The best backlight for tv gives a Cinematic Lighting experience

One thing that you can experience cinematically in your home is to have a perfect best backlight for tv. AmbiVision provides you the best light you can have for your TV. With its 250 LED, it will cover the sizes of the TV from 85 inches to 100 inches smart TV.

Upon purchase, you can install it right away without anything to do with it. You can place it anywhere you want you to think it best suits your watching preferences.

Govee Envisual best backlight for tv

best backlight for tv

  • This best backlight for tv develops like a cinema experience while watching your favorite news channels, movies, games, and other videos. This is because the picture envelops you from each side and gradually increases the size of the screen. This is perfect for 3D screens to improve the 3D experience.
  • This television accessory has a smart system of modifying capture that is worth the watching content. When you start watching, the device measures the best and the most effective process to give a relaxed and fascinating mood.
  • This best backlight for tv is a rare device that has no need for a special skill to install it and no need for compatibility devices. Moreover, it supports all sizes of screens and can capture the whole screen from all movies, videos, games, and many more.
  • For only about six to eight minutes of installation depends on the sizes of your television. It has self-adhesive RGB that makes the LED strips that are strongly stuck at the back of your screen. Hence, it is bendable and reusable as if you want to transfer it to your new smart TV.
  • With the smartphone app or programmable infrared remote control, you can make the lights in different moods. You can control the light and change its color.
Govee Envisual

Point Of View

We all know that LED lights help us to save more energy. Meaning this best backlight for tv doesn’t add much energy consumption and additional energy cost.

It has no trouble in installation and even when the TV is on its color follow the colors of the image. This makes your viewing experience more exciting and enjoyable.

Govee Envisual LED TV Backlight T2 with Dual Cameras, DreamView RGBIC Wi-Fi Double TV Lights Beads for Adapts to Ultra-Thin 55-65 inch TVs, Smart App Control, Music Sync
  • Govee Envisual Technology: Our innovative zone-division capture scheme allows for real-time colour matching that expands your visual experience beyond the screen. These 3.6m LED strip lights for TV enhance the entertainment most important to you.
  • Innovative Dual-Camera Design: Our upgraded dual-camera design captures content more accurately. The gravity-stabilization mounting structure allows for easier installation on top of the TV screen, including for ultra-thins.
  • Tips for Better Use: Manually adjust the white balance according to the prompts on Govee Home App to make the light colours more accurate. If the colours of the sub-devices are displayed incorrectly when using DreamView, upgrade to the latest firmware.
  • Enhanced RGBIC Lighting: Enjoy denser RGBIC light bead distribution with double the light beads for more vivid and natural lighting. The LED TV backlight also has various scene modes and 2 video modes to enhance movie watching and gaming. (Not intended for illumination. Only used for creating ambiance.)
  • Enhanced Music Mode: The system's control box is equipped with a built-in mic to help sync the backlighting to music and audio. Choose between 4 modes (Energic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling) and jazz up your parties with eye-catching dancing colours.


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