Best Curved 4K TV in 2019

If you want a 4K TV that can potentially provide a more immersive viewing experience, then a curved TV might be the one you need. Speaking of curved TVs, we list here the best curved 4K TV of 2017. Curved TVs is designed to provide a more immersive viewing experience.


With a greater potential of providing a more immersive viewing experience, the Samsung’s KS9800 is the best of 2017 curved 4K TV on the market. Its quantum-dot LCD panel delivers an amazing picture quality and an accurate 4K image. A full-array backlighting made blacks appear deeper and a comprehensive connection interface that allows you to control smart home devices.


Best Curved 4K TV – Samsung KS9800

best curved 4k tv



  • 4,200R Screen Curvature
  • 10 Bit Support
  • 2600 Picture Quality Index
  • 3840 x 2160 Native Resolution (60Hz Refresh Rate)
  • 20.5ms Input Lag Latency
  • Supreme MR 240
  • Full Array Direct LED
  • HDR 1000
  • Quantum Dot Color Technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus DTS Premium Sound 5.1
  • 4.2 Front Firing Speakers
  • 4 HDMI | 3 USB
  • 69lb weight
  • DTV Tuner ATSC / Clear QAM
  • For more information, visit Samsung Website


  • Amazing bright and balanced picture
  • Low input lag, ideal for gaming
  • Audio quality exceeds average standard


  • Curve design can potentially distract
  • Expensive
  • Poor viewing angles


The Samsung KS9800 4K Curved TV is definitely a featured-packed 4K TV that supports the latest Ultra HD Premium HDR specification. This quantum-dot LCD based TV also boasts a full-array of backlighting system that’s designed to improve black levels and reduce light flashing in scene transitions on other sets.

Picture Quality

The Samsung KS9800’s picture quality is simply amazing, especially watching movies or videos in 4K and/or HDR. The Color gradients from the display panel of this TV performs seamlessly without any noticeable banding.

best curved 4k tv

When watching 4K HDR music video, the content was appropriately saturated yet looked soft, warmer colours are rendered with finesse. In terms of light leakage, there wasn’t any noticeable issues of it around bright objects on a very dark background when we watched a 4K HDR movie. Although there was some loss of detail in black surfaces such as the shadows in a minimal level, you’ll barely even notice it.

best curved 4k tv

Viewing at a certain angle was quite solid with colours remaining consistently and no colour saturation, especially considering the curvature design of the display. It is also pleasing to see the capabilities of the Samsung KS9800.

This TV also did a great job upscaling contents in HD to 4K. A good example are the fast-paced action sequences such as the chase in Skyfall movie were the scene was determinedly tracked by the KS9800 without any issues such as blurred edges or image artefacts.

In movie mode, uniformity of the display can be seen through all out the entire display.


The Samsung KS9800 boast a 4.2CH front firing speaker that uses 70W of power. It is capable of producing a satisfying sound quality with a predominance of midrange, which is preferred by the average listeners.

It is also capable of delivering a powerful punch on the bottom end for explosions and bass drums thanks to its 2 built-in subwoofers.


The Samsung KS9800 is also ideal for gaming as it boasts a mere 21mn input lag latency in game mode. It also supports a full 4:4:4: reproduction in either 1080p or 4K @60Hz.

Our Verdict – Best Curved 4K TV

The KS9800 is surely the best curved 4K TV. It is Samsung’s top of the line and best curve 4K TV on the market. With a stunning 4K Ultra HD display panel that supports full HDR10 programming, it is a really pleasant feature to have.

With its full-array local dimming (FALD) LED LCD TV display panel, it is a clear indication of Samsungs improvement over the old curved TV models especially in terms of HDR performance. Furthermore, the 150 dimming zones that could be turned on and off ensures that dark areas will remain dark even along with brighter elements on screen.

Samsung curved 4K televisions are surely designed well to preserve more bright highlights than any other TVs on the market that we’ve reviewed. What’s more is that the accurate greyscale and colours after calibration in both SDR and HDR modes allow this TV to give one dazzling display of true expression of whatever movie you are watching it with.

Lastly KS9800 is surely an outstanding TV thanks to its colour output accuracy, superb upscaling of video content, high motion clarity, anti-reflective filter and relatively low input lag that makes this a gamer friendly TV.



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