With TV prices consistently decreasing, the options for 4K quality are greatly increasing. With cool features, such as high-dynamic range (HDR), it makes you wonder why you don’t have a 4K TV already. In this article, we will take a look at the best and newest 4K TVs that you should feast your eyes on this year.

The two main types of technology that 4K TVs harness are LED/LCD and OLED. OLED TV quality tends to offer a better picture since it can display darker colours better. But, they are much more expensive than LCD-based displays that offer the same size.

The majority of 4K TVs that are being sold are LCD models since they are less expensive for the average consumer to spend on. Plus, they are overall great for displaying vibrant colours and brighter visuals. However, if you’re looking for a more expensive tech toy for your home, an OLED will be your top choice.

Best 4K TV To Buy Now

To help you make your decision on the best 4K TV to buy for your house, check out our best 4k TV comparison below.

Sony Bravia XBR-55A1E


The Sony Bravia XBR-55A1E is one of the first 4K OLED TVs that Sony has released. This 4K TV has a screen size of 55-inches and delivers a crisp image with clean pixels. Not to mention, it offers great UHD and HDR performances, with a solid picture density.

Additionally, the Sony Bravia offers a special audio technology called the Acoustic Surface. It uses vibration actuators to turn the TV panel into a speaker system. Plus, it can be paired with a subwoofer that can deliver amazing sound quality.

Since this model offers an ultra-thin shape, you can easily tilt the TV backwards and forward for better viewing angles. In addition, the Sony Bravia has Google TV built in, which offers services such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.


  • Picture quality is stunningly Gorgeous
  • Monolithic design
  • Innovative design and system
  • Wide viewing angles


  • It’s not that bright
  • Expensive
  • Android TV is clunky or performance is poor
  • Occasional audio distortions occur



This expensive TV has some of the highest ratings and best displays on the market for 4K OLED TVs. Plus, this LG TV is set to have one of the thinnest designs to fit better in your home.

This model offers a great definition picture with amazing UHD and HDR performances. It also offers improved contrast and highlights when compared to other 4K TVs.

The LG TV also has impressive sound quality due to its sound bar-styled speakers that are combined with pop-up speakers and Dolby Atmos technology. Plus, the part of the TV that has most of the connections and electronics, it has a flatter ribbon-styled cable that can be easily painted to match your wall colour.

Additionally, this LG model has updated smart TV software that comes with a Magic Motion remote control. This is why is it one of the absolute best 4K TVs of the year.


  • Picture quality is Dazzling
  • Innovative “wallpaper” design
  • Excellent audio


  • Picture noise can be noticeable with bright HDR images
  • Dolby Atmos support is limited
  • Utterly Expensive

Sony KD55XF9005

This 2017 Sony model easily out beats Samsung’s newest 4K TV models with a high-definition display and a powerful UHD performance. The Sony XF uses a special feature called Slim Backlight Drive, with help deliver better contrast and black colours. Additionally, this Sony model offers improved HDR performance that can increase contrast and give off brighter highlights.

Just like any Sony HRD TV model, this TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 to go with Google’s new Android TV platform.


  • Delivers spectacular overall picture quality, brightness, black levels and superb colour.
  • Simplistic design, pencil-thin upper cabinet.
  • Android TV


  • More expensive than some similarly performing TVs
  • Not as good of a picture as OLED.

Samsung QN65Q7F


This 65-inch Samsung 4K TV is one of the company’s first QLED TVs released in 2017. It is also one of the best 4K TVs. The Samsung TV also offers simple to use controls and navigation as onscreen features. Not to mention, the TV remote can be plugged into any HDMI input for connectivity.

This Samsung 4K TV also offers a high-definition display with a great HDR and UHD performance. Plus, it has a slim and attractive profile to fit the style of your home.


  • Sleek, modern styling, impeccable fit and finish
  • Innovative “invisible” wiring system
  • Picture quality is very good


  • Expensive
  • Overall image quality can’t match OLED

Samsung UN55KU6500


The Samsung UN55KU6500 is the absolute best 4K TV that costs less than £1,400.00. This TV provides the best bang for your buck. Depending on where you are searching, you could own this 55-inch television for around £620.

This is an LCD-based 4K UHD television with a large 55 inch, curved screen. It provides an excellent image quality and an overall fantastic UHD performance. The sound quality is also pretty good. The television also comes with edge-based LED backlighting and local dimming. For those on a budget, this is the 4K television to buy.


  • Great light flow through from the LED edge lights
  • Contrast and Color are above satisfactory from front and centre
  • HDR Premium with Active Crystal Color for future proofing


  • Side Angle Viewing contrast and colour saturation degrades
  • Aesthetic Appeal, compared to other TVs, is poor
  • Few preset picture modes

Final Thoughts…

Though 4K technology has been around for a while, now is the ideal time to buy. With costs dropping and the technology improving, purchasing a 4K UHD TV has never been smarter. After reading our best 4k TV comparison, you can see that there are models on the market to meet everybody’s needs. Whether your priority is size, quality, or price, there is a 4K television for you. Happy shopping!

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