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Television technology has fastly progressed from very old 144p to now 4k resolution. But people argue that even the content is of 4k Resolution Samsung TV, they don’t see much of a difference between 4k resolution and its immediate predecessors. This is because though the content quality is of 4k resolution, displays aren’t 4k and that is the reason why you should upgrade to a 4k tv and watch the content at its best. Let’s compare 3 of the 4k TVs.

  • Samsung UE50NU7470

Samsung TV

Samsung UE55NU7400

Samsung’s latest addition to its smart TV generation is Samsung UE55NU7400. It is a 50 inches 4k Ultra  HD smart TV. The television sports an LED screen with 3840×2160 pixels’ resolution. Samsung brand has always been keen on providing best displays in the business and this is the USP of this TV as well. It provides dynamic crystal colours. By dynamic crystal colouring, television can show more than a billion different shades or colours on the display.

It is available on for £699.99 (in Aug 2019) but the larger than life user experience that you can get is beyond the price tag.

Samsung has done vast research on improving user experience using the brightness of the screen. This device supports UHD dimming feature which scans the image thoroughly and adjusts the brightness using backlight panels so as to deliver brighter white and deeper dark colours.

Along with providing seamless voice control, this device is smart than generic smart TVs. It lets you connect with other smart home devices like lights, camera or mobiles etc. It provides connectivity over WiFi.

This device supports one remote control function. Using a single remote and the device you can control many other Samsung devices. This TV also sports HDR 10+ providing high contrast for a better experience. The whole product including the accessories weigh There is nothing that can stop this TV from becoming the best 4k TV to buy but one and that is Panasonic TX-49FX700B.



Panasonic TX-49FX700B

It has most of the features that Samsung UE50NU740. Some of the other features are even better than that of its foe but al a lower price. is selling this product from £548.99 (in Aug 2019) and above.

This TV is one of the best 4k TVs when it comes to sport 4k ultra HD with HDR10+ at this price tag. The TV comes with a stand to would look like a part of your furniture if colours of stand and metallic frame of TV fit perfectly with the furniture.

The TV weighs about 15.5kg only and the other accessories provide alongside the TV weighs about 4.5kg

This TV has a wider range of colours and auto brightness adjustment feature. It has a screen with the resolution 3840×2140 pixels.

This is a 49 inches TV and if you are looking for a similar but bigger TV then the newer model TX-50GX700B has a display as large as 65 inches.

Though the TV’s model is of 2018, if not better; it is no less than any of its rivals. If you are looking for Samsung UE50NU7470 to buy but at a lower price and slimmer in size then this TV is the best 4k TV for you.



Toshiba 55UL5A63DB

When Samsung and Panasonic are presenting greats in front of you, how can Toshiba, the Japanese giant, can sit back and watch them sell their TVs. Toshiba is a well-known brand for providing awesome tech at an affordable price tag. The Toshiba 55UL5A63DB is a 49 inches smart 4k ultra HD TV. Its USP is the price tag of £399 (in Aug 2019) and A+ level energy efficiency.

Toshiba’s TRU technology puts this into a league of its own.

  • Picture engine – Smooth, detailed and upscaled viewing
  • Flow – Reduces the judder shaky motion
  • Resolution – Upscale the no-4k content
  • Micro dimming – Improves contrast and focussing

TRU technology of Toshiba has made the Toshiba 55UL5A63DB comparable with its Samsung and Panasonic rivals.


Physical specifications of 3 TVs

FeatureSamsung UE55NU7400


Panasonic TX-49FX700B


Toshiba 55UL5A63DB


Price(in £)578.00548.99399
Dimentions1124mm x 650mm x 59mm1090mm x 638mm x 44mm1099mm x 648mm x 85mm
Size50 inch49 inch49inch
Resolution3840×2140 pixels3840×2140 pixels3840×2140 pixels
Display4k ultra HD4k ultra HD4k ultra HD


Though the above comparison is only about the hardware, few of the following features will ease out your pressure of choosing the best 4k TV for your home

  • After-sale service – Samsung and Panasonic are considered as the better brands for the after-sale service.
  • Viewing experience – Samsung UE50NU7470 is the winner, hands down. The combination of the best hardware and one of the best software makes Samsung devices a clear winner in this field. Also, credit should go to a little higher price as this lets Samsung use the best hardware.
  • TV body – Panasonic provides a solid metal frame along with being the slimmest of the 3 TVs. But if are looking for mounted TVs then you have to look for other options.

The TRU (pun intended J) best 4k deal for your Television is based on what you want. When your requirement meets the specs, it is the best deal for you.


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