalized To Each User
  • Very Easy To Learn Interface


  • Apps Lag Or Shut Down Sometimes
  • TV Itself Can Freeze Or Crash
  • Does Not Have HHD Recording

One of the best, and most popular features of this TV is it’s picture quality, as it has 4 K Ultra HD, which is currently the best technology. It’s an Android TV, so you are able to personalize it to your exact specifications, and even connect it right to your smartphone. Even for its decent size, the TV itself is very slim, so it’s easy to move around and position in whatever room you choose. If you want to mount it to the wall, it doesn’t’ jut very far out.

LG 43UH750V 43 inch Ultra HD 4 K Smart TV


  • 4 K Ultra HD
  • ColourPrime Pro
  • HEVC Decoding Technology
  • Smart TV Capabilities


  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Extremely Thin And Light
  • Great Streaming Functions


  • Some Warranty Difficulties
  • Sound Quality Is Mediocre
  • Setup Instructions Are Confusing

This LG TV not only has the great 4 K Ultra HD technology, which is some of the best on the market right now, it has ColourPrime Pro, which is supposed to deliver a wider range of the colour spectrum to the TV. So not only is the picture quality great, but the colours are fuller and more vibrant. The TV is incredibly thin, so it’s easy to move around, or even mount to the wall. It won’t stick out awkwardly or be difficult to move.


Based on the above analysis, we have found out that “Sony-KD-43X8305C-UltraHD” (number 1 in the top 5 list) is the one which meets all our expectations and we have selected this one as the best on.

If you are looking for a 42in TV or 43 Inch TV, with excellent quality for the pricing, then this is the TV for you. It has great picture and sound quality, multiple HDMI inputs, and even comes with built-in Freeview.

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