Best Budget High Speed HDMI Cable

High Speed HDMI Cable

The new latest edition of an HDMI cable iVanky 4k HDMI. With a braided cable looks to enhance the image of all the cable on your TV area. It has multiple compatibilities that can directly connect from the computer to your widescreen without delay. Best for home cinema, video games, and it is durable and does not entangle so it is easy to keep. 

Product Description

  • Ivanky High – Speed HDMI cable helps HDMI 2.ob, which includes 18Gbps, Mirror and Extend mode, Ultra HD 4K 2160p, HD 2K 1080p, and many more.
  • Multiple compatibilities – iVankly HDMI is suitable for streaming devices, Apple TV 4K, and many more. 
  • Original enhancement – This device design with HDMI 2.0 normal and backward compatible with HDMI 1.4, 1.3, & 1.2. It has Tinplate Metal Shielding and gold-plated, it does not corrode connectors. It secures against external signal conflict, a promise of stable signal transmission and lessens signal loss.
  • Extreme Durability Design – It is built with a single aluminum shell and finest nylon braided jacket. This also can stand a bend test of 10,000+ times without lessening cable flexibility and make sure the better performance is possible.
  • Warranty For the advantages of the customers, it has an additional extension of warranty of 36 months. Also, from its original 18 months warranty now it has 54 months or 5 yrs and a half for customers. Hence, those who enrolled in their product on the website of the company they will enjoy this warranty

Points Of View

Most people who bought these products gave a five-star review. With many reasons to say, they are satisfied with the services it provides, and the outward look which does not entangle. Moreover, this HDMI cable not only offers a durable and good design it also offers a low-cost that is very convenient on your budget. Thus, you can enjoy buying this cable online.

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