Best Affordable TV Deals March 2019: Cheap 40-49 Inch 4K TVs

Are you looking for the best affordable TV deals of 4K UHD Smart TV for the month of March 2018? Then you’ve come to the right place as we listed down the best affordable TV deals ranging from 40-Inch to 49-Inch. Most of these deals came from Amazon so we recommend that you check with your favourite stores or local shops if they offer any of the following models that picks your interest as they might offer it at a much more preferable price.

Some of these models are discontinued thus it is worth mentioning that if you ever find a specific model in our list that you want to purchase, make sure that you get a brand new one and avoid any refurbished or second-hand models. We have nothing against refurbished models, it is just that we prefer brand new ones.

So without further ado, here is our list of best affordable TV deals ranging from 40-Inch to 49-Inch.


Cheap TV deals (40-49 inch)

Samsung UE40MU6120 40-inch 4K TV | Amazon
If you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV with HDR from a reputable brand then the Samsung UE40MU6120 might just be the right one for you.

Panasonic 40-inch 40EX700B 4K TV | Amazon
The price of Panasonic 40EX700B has been greatly reduced from its original price during its launch. The key feature of this TV is the support for 4K HDR and its blistering 1600Hz refresh rate. Making it an excellent 4K TV at home for sports and other fast-moving images.

Toshiba 43U6763DB 43-inch Smart 4K TV | Amazon
The Toshiba 43U6763 Smart 4K TV is probably the cheapest 4K TV as of this writhing. However, this TV doesn’t feature HDR. It still has a built-in Freeview HD, smart apps like Netflix, iPlayer, 4OD and more.

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Hisense H43N5300 43-inch 4K Smart TV | Amazon
The Hisense H43N5300 doesn’t come with HDR technology but that’s okay because that is what keeps this TV’s price low. If you’re fine with not having HDR then this might just be the right 4K Smart TV for you.

43UJ630V 1

LG 43UJ630V 43-inch 4K HDR Smart TV | Amazon
If you’re looking for a cheap 43-inch 4K TV deal from LG, then the LG 43UJ630V might just be the right one for you. Despite being a discounted LG TV model, its features for its price is undenyably seducing. You get a 4K HDR screen with IPS panel and popular build-in apps like Netflix, iPlayer and Amazon Video.

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Hisense H45N5750UK 45-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV | £279.99 | Amazon
The Chinese brand, Hisense, is definitely dominating the market for entry level 4K UHD Smart TV, The Hisense H45N5750UK 45-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV offers good picture quality in a 45-Inch display with HDR. Furthermore, you’re also getting smart apps like iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Toshiba 49U5766DB 49-inch smart 4K TV | £291.87 | Amazon
The Toshiba 49U5766DB is a very affordable 49-Inch 4K Smart TV. However, the lack of HDR is to be expected given its price. HDR is the thing nowadays, especially for better picture quality. So if you’re fine without HDR and is looking for a 49-Inch 4K TV, then this might be a good choice for you. Though we recommend to look further down at our list.

Hisense H49N5500UK 49-inch Smart HDR 4K TV | £534.61 | Amazon
The Chinese brand, Hisense, is definitely a budget brand specialist. With their offering of Hisense H49N5500UK 49inch 4K UHD Smart TV, you can get this one for £534.61. It features HDR 4K display, 60Hzz refresh rate, <50ms input lag, and a Direct LED backlight. Enabling this TV to produce stunning picture quality for its price.

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43UJ630V 1

LG 49UJ630 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV | £415.15 | Amazon
The LG 49-Inch UJ630V is probably the best 4K TV in this list. For the price of £415.15, you get a 4K UHD Smart TV with Active HDR, and an operating system that’s developed by LG, the LG webOS 3.5. This TV is capable of producing consistent picture colour and wide range of gamut. Its contrast is boosted to enhance a the picture quality to HDR no matter what you feed with it.

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