Best Ultra HD 4K TV for Gaming in UK 2023

Are you looking for an Ultra HD 4K TV that you can use as an ordinary Freeview TV, your own personal theatre, and a TV that gives the best experience for your gaming needs? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we list down our top choice of TVs that are best not just for theatre use but also great for gaming.

Just like purchasing a gaming console, choosing between a PlayStation or an Xbox can really be a difficult choice. It’s the same case if you want to buy a 4K TV for gaming. So if you want the best 4K TV for gaming, you need to consider the response time, refresh rate, and the panel type of the TV.

In terms of price, you definitely can find an excellent gaming 4K TV for quite cheap, but paying more for the premium models usually brings you a more versatile 4K TV with better picture quality and gaming experience. So if you’re looking to buy a brand new 4K TV that fits all of these then here are our recommendations for the best 4K TVs for gaming.


Best 4K TV for Gaming in UK

Samsung Q65C QLED 43 Inch HDR 4K Smart TV

best 4k tv for gaming


  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • 22ms Response Time (4K@60Hz)
  • 4K Resolution
  • Supports 4K@60Hz [4:4:4]
  • VA-type LCD panel (Quantum Dot Color)
  • HDR 1000

The Samsung Q65C QLED 4K TV Series offers a performance that is comparable to a much more expensive 4K TVs such as KS8000 in most attributes of picture quality including for gaming.

Samsung is definitely an authority in terms of televisions and their products have consistently delivered low input lags, and the Samsung Q65C QLED was no exception, with a lag time of merely 22ms in game mode. The game mode also supports HDR mode thus, providing a low-latency experience for playing HDR games.


  • Picture quality that is on par with more expensive models
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Low input lag with HDR mode


  • Edge-Lit LCD Display Panel
  • Auto Motion Plus can be a little aggressive
Samsung 43 Inch Q65C QLED HDR 4K Smart TV (2023) - Quantum HDR QLED TV With Alexa, Dual LED Technology, Crystal 4K Processor, Object Tracking Sound, Built In Gaming TV Hub, Slim Profile & Multi View
  • Stunning 4K QLED Visuals With Dual LED & Quantum HDR - Powered by Quantum Dot, our QLED 4K TV delivers over a billion colour shades for a vibrant image. Dual LED provides bold contrast with true to life colour and Quantum HDR improves brightness.
  • Immersive Audio That Suits Your Space - With Adaptive Sound and Object Tracking Sound, our Samsung QLED TV offers cinema style audio that adapts to what you are watching & puts you in the action. Add a Samsung Soundbar for harmonious Q-Symphony too.
  • Console Free Gaming & Smart TV Streaming Built In - More than just a television, our Samsung QLED TV has a built in Gaming TV Hub for console free gaming, just connect a controller! With Samsung TV Hub, access BBC iplayer, Netflix, Prime Video & many more.
  • Easy To Connect, Control & Communicate - Our Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV comes with Alexa and other voice apps built in as well as multi-view, and video call apps for easy communication. Also, connect your way with Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI ports.
  • Always Remember To Check The Label - Does your box say Q60C on it? Not to worry, the Q65C Smart 4K TV belongs the Q60C class of TVs as an advanced model! They use the same style of box, but the Q65C is a different TV. Check the Amazon Label.

Panasonic 50 inch LX650 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Panasonic 50 inch LX650


  • 1600 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 21ms Response Time (4K@60Hz)
  • 4K Resolution
  • Supports 4K@60Hz [4:4:4]
  • LED-LCD panel
  • HDR10 | HLG

In terms of affordability without compromising the gaming features, the Panasonic TX-EX700B 4K TV series is where it excels at. The EX700 4K TV from Panasonic handles fast motion decently paired with the ’Clear Motion’ system that improves the clarity of motion (or motion resolution). It uses so-called backlight blinking, which improves motion somewhat at the expense of lower overall brightness.

In terms of gaming, the ’Standard’ mode has an input lag of 112 ms, the Game mode drastically reduced that to less than 21 ms (20.9 ms) in SDR. That is on par with the best TVs out there and ensures minimal lag when playing the latest console games.


  • Solid 4K Performance
  • 21ms Input Lage Game Mode
  • Affordability and features
  • Insane 1600Hz Refresh Rate


  • Poor HDR Mode Game Experience
  • Picture Bleeding occurs when TV is pushed to its limits
Panasonic 50 inch LX650 Android TV with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Voice Control, Compatible with Ok Google and Alexa
  • 4K HDR – Superb picture quality - Detailed 4K Ultra High Definition picture with the extra colour and brightness of High Dynamic Range
  • Smart TV - Access to popular internet apps - Enjoy watching content on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime all with a flick of a button.
  • Dolby Vision- Picture perfection, scene-by-scene - Dolby Vision brings compatible UHD Blu-ray discs and 4K video streaming to life - with exceptional colour, contrast and brightness.
  • Dolby Atmos- Immersive sound that fills the room - Dolby Atmos, found in the newest cinemas, and on our premium TVs expresses sound with astonishing clarity, richness and depth. Sound effects are precisely placed in virtual space and time to envelope you in the atmosphere.
  • HDR Multi Format - Optimal brightness and colour – whatever the source - By supporting 3 leading HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats our premium TVs assure best possible performance - regardless of picture source. Brightness and colour are optimized whether the source is Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10.

Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800-32-inch

Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800-32-inch


  • 50 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 32ms Response Time (4K@60Hz)
  • 4K Resolution
  • Supports 4K@60Hz [4:4:4]
  • LED-LCD panel
  • HDR10 | HLG

The Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800-32-inch 4K TV series is one of our choices when it comes to a 4K TV for gaming. It has a game mode that supports both SDR and HDR gaming with an input lag of 32ms, regardless of whether local dimming was on or off.

Gaming on this TV is certainly an enjoyable experience, with images that were detailed, crisp, and dynamic, along with Sony’s excellent motion handling.


  • Uniform backlighting with amazing image quality
  • 21ms Input Lage Game Mode
  • Affordability and features


  • Poor HDR Mode Game performance
  • Poor Colour Gamut Range
  • Optimal viewing angle is narrow
Sony BRAVIA, KD-32W800, 32 Inch, LED, Smart TV, HD, Android TV, Narrow Bezel Design
  • BRAVIA Engine: The power behind amazing pictures
  • Live Colour: Beautiful, natural colours in everything you watch on this Sony TV
  • USB HDD REC: Turn your television into a digital recorder
  • Find all the entertainment you can dream of, as fast as you can talk - With advanced voice control, this Android smart TV lets you enjoy movies and shows from apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or broadcast in an instant.
  • Box Contains: 32W800 TV, Table Top Stand, Voice Remote, Control Batteries, AC Power Cord, Operating Instructions , Quick Setup Guide


The TV models that we listed here are all Ultra HD 4K TV and the ones that we find gaming on to be a pleasurable experience. The audios are above satisfactory but could be better to get yourself immersed in a deeper gaming session. Out of all the listed 4K TV here, we definitely love the LG C7 to be the best 4K TV for gaming in the UK as of 2023.

So if you have the budget, then we highly recommend the LG C7. Otherwise, you can definitely still enjoy and have an amazing gaming experience from any of the three models that we mentioned.