The latest best 50 inch tvs review of 2023


The best 50 inch TV’s in 2023. There are many TV out there in the United Kingdom, choosing one of them is always difficult. Also, the price nowadays is increasing at a tremendous speed. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to choose one of them, we are here with the list of cheapest 50 inch smart TV.

Also, there are some of the schemes available that you can use. Amazon has many schemes going on, you can simply grab them. Some of the old versions prices are less. We have some of the products that have a 49-inch screen size. We have reviewed and compared all the best products that you can purchase from the Amazon.

For your convenience, we also have added in the link to the official website of Amazon UK website. You can purchase the product from there. Make sure you choose the correct variant of the product as there might be more variants available for each product. Also, if you want a wall mount or sound bar, you can buy a different variant.

Top 8 best 50 inch tvs list

1. Hisense 50-inch 4K Smart TV

Hisense 50-inch 4K Smart TV

Hisense’s model is one of the best and cheapest 50 inch TV for you. It has all the features and smart features. Moreover, the TV is 4K resolution with Ultra HD resolutions. It gives you perfect picture quality where each of the pixels is highly visible. Along with this, the sound quality of the TV is amazing because of the DBX technology they use.

They have total Sonics, Total Surround, and there is also total volume. All of these technologies are of DBX and hence it gives you the perfect quality overall. This is one of the cheapest best 50 inch tvs for you. There are various connectivity options available such as HDMI, composite, optical, and there are two of the USB ports.

It has a quad-core processor for easy and fast processing. You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, YouTube, etc. There are an easy interface and navigation that you can use. Moreover, it has HDR 10. The model was recently launched in 2018 and so has all the features you need.

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Talking about the pricing, you can get this smart TV under 400 pounds. Yes, it is that affordable. You will get a 50 inch tv screen at the most affordable price. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with the price, you can surely get the same model in different screen size, you will get some discount there. There is a different variant that includes the wall mount also. If you do not like this particular one, don’t worry there are many other models you can check out.

Features Product: 

Hisense 50E7HQTUK QLED Gaming Series 50-inch 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR Smart TV with YouTube, Netflix,Disneyu + Freeview Play and Alexa Built-in, Bluetooth and WiFi, TUV Certificated (2022 NEW)
  • QLED: Get closer to reality with over a billion true-to-life colors. A wider palette of color ensures smoother gradients whilst reds, greens and blues appear for more vivid and realistic watching experience, especially for gaming.
  • 4K UHD: 4 times higher resolution than FHD TVs. Binge watch your favorite shows, immerse yourself in the latest movies, or thrill in every moment of the hottest games.
  • DTS Virtual X: Premium audio post-processing solution for TVs that brings height to the entertainment experience. Leveraging the leadership in virtual surround sound, the DTS Virtual solution psychoacoutsically delivers up to 7.1.4 immersive content through traditional speakers in the horizontal plane.
  • Dolby Vision: Inspired by cinema technology, Dolby Vision HDR technology gives an astonishing brightness and contrast depth by 40 times brighter and blacks 10 times darker than standard picture.
  • VIDAA U5: An easy, smart and intuitive OS, simply access to rich contents and global applications (YouTube, Netflix and Freeview Play etc.), making your TV more interesting

2. Philips 50-Inch 4K LED TV

Philips 50-Inch 4K LED TV

The next cheapest 50 inch TV you can buy is Phillips. The model comes with 4k ultra HD screen along with the desired screen size. The price goes a little high than 400 pounds but it is alright as the features it provides are worth checking out. You will get most of the coolest features with ease and along with that.

The TV also includes best picture quality and sound quality. It has HDR plus to make sure the picture quality is the best. Moreover, for the people who love Europe style design will get another benefit here. It comes with the slick design that you will love.

The overall look of the TV is amazing along with the screen quality it has. There is a numerous number of connectivity options available here. You get 3 HDMI ports here along with the wireless connectivity options. Moreover, you also get other connectivity options such as satellite connector, common interface plus, ethernet, etc.

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Also, it gives you a smooth picture with in-depth pictures. Talking about the smart features, there are several apps that will help you to watch your favorite shows. Moreover, there are various screen size available if you want to see the different screen size. You might get a discount if you low with a smaller screen or you can go with bigger screen size.

Just so you know, it is a 2018 model with energy class A. You will also get the Free view Play here so that you can check out all the channels whenever you want and save some time here.

Features Product: 

PHILIPS PUS7608 43 inch Smart 4K LED TV | 60Hz | Pixel Precise Ultra HD & HDR10+ | Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos | SAPHI | 20W Speakers | Google Assistant & Alexa Compatible | Anthracite grey bezel
  • ULTRA-SHARP VISUALS: The Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine optimises picture quality to deliver ultra-sharp images, vivid colours and smooth motion, while HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support enhances colour fidelity, contrast and brightness.
  • SMART TV: With the SMART system, you can access apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube, use voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, and enjoy SimplyShare, Screen Mirroring and Interactive TV.
  • CINEMATIC SOUND: Integrated 20W full-range speakers, A.I. Sound & EQ, Clear Dialogue, and Dolby Atmos, Bass Enhancement and Volume Leveller features offer breathtakingly realistic, rich and immersive audio in the comfort of your own home.
  • TUNER & CONNECTORS: This 4K TV has a built-in Digital TV Tuner and multiple connection options, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Ethernet-LAN, Digital Audio Out, and support for HDCP 2.3, HDMI eARC and EasyLink.
  • English (Publication Language)

3. Samsung 50 Inch Neo QLED 4K TV

Samsung 50 Inch Neo QLED 4K TV

This mode is somewhat the same as the previous one and is the best 50 inch TV’s when you compare it with the above one also. If you are fine with getting little fewer features than the above one, this is definitely the pick for you. You can get this 50 inch TV under 400 pound, yes the TV is super cheap.

If you are thinking that you want the important features, then you are wrong again. The TV comes with 4K ultra HD screen with HDR plus. Therefore, the color quality of the TV is super cool and you will get all the features that you want. There are many applications that you will get along with the TV.

You can access all the players and some of the most popular streaming apps such as Netflix or YouTube. It will deliver you the best and the amazing pictures with the clearly visible picture. In other words, the picture quality has everything you want. Moreover, just like every other Philips TV, here you will have a various number of connectivity options and you can also take a look.

At the channels they are already offering. In other words, it will cover most of the things that you need. The VESA 200 x 200 is just another amazing feature. That you get along with this cheapest smart 50 inch TV, UK. You can get the smart TV under 400 pounds which is a pretty great deal.

Feauters Product: 

50 Inch QN90A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2021) - UHD Neo QLED Smart TV With Quantum Matrix Technology With Alexa Built In, Quantum Dot Providing 100% Colour Volume, 3D Object Tracking Sound
  • Experience The Power Of Neo QLED - The 50 Inch Samsung QN90A Smart TV offers stunning 4K content with 100% colour volume, and the sharpest edges and dazzling contrast thanks to Quantum Matrix Technology and a powerful Neo Quantum 4K UHD Processor.
  • The Perfect Picture Everytime - The QN90A allows you to experience stunning 4K imagery from all angles. Our ultra-wide screen comes with reflection reduction technology to minimise glare and ensure you experience content like the creator intended.
  • Best In House Gaming - The QN90A also offers gaming like no other TV thanks to Motion Xcelerator technology that reduces lag and ensures maximum responsiveness when playing your next gen console on this Neo QLED 4K television.
  • All Your Favourite Content In The Same Place - With Samsung TV Plus, enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, YouTube and many more, all in one place. Also our Neo QLED Samsung Smart TV comes with Alexa, Google and Bixby all built-in.
  • Start Experiencing Samsung TVs - We believe a TV is more than something you watch. It should inspire, amaze, envelop and immerse you. From quality picture, to elegant design, our TVs push the boundaries of what is possible and what a TV can be.

4. Panasonic 50 inch Android TV 

Panasonic 50 inch Android TV

Panasonic is another option if you are looking for an affordable option here. The TV is the cheapest 50 inch tv. However, when you compare it with others, there are some of the features lacking which makes it the 4th in the list. There are two versions available, one is just the TV that you can get for less than 350 pounds whereas the other variant includes wall mount which also invites few extra bucks.

It is one of the best things done by the TV companies including Hisense where they provide the wall mount only if you want it. In this way, you can save some money. Coming to the features, here you will get 4K screen resolution with HDR 10. Here, you will also get Hybrid Log Gamma and other features.

They use DBX technology to ensure the sound quality is the best and you won’t be disappointed. The sound technology includes surround sound, sonic sound and it also has the total volume to make sure.

That the controls are perfect. There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with several other ports. You can stream your favorite shows on your favorite app with the smart features. There are various other screen sizes also available that you can order if you are looking for some budget TV. However, most of the people are not having any problems. With the pricing and they are happily going with Hisense. Hisense has lately set the best example of affordable TV in the UK.

Features Product: 

Panasonic 50 inch LX650 Android TV with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Voice Control, Compatible with Ok Google and Alexa
  • 4K HDR – Superb picture quality - Detailed 4K Ultra High Definition picture with the extra colour and brightness of High Dynamic Range
  • Smart TV - Access to popular internet apps - Enjoy watching content on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime all with a flick of a button.
  • Dolby Vision- Picture perfection, scene-by-scene - Dolby Vision brings compatible UHD Blu-ray discs and 4K video streaming to life - with exceptional colour, contrast and brightness.
  • Dolby Atmos- Immersive sound that fills the room - Dolby Atmos, found in the newest cinemas, and on our premium TVs expresses sound with astonishing clarity, richness and depth. Sound effects are precisely placed in virtual space and time to envelope you in the atmosphere.
  • HDR Multi Format - Optimal brightness and colour – whatever the source - By supporting 3 leading HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats our premium TVs assure best possible performance - regardless of picture source. Brightness and colour are optimized whether the source is Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10.

5. Samsung The Frame 50 inch QLED 4K TV

Samsung The Frame 50 inch QLED 4K TV

If you do not have problems with going a little further with your budget or want the most trustable TV for your home. Samsung is the ultimate choice for you. We have already discussed this TV model in many of our previous top lists, you can check out their link at the bottom.

Talking about the TV, you will get this smart TV under 500 bucks. It is not the cheapest 50 inch tv. You can purchase but if you are okay with going a little higher and do not have issues. You will get almost all the features that are available on any TV. After all, You will amazing looking screen that has a 4K display with HDR.

The model comes in Charcoal black color and energy class A. The brightness that you will get here is totally impressive along with standard color quality. Also, not to mention, you will get the Samsung smart hub here. For Samsung lovers, you can surely go with this one if you are okay with spending more money because of the brand.

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It has a dynamic color combination that will help you out for watching each of the pixels carefully and brightly. Moreover, there are different screen size that you can choose from.

As it is a Samsung Smart TV, you don’t have to think twice or check out more things about the TV. If you like the features and are comfortable with the pricing, you should surely go with the model without thinking twice. Also, the reviews on the Amazon website says a lot of positive things which makes it even more better.

Features Product: 

Samsung The Frame GQ50LS03BAUXZG TV 127 cm (50") 4K DCI Smart TV Wi-Fi Black, White
  • Samsung The Frame GQ50LS03BAUXZG TV 127 cm 50" 4K DCI Smart TV Wi-Fi Black, White
  • product type: TELEVISION
  • Brand: Samsung



Samsung is one of the other Smart TV you can surely take a look at. You might be aware of the brand as they are pretty much creating the TVs that are most affordable. It has a best 50 inch TV’s screen with a 4K resolution with ultra HD resolution. It also has Free view Play that will help you in checking out all the channels that you want.

The best part about the model is that you will get the model is the 2018 version or you can get it for the 2019 model also. There are various other variants that include the wall mount.

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Moreover, the TV is compatible with Alexa and is Amazon certified. So, if you have an Alexa device at your home or you use it, it will be helpful for you.

It includes HDR 10 and HLG. Therefore, there are no issues when it comes to picture quality or screen resolution. There are Netflix 4K and YouTube 4K in the TV for live streaming your favorite shows online without any issues. The TV works smooth and has easy and fast navigation to access all of your apps without any hassle.

Moreover, talking about the connectivity options, here you will get USB and wireless connectivity only. The connectivity options are less and this is a disappointment for some of the people.

Therefore, if you want more options to connect various devices, you should not choose this model. However, as the TV is a smart TV most of the people don’t need any of the connectivity options.

Overall it is also a great model that you can choose especially if you want the TV under 450 pounds.

Features Product: 

UE50CU7100 50 inch Smart UHD HDR 4K TV
  • Watch Television In Stunning 4K Definition - Our Crystal UHD HDR Smart TV uses a 4K Processor that upscales the content you are watching to stunning 4K for a brilliant picture with sharp focus, dazzling colours and jaw dropping contrast.
  • Stream What You Want & Enjoy Console Free Gaming - Our Samsung TV has BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, ITV Player, Netflix & many more all built in as well as digital channels and a built-in gaming TV hub for console free Xbox, Ge-Force & Nvidia Gaming.
  • Sound That Suits You With Adaptive Sound - Our 4K TV works to match sound to your favourite content. Adaptive Sound tweaks the volume and settings based on the content so you get the perfect sound every time. Add a Samsung Soundbar for Q-Symphony.
  • Smart Things & Video Call Apps - Our Crystal Ultra HD 4K Samsung TV gives you even more connectivity. Smart Things allows your Samsung devices to network and you can control your home from your phone, and video calling makes conversations more comfortable.
  • Start Experiencing Samsung TVs - We believe a TV is more than something you watch. It should inspire, amaze, envelop and immerse you. From quality picture, to elegant design, our TVs push the boundaries of what is possible and what a TV can be.

7. Toshiba 50-Inch HD Smart TV

Toshiba 50-Inch HD Smart TV

Surprised to see Toshiba on this list of Cheapest 50 inch tv? Yes, Toshiba‘s price is a little higher than what we call cheap. However, the best features it has will surely invite the addition of this TV on the list. Therefore, we have also taken this into consideration.

The model is not that cheap and is not that expensive too, you can get this mode in between 450 to 500 pounds. Although, it doesn’t count as affordable for average people you can surely see if it fits your budget. The TV has a full HD display of 1080p which is the first and the only disappointing part about the TV. It has all the other necessary features to make the picture quality the best in the market.

It uses HDR and as it is a Toshiba‘s model, you will also get the X reality pro. There are various other variants where one of them also includes the Blu-ray player.

You can choose it if you want the player or you can simply choose the one with the wall mount. Also, the different version includes the soundbar and wall mount.

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The pricing is surely high as compared to other and the features are also less. However, there are many people who love Toshiba‘s technology and features. For the same reason, we have taken this model into consideration. You can skip to the next model if you are not interested in this one and want the Ultra HD display.

You can surely get 4K TV at an affordable rate. The only thing that will be missing there will be X reality pro.

Features Product: 

Toshiba 32LK3C63DB TV 80 cm (32") Full HD Smart TV Wi-Fi,Black
  • Our compact LK3C Full HD TV with Alexa built-in is the ideal second screen for the kitchen or bedroom. Whether it’s helping the kids with their homework, looking up recipes or playing your favourite music, simply ask Alexa. The far-field microphone is built into the bezel of the TV for hands-free control.
  • With Alexa Home Screen, your idle TV becomes a fully personalised news experience. Stay up to date with weather updates, scores from your favourite sports teams, calendar events and more.
  • Step into the action with increased clarity and detail. Micro Dimming improves contrast, focussing on all the different regions of the image and optimising dynamically. Super Resolution upscales a wide variety of non-HD content and delivers a more refined image, enhancing your viewing experience.
  • Plus, High Dynamic Range offers better contrast, greater brightness levels and a wider colour palette. Films and TV shows will look more life-like with supported content.
  • Combining the latest sound technology of Dolby Audio Processing with enhancements of DTS Virtual X, this compact TV provides a captivating cinema viewing experience whatever you’re watching.

8. Samsung QE50Q60BAUXZT Smart TV

Samsung QE50Q60BAUXZT Smart TV

If you do not have any issues with going with a 49-inch screen instead of going with the 50-inch screen, this is another choice you can surely take a look at. Samsung has one of the best models for every screen range. Among them, if you want to go with the model somewhere around 50 inch tv.

You should go with this particular one. It has auto motion plus that will make sure you get the best picture quality. Moreover, the TV has a 4K screen resolution with HDR 10+. In other words, you will get a dynamic crystal clear screen that will show each color and pixels in the best quality.

Also, there are various connectivity options available. The TV is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon as of now by more than 600 people. Therefore, there is no issue with the TV and people are loving it. The brightness is amazing and the interface is also easily navigable.

You can easily go from one app to another to watch your favorite show online. Some of the apps are already given for your convenience. You can use them to watch your favorite show.

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Talking about variants, there are several variants available here that has different screen size. You can go with the 49 inch tv screen, there is only a 1-inch difference from the 50.

With just the one inch difference, you will get many other features. Also, there are many people who will prefer 49 inch tv instead of 50 inch tv. So, it is a perfect TV for all of you. You can check out more features on the official Amazon UK website.

Features Product: 

Smart TV Samsung UE49NU7105 49" Ultra HD 4K HDR10+ WIFI Negro
  • 4K UHD resolution, superior contrast and even more vivid colors thanks to four times the resolution of Full HD endorsed by the official organization Digital Europe
  • Image quality with HDR 10+ [HLG],Mega Contrast, PurColor, UHD Dimiming and Contrast Enhancer
  • Smart TV with integrated WiFi, Universal Guide, exclusive apps like beIN Connect 4K, multitude of content in 4K UHD and HDR with TV Plus and the best series with HBO Spain
  • SmartThings a single APP to control your TV through your mobile device
  • 3840 x 2160 resolution, Quad Core processor, USB player, 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet (LAN) and optical digital audio output

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Choosing the cheapest 50 inch TV

To conclude, all of these are some of the best Television you can take a look at. Moreover, we have taken some of the TV with less than 50 inch tv screen but there is only a slight difference present.

Therefore, you can even choose one of them if you like. However, it is up to you on which one you have to go with and which works best for you.

You should choose the one that is best for you and also see the features that you want. It is recommended that you also take a look at Amazon’s website from the link given to know more about the product.

Moreover, feel free to check our other posts if you want any specific screen size or you want to go with any companies.


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