Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV (2019)

The screen size of the TV is probably one of the most important deciding factors that come in your budget. So if you’re looking for the best 49-Inch TV, then you’re in luck as we list down the best 49-inch ultra HD 4K Smart TV that you can buy for 2017.


Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV


Panasonic TV TX-49FX550B

The first best 49 inch TV you can purchase is Panasonic TV. The model comes with a 4K screen resolution and also includes all the smart features that you need. Starting from Netflix to any other application, you can easily watch all the streams directly on your TV. There are a lot of connectivity options also available that you can take a look at. Most importantly, the television is Amazon’s choice. In other words, the model is best for the price as well as for the features. Talking about the features, here are the several features that you will get on Panasonic TV.

Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV


  • 4K Resolution which makes it Ultra High Definition TV
  • Slick Classic design for amazing looks
  • Lots of connectivity options including Wifi, USB, and HDMI
  • LED Screen
  • Image aspect ratio is 16:9
  • It is a 2018 model
  • DVB-T, DVB-T2 as Tuner technology

When talking about the overall picture quality and the sound quality, Panasonic performs quite good as compared to other ones. This is because of the latest model. You can get this TV under 400 pounds in the UK from the official Amazon website. You can find the link below. The HDR experience makes sure you can see each pixel wide and clear. Moreover, it has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. For the gamers out there, it is one of the best models if you want to purchase a TV of 49 inch screen.


LG 49UJ630V – (Best Value)

Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TVLG Live TV is another TV you can go with if you want an IPS display on your TV. The TV comes with HDR 10 along with the HLG technology. You also get 4K ultra high definition quality over here. Along with this, there are various connectivity options such as USB using which you can easily record any show that you want. It gives the best overall picture quality. The model is a little old and therefore there won’t be the latest apps that you need. However, you can surely download it and use it.


Key Features:

  • 49-Inch Display Panel Size
  • IPS LED Display Panel
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 3840 x 2160 Native Resolution (UltraHD 4K | 16:9 Aspect Ratio)
  • Active HDR (output both HLG and HDR 10 high dynamic range formats)
  • LG webOS3.5 (Smart TV)
  • Digital Tuner: DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 mpeg4 DVB-S2 (HD)


In terms of picture quality, the LG 49UJ630V boasts an outstanding picture quality reproduction. A kind of performance that is pretty much expected from a TV that features 4K native resolution and on the top of that, the active HDR really adds up to the overall picture quality. Offering bright and colorful images with deeper details. However, in terms of overall performance, it is definitely not on par with the quality that you can see on SUHD or OLED TVs, but it’s still above satisfactory and the performance is great of its price.

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LG 49UJ670V – (Best Alternative Value)

Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

If you are looking for a TV with 4K HD screen resolution along with the WebOS, this is the Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV you can go with. The TV has a direct LED backlight system which looks perfect. Along with this, you will get the IPS panel in the TV. All these features are in quite affordable rate. You can take a look at the quick features and decide yourself.

Key Features:

  • 49-Inch Screen Size
  • 3840 x 2160 Pixels (Ultra HD 4K)
  • Direct-LED Backlight System
  • 50 Hz Refresh Rate
  • IPS Panel
  • Active HDR | HDR10 | HLG
  • webOS 3.5
  • 2.0 ch 20W Speakers

The LG UJ670V Ultra HD 4K Smart TV Series offers a very good picture quality thanks to its native 4K resolution and active HDR. The active HDR drastically adds up to the overall picture performance by enhancing the TV’s brightness and giving deeper colorful images with astonishing clearness.

The black colors are missing depth because this TV doesn’t have ultra luminance but the colors look amazing.

LG 49SJ800V – (Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV)Best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV


Key Features:

  • 49-Inch Screen Size
  • 3840 x 2160 Pixels (Ultra HD 4K)
  • Edge-LED Backlight System
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Ultra Luminance LG
  • Nano Cell Technology
  • IPS Panel with 10 Bits Depth
  • Active HDR | HDR10 | HLG |Dolby
  • webOS 3.5
  • 2.0 ch 20W Speakers
  • For more details, visit LG Electronics.

The LG 49SJ800V is probably the best 49-Inch Ultra HD 4K TV for 2017. It offers an amazing picture quality performance that you can find on Amazon. This is a TV that features premium HDR performance with 10-bit panel depth. As well as Ultra HD resolution, special built-in speakers by Harman Kardon, and LG’s latest offering, Nano Cell Technology. For its price, this is definitely the best 49-Inch 4K Smart TV of 2017.

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Sony Bravia KD49XE8004 – (Best Alternative)


Key Features:

  • 49-Inch Screen Size
  • LCD Display Type
  • 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Live Colour Technology
  • 50 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Triluminos Display

The Sony KD-49XE8004 offers a fantastic picture quality. Along with its HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, it further provides deeper colorful images. However, this TV doesn’t have local dimming. The lack of local dimming means that the depth of black and the uniformity are average.

The colors are good too and that’s thanks to Sony’s Live Colour Technology and Triluminos Display.


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