Best 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR TV 2019

Let’s welcome the newest movie for this month of March 2019, Captain Marvel and Dumbo; which is one of the hottest issues in the movie industry nationwide. When it is released on the cinema, the cinema itself will be crowded and the people will be excited to watch this immediately.

65 inch 4k ultra HD

65 inch 4k ultra HD

However, if this is the case, then we would tell you that instead of going on a crowded place, it is way better to watch it fully at home with the best 65 inch 4K TV under ₤1000, it is more convenient and you can save money as well. So, here are some Best 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR TV 2019 that allows you to enjoy the movie with the realistic graphics and full HD.

What Is HDR?

HDR is the abbreviation of High-Dynamic-Range. The HDR is actually originated in photography and it provides a higher level of contrast. It simply represents the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks on a TV. So, the High-Dynamic Range is crucial in terms of photography and it is important for a television.

The world is too innovative and the society is not already living in the past life that the world is lacking in technologies and everything we had before is actually different from what we have right now. The world became innovative and it includes here the television.

As the time goes by, the televisions evolve and it is continuously improving until it comes to the point that the movies are becoming realistic and way better than traditional television.

Nonetheless, instead of going on the crowded cinema to watch your favorite movies, the best and easiest way is to bring the theatre experiences at home and you need the 65 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR TV for home theatre experiences! So, check these HDR TV that provides high-quality graphics and makes the movies more realistic than usual.


Samsung UE65NU7400 

65 inch 4k ultra HD

When it comes to the best 65 inch 4k ultra HD, Samsung tops the list. Samsung UE65NU7400 is the model that has a various screen size that you can go with. Among them, if you are planning to go with the most popular one, you should go with the big screen TV. One of the TV has 65 inch screen size which is perfect if you want to get the full experience of watching a movie in a cinema.

It comes with HDR 10 and not to mention, it also includes 4K resolution. There is a number of applications already available using which you can live stream any of your favorite shows. However, if you want to watch more shows, you can surely use their UI to download more of them for free. Each pixel is shown clearly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having any of the problems when it comes to screen quality.

Moreover, talking about the connectivity options, you can connect HDMI and USB using this TV. There is wifi available in order to avail the smart features of the TV. The energy savings of the TV is also very good as it has energy class A. Also, the model is not too much old and was recently announced in the year 2018. So, there is pretty much nothing to worry about when it comes to this model. You can surely rely on this one. The TV is available from Amazon UK website, the direct link is given below.



Hisense H65AE6100UK 

The other option you can go with is Hisense. You can get this TV at around 600 pounds in the United Kingdom. Not to mention, it is another best 65 inch Ultra HD TV, UK that you can purchase at an affordable range. Most of the Hisense products are affordable at a very affordable range. So, if pricing is the main issue for you or you are simply looking for a product in your budget, you should go with this model.

The TV has everything you need starting to crystal clear picture to amazing sound quality. Moreover, the overall look and design of the television are also very good. For amazing sound quality, it has DBX Total Sonics, Enhanced effects with DBX Total Surround, and DBX Total Volume for perfect control that will give you perfect sound just like a cinema. You no longer need to go with any of the soundbars to enhance the volume or the sound control, you get everything at once.

The model has two variants that you can take a look at, one of them doesn’t include a wall-mount and the other one does include one. You can also choose a smaller screen size if you want. It has HDMI and USB for the connectivity and to access the smart features, you can connect it using wifi. It also includes a Freeview playback using which you can easily find the show that you want to watch. Overall, it is a good product and a value for money. You can see more details on the Amazon page itself. Make sure you check the reviews too.



When it comes to Sony Bravia 65 inch 4K ultra HD, you don’t have to worry about any single thing. Bravia has always been wonderful when it comes to the picture quality and the sound quality of the televisions. However, one thing that you should take into consideration is the pricing of the TV, the TV is priced more than 1000 pounds. Therefore, if your budget is low, you shouldn’t consider this particular product and look for other alternatives.

You can connect the LED TV to the internet using the ethernet. Moreover, the best part about the TV is that it has one variant that was announced in the current year itself. Bravia always updates the models every year. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it is 2019 or 2020.  You can always get one of the latest models from the Bravia. There are new features introduced in each of them to make sure that it fits the current needs of the people. In this way, there is everything you need.

Moreover, it has perfect picture quality that you will get the Bravia model, each and every pixel is clearly visible and you will see each of the things clearly. You can directly stream your favorite shows from YouTube or Netflix, the TV has all the mandatory apps that people love. In other words, whether is a cable TV channel or you want to watch any of the shows using online Medium, you will get all the features at your hand.



65 inch 4k ultra HD

Sony Bravia really steals your hear when it comes to television. If you are looking for more features with the same company, here is the model that you should take a look at. Before you get your hopes up, this model is not priced lesser than the above one. In fact, you are paying more money here as compared to the previous one. You will pay approximately 200 pounds more than the previous product.

Talking about the features, you will get so many features in the price range. Starting from the remote voice control to 4K HDR Android TV. There are a lot more features that you will get here. This is the best choice product for the people who are looking for Android TV with a very big screen. Here, you will not only get a huge 65 inch screen but will also get the advantages of Android features. Moreover, Bravia makes sure that the picture quality and the sound quality is the best and you are able to enjoy the TV experience even if you are sitting in an open garden or a big hall.

Moreover, it has Motionflow XR 400 Hz technology which simply makes the performance and the action super fast. As it is a Bravia model, it has X-reality pro to make sure that you see each of the frames sharply. If you are a gamer, this is definitely the best 65 inch ultra HD TV for gaming. You will get the big screen, Xreality pro, and amazing sound quality. Once you combine all of these things, it gives you an excellent gaming experience that you probably never had before. So, you can surely take a look at this one.


Philips 65PUS6523/12

65 inch 4k ultra HD

Our next choice for the best 65 inch ultra HD TV is Philips. This model has two screen size that you can choose from, one of them is 55 inch screen and the other that you can get is 65 inch screen. There is a slight difference when it comes to the pricing of both models. People have been loving the European design for many times. This model has the same EU style design and has the power style of the UK. You no longer have to import the products and customize them to work in the UK, you can directly purchase this product and have the features hassle-free.

The TV has 70 channels along with the 15 other HD channels from which you can watch any shows. If you still want some more, it includes many apps such as UPTV, BBPlayer, and some of the important applications for streaming your favorite online shows. You can easily switch to your favorite TV show using all of these amazing apps and features. It also has numerous amount of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, etc.

Moreover, it includes Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine. If you have experience with the Philips TV before, you might be knowing it is one of the best technology that will totally enhance your watching experience. After hearing all these amazing features, you might be wondering about the price range, you can get this TV under 700 pounds. Yes, all these amazing features with less than 700 pounds. So, it is affordable and you get many features. You can take a look at their product page and get more details about the same.


TCL 65DP648 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR (with Smart Freeview Play)

65 inch 4k ultra HD

The TCL 65DP648 Ultra HD is 4 times greater than full HD and it has 3840 x 2160 resolution that literally makes the movies more awesome and exciting at the same time. The actual resolution is almost same as with the cinema’s resolution, so nonetheless, it is better to stay at home and watch your favorite movies all day than spending leisure time and your money on the cinema.

However, the TCL 65DP648 has an ultra-thin body with 9.9mm thinness and it has the ultra-thin frame with 5mm. It also assures you that it provides HDR Pro on which it offers higher contrast, vivid colors, and unrivaled blacks. Additionally, the HDR Pro also includes Hybrid Log-Gamma and HDR10.

On the other hand, the TCL 65DP648 is also providing TCL Smart on which it allows to watch movies on Netflix, Youtube and Freeview Play. To put it simply, you can watch different movies per day without hesitation and through WiFi Connection, you can watch various movies from On Demand Apps such as BBC iPlayer, UKTV, ITV Hub and more.

The connectivity technology can be a Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB, while the special features are the TLC Smart and the Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, the visible screen diagonal is 65” or 165 cm and it has A+ to G energy efficiency class.

The product dimension of TCL 65DP648 is 90.6 x 24.4 x 146.5 cm with 20.8 kg. And it requires 2 AAA Batteries on which it is included in the given package.

Likewise, one of the reviews that have been illustrated about TCL 65DP648 is, it is way better and far different from American and other European models. To put it simply, it has unique and best features that make the movie marathon more enjoying and entertaining at the same time.


Samsung UE65NU7100 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV

65 inch 4k ultra HD

The Samsung UE65NU7100 is an Ultra HD on which it creates certified 4K colors and clarity that produces high-quality graphics. Otherwise, it also includes some best features regarding on what we need in watching movies and/or series.

Nevertheless, one of the best features of Samsung UE65NU7100 is the Auto Motion Plus that offers impressive clarity in action scenes and in the sport as well. It also provides Dynamic Crystal Color and HDR10+ that offers impressive brightness and authentic colors that produce realistic graphics.

Likewise, the Samsung UE65NU7100 is letting you experience the theater feeling at home with its 65-Inch Television and with the Ultra HD that provides high-quality graphics that allows you to enjoy the movie and/or series even more. Furthermore, the image aspect ratio for this kind of HDR TV is 16:9 while the display resolution max is 4K Ultra HD.

Additionally, the Samsung UE65NU7100 has the energy consumption of 164 Kilowatt Hours Per Year. To put it simply, television is limited to 4 hours per day for 365 days. On the other hand, energy consumption also depends on how the television being used every day.

So, it is so necessary to know more about power consumption. And it is so crucial to be aware of how to use the television each day.

But don’t worry, the instruction manual is being provided on the given packages of Samsung UE65NU7100. Otherwise, it also includes remote control, batteries for the remote, power cable. And slim gender cable that makes the television more incredible and makes the movie more realistic.

The Samsung UE65NU7100 has the product dimensions of 31.3 x 145.7 x 91.7 cm with 25.5 kg. It has A +++ to D for energy efficiency class. And the visible screen diagonal is 65” or 165 cm to be specific.


LG 65UJ63OV 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

65 inch 4k ultra HD

Lastly but not the least, one of the greatest HDR TV on Amazon site is the LG 65UJ63OV. The screen size of this HDR Smart TV is 43”, 49”, 55” and 65”. While the resolution of this HDR Smart TV is 3840 x 2160.

When it comes to the sound technology, the LG 65UJ63OV provides flawless audio. And also creates seven virtual channels that produce multi-channel ULTRA surround effects on which the sound system can occupy the four corners of space.

Likewise, the LG 65UJ63OV provides multi high-dynamic-range that enhanced the formatting technology. And offers high-quality graphics by improving the brightness, colors and other related to high-dynamic-range. It has 65 inches display size and it has 4K Ultra HD display resolution max.

Additionally, it also offers Smart TV WebOS with Freeview Play that let you choose your favorite channels. And to catch up your favorite series with no monthly cost. In addition, it provides various genres that allow you to choose what type of movies would you want to watch.

The visible screen of LG 65UJ63OV is 65” or 165 cm. And it has the power consumption of 189 Kilowatt Hours Per Year. And the television limited is 4 Hours Per Day for 365 days. Likewise, the on-mode power consumption is 136 Watts. It has A to G for energy efficiency class to be exact.

Actually, the connectivity technology of LG 65UJ63OV are Wireless Display or known as ‘WiDi’, Miracast, DLNA, HDMI, and USB. Likewise, the required battery is 2 AAA Batteries to function it well.

Nonetheless, the product dimensions for this product are 25.5 x 147.1 x 91.5 cm with 22.5 kg. And for the given packages, it also provides user manual to guide on how to use the LG 65UJ63OV well. Plus, remote control with 2 x AAA Batteries, power cable with screws. And lastly, the LG 65UJ63OV 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV.



Furthermore, these HDR TV is actually entertaining and it removes the stress away, it is so much better to spend the leisure time watching different movies and/or series, specifically it is way better to spend it at home.

On the other hand, it is better to watch movies and/or series with your loved ones. Without hesitation and struggling with the crowded place, waiting on a long lane. And it saves more money than usual.

The High-Dynamic Range is crucial for these days, it is actually one of the best improvement for this society. It actually improves when we compared it to traditional television that once we have in the former days.

Likewise, the High-Dynamic Range is eventually applied in photography session until it was being applied in television. That converts the old televisions that have low-quality graphics into high-quality graphics. And make it more realistic than usual.

So, instead of going to a crowded place and spend more cash at the cinema. Here are some best 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR TV 2019. That lets you experience the theater feeling at home with high-quality graphics. And allows you to catch-up the newest movies for the year 2019.

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