Best 4k Gaming TV in UK

Gamers are always looking for the best 4k gaming TV in the United Kingdom where they can play games as well as they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Although, all the TVs are the same and there is no main difference if you are looking for the best gaming tv uk. However, there are some of the extra features needed. You also need to make sure that the basic features that are essential for gaming purpose are perfect on the TV or not.

The console gamers prefer to monitor over the best gaming tv uk but there are some of the hardcore gamers out there who will purchase a TV where they can also play games. It is nothing wrong in choosing the TV for the gaming as you already get all the features that a best gaming tv uk needs and in addition to that, you can also play games with. Therefore, it is better to check out the guide and the list of best gaming TV, UK before you actually proceed to purchase a TV for you. In this list, we will see some of the best TV that you can purchase. Please note that we have taken all the necessary things into consideration. However, it is recommended that you also check out the Amazon review just to be sure with everything.

The TVs given in the list are we think the best for all the purpose including gaming and watching movies. A link to the official Amazon website is also stated below each of the product. So, you can easily purchase the product that you want hassle-free.

Before going into the list of the best gaming TV, let’s see a guide to choose one.

Guide to choosing the best 4k Gaming TV

First of all, before we go into the list, let’s us first see some of the important features that you need to check out and the best gaming tv uk should have.

Screen resolution: The first thing that matters is the screen resolution. You should try to get either UHD or at least full HD resolution. However, it is recommended that you get 4K resolution when it comes to the best gaming tv uk.

Picture quality: You should not solely depend on the screen resolution. Along with the screen resolution, you should also see if there are other technologies used for better and clear picture quality

Sound quality: The next thing that you need to check out is the sound quality. If you are already having a soundbar or you are planning to purchase one, then the issue is not at all. However, if you just want to purchase the best gaming tv uk, you should ensure that it has the best sound quality.

Technology: You can also get one of the TVs with OLED or QLED technology. Therefore, you can go with LG or Samsung for this technology.

Latency: We have not mentioned the latency here as all the TVs are the best and they work with the flow. However, if you are going with any other outside of this list. You should make sure that it gives you proper performance. To check the performance, you can also see the latency of the TV. Alternatively, you can see if it is a gaming TV. In most of the cases, if the TV is the best gaming tv uk, there won’t be any kind of issue with the performance.

Screen size: You can also see the screen size.

Input Lag and Motion Blur of the 4K TV being used:

Input Lag is the time a television takes to generate an image after a command is given. It is essentially the time it takes between pressing the button and the action happening on the screen.

It’s a very small fraction of time, but for pro-gamers, this could make a significant difference in the game’s performance. Therefore, the lesser the Input Lag, the better.

Motion Blur is when moving objects or fast images appear a little blurred. This is another major factor for a great gaming experience as gaming is all about super-fast screen change and a few milliseconds’ difference in locating far off objects can be critical in various gaming environments.

There are only a few options in the best gaming tv uk 4K TVs that have both – low Input Lag and low Motion Blur and are ideal for 4K gaming.

The HDMI port of the 4K TV being used:

All earlier 4K TVs had the HDMI 1.4 input which is not really the best for 4K resolution media, especially for gaming. At 4K resolution i.e. at 3840 * 2160 pixels, HDMI 1.4 can give a frame-rate of only 30 frames per second or 30 fps whereas most games require 60 fps for optimum quality and experience.

All 4K TVs reviewed by have HDMI 2.0 which is suitable for 4K resolution and gives a frame-rate of 60 fps.

Getting the Basics Right – What is a 4k TV?

4K TVs are essentially Ultra High Definition Televisions (UHD TVs) with a horizontal * vertical resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels. Although the 4K resolution is traditionally used as a standard for cinema (Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI 4K) for horizontal resolutions of the order of 4000 pixels, many best gaming tv uk manufacturers are marketing TVs with resolution 3840 * 2160 pixels as 4K TVs or just 4K making it a bit confusing for the average Joe really.

The conventional way of writing the resolution for high definition televisions, which was done vertically and not horizontally, such as 720P or 1080P, is seeing a change wherein 4K resolution now stands for televisions with horizontal resolution in 4000s of pixels. In conventional terminology, 4K resolution is actually simply 2160P because the vertical pixels are 2160 only.

Conceptually, it would seem obvious that 4K or 2160P or UHD resolution would definitely be better than 1080P resolution and would surely have better picture quality and would be more real. And so upgrading to a 4K TV is a no-brainer, right? No, not in all circumstances.

Do You Really Need a 4k TV for Gaming?

  1. 4K Ultra HD TVs won’t make your content 4K: What this essentially means is that to utilize the capability of 4K TVs, you need 4K content. If the content is low res, 4K TVs will only upscale this low res content into 4K (by duplicating and stretching the pixels) which may improve your viewing experience a little bit but it won’t do wonders. However, with Xbox One S already scaling old HD games to 4K and both Sony and Microsoft promising games in 4k resolution as early as the end of 2016, this decision is getting easier to make.
  2. The transition from HD to 4K is not like SD to HD: There is a particular limit to what the human eye can perceive and also, after a certain point, the improvement that you notice will become smaller and smaller. So HD is already quite good in terms of picture quality and smoothness. Moving from HD to 4K will surely be improvement your viewing experience but don’t expect it to be as dramatic as moving from SD to HD.
  3. Viewing distance can be the deciding factor: The distance from which you watch your TV makes a lot of difference in whether you will notice the higher resolution and the difference between how smooth the edges look or how much detailing there is in every inch of your screen.

Now that we’ve discussed using 4K TVs for general use, let’s move on to console and PC gaming in 4K resolution. Following are some important factors to consider for 4K gaming:

While these factors are important, it is very easy to get caught up in detail. No TV is perfect and the industry is continuously evolving. Most TVs recommended above should be enough to please you given the technology in the current year. The differences should not be visible unless you explicitly look for them.


#1 Samsung UE55NU8000 – Best Gaming TV

Samsung UE55NU8000 - Best Gaming TV

The first model here on the list of Best gaming TV in the UK will go to Samsung. Samsung has amazing televisions out there among which this particular TV crossed all the line when it comes to the gaming. We have taken the price as the main factor here and the list is made in such a way that the price is also given proper importance. Therefore, this is the first TV that you can choose to purchase for gaming purpose.

It is Ultra High definition TV with 4k true colors along with HDR 1000 which makes the graphics clear and the best. For the gamers, who want high-quality picture along with a bigger screen, this is one of the best models you can take a look at. You can get the TV on various screen size starting from 49-inch. Further, you can select the inch from 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 82-inch. Some people love playing on a big screen whereas some of them enjoy on a regular screen. You can choose accordingly.

This is best for gaming, especially for the people who have PS4. It has a decent sound quality and comes in your budget. It is hard to find such a model in this price range which has all the mandatory features along with less pricing. Therefore, you can surely take a look at this masterpiece. More information about this product is available on Amazon. With all these, the model tops in our list, if you do not like this product, feel free to check out others.




#2 LG OLED55B7V – Gaming TV with all features

LG OLED55B7V - Gaming TV

There are two of the most important things when it comes to gaming, one of them is picture quality and the other is sound quality. If you are in love with the OLED technology, this is one of the models you can check out. best gaming tv uk has ultra HD view with 4K. The model was released first in 2017 and it is a bit old if you compare it with the latest TV. Some of the people have a habit of picking the latest models which were launched in the current or previous year only. However, the TV manages to get in the list because of the decent features it has to offer.

The best features here are the Dolby vision and the Dolby Atmos sound. With this, you don’t have to worry anything about the sound quality and also about the picture quality. Along with this, OLED gives you an amazing experience to play your favorite games on this TV. Moreover, the TV is blade slim and has a shining metal plate. In other words, there is nothing to worry about the appearance and the overall look.

Lastly, it is perfect for gaming and comes in two screen size, one goes with 55-inch and the other variant has 65-inch. These can be selected as per your preferences. It has self omitting pixels so make your screen look even nicer. The color of the model is black. Moreover, it is an Amazon’s choice, this label states that the product has all the features and the price is value for money.




#3 LG OLED55B8SLC – Affordable Gaming TV

LG OLED55B8SLC - Affordable Gaming TV

One of the perfect models is here. LG’s mode comes with OLED technology. There are almost no disadvantages here and it has a lot of features that you can take a look at. The price is also affordable when you take a look at the features. It is surely not the cheapest model but the price is best as per the features it offers.

It has OLED technology with Dolby Atmos for the sound system. The overall picture quality is wonderful. For the gamers out there, you will get the best graphics here in this product. Moreover, you get Dolby vision, HDR 10, and also you will get technicolor. Therefore, the UHD TV makes the screen amazing. Moreover, it completely supports Alexa, certified by Amazon. So, for the people who have Alexa can get more out of it. There are only a few TVs that are Alex compatible. Therefore, it is one of the unique and affordable product you can go with.

Also, for the smart features and easy navigation, it has WebOS along with Freeview HD. You can get this TV in either 55-inch or you can go with 65-inch. There are different variants available as per the year, you can get this best gaming TV 2019 mode or you can get the older version of the older version if you want. There is also a different variant available where you will get soundbar or HDMI cable. So, you can choose the model according to your budget and requirements. This will be the last model we will see that consist of OLED technology. So, if you want it, you can go with the model itself.




#4 TCL 55DP608

TCL 55DP608 - Gaming TV

If you are one of those people who just want the most affordable and the best gaming TV which has all the necessary features and the TV in which you would love to play games. This is the perfect choice you can ever get. First of all, before going into the features, please know that you can get this gaming TV under 500 pounds. Therefore, don’t expect too many high-level features here. It has all the features you need and on the same side, it is affordable in pricing.

Talking about the features, here you will get Ultra high definition screen along with the HDR 10. The color and the overall display quality of the TV is amazing and you can surely choose this TV if the budget is the main issue for you. It is the only best gaming TV where you will get a 4K screen. Moreover, it has energy class A+ and the release year of the product in 2018. Hence, it has all the latest features to make it the best affordable gaming TV in the UK. The sound quality is super cool and you can rely on the sound here.

Moreover, if you want to save more money, you can choose to go with a 43-inch screen rather than going with a 55-inch screen. However, if you have a budget, we suggest you get a bigger screen as it will turn out to give you a more amazing experience for gaming compared to a smaller screen. It has TCL Smart and also the model is Amazon’s choice. People only twice here because of the brand, else everything is good and you can go with this model if you do not have issues with the brand. This is the best gaming tv uk.




#5 Samsung QE55Q8FNA

Samsung QE55Q8FNA

The smart TV comes with 3840 x 2160 screen resolution along with HDR 1500 which is perfect for gaming. Moreover, QLED technology is totally the best part when it comes to gaming or simply for watching movies. If you are looking for bright colors with a brilliant display, this is definitely the model you should check out. According to many reviews, it gives you way brighter colors and displays as compared to OLED technology. However, the blacks are not as deep as OLED technology which you will get in the LG model.

You can surely use the TV for gaming purpose as it has one of the fastest user interfaces and gives you the best performance. When it comes to the connectivity, you get enough ports for HDMI and USB also. Moreover, the best is yet to come. If you are thinking it will cost you more, then you are wrong here. You can easily purchase the TV with only a few bucks extra above 1000. The Q technology makes the screen amazing and gives you the best picture quality. For gamers, it is one of the best screens you can get.

Therefore, if you want to go with an affordable TV with QLED technology, you can purchase this TV for gaming and all other purposes. You can get the model in either 55-inch or you can also select 65-inch screen instead. It has RF-IN, Digital audio out, Ethernet, Wifi, HDMI, USB, and also other connectivity options such as LAN and Bluetooth. Therefore, with all this, you can take a look at the TV model. However, the reviews are less as compared to others.



#6 Panasonic TV TX-55

Panasonic TV TX-55

Another TV in an affordable range that you can get is Panasonic. The TV comes in 43-inch, 49-inch, and 55-inch. You can select the screen size as per your requirements. Panasonic does a really great job when it comes to building TV for gaming. This is one of the examples of it. Again, this TV is budget-friendly and you can get this gaming TV under 500 pounds.

Talking about the screen resolution, you get here 4k resolution that makes it UHD gaming TV. It has smart features with HDR. Moreover, you will get Freeview on this TV. The product is also Amazon Fire TV compatible. So, for the FireTV lovers, this is one of the best things you can purchase. The appearance is amazing, you will get slick classy design here. For connectivity, there are enough ports available. Speaking numbers, they have 3 HDMI ports and also there are two of the USB ports present where you can watch the movies from your flash drive without any concern. Moreover, you also get Freeview here.

You can enjoy the 4k gaming and watch your favorite shows and movies in this product. You can either get the model with wall mount or you can order the simple one without it. Moreover, there is also an add-on where they provide you Blu-ray player along with the TV. However, the price may rise a little but you can surely go for it if you want the Blu-ray player along with the TV you are ordering. This was another great product and now there are fewer products left on our list, so make sure you choose one of them soon.



#7 Philips 43PUS6753

Philips 43PUS6753

If you are a person who only wants the TV certified by Amazon and the one that is Amazon’s choice, Philips’ this model will be the best gaming TV for you. It has all the features with attractive pricing. You will get 4K Ultra HD screen resolution which has amazing picture quality. Each and every pixel and perfectly projected. It also has HDR plus and you will get Freeview in this model.

There are the numerous amount of connectivity features given here, you will get more than enough ports for each and every purpose whether it is HDMI or any other. Moreover, it has Ambilight 3-sided. In other words, it covers all the amazing features. The best part is yet to come, you can get this gaming TV under 400 pounds. Yes, it is one of the most affordable products out there you can purchase. The features are great when it comes to gaming and it also has a beautiful design. With all these amazing features and attractive design, it becomes a perfect choice for gamers out there who want to play in PS4 or any other device.

Talking about the screen size of the TV, there are several options available here. You can choose from 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. It has a lot of connectivity options that you can choose from and this is the most loved features by most of the gamers as they want to connect headphones and various other things. The affordable pricing and Amazon’s choice are the other reasons why you should purchase best gaming tv uk product.




#8 Samsung UE49NU7100

Samsung UE49NU7100

Samsung’s model is always been there when we have compared any of the TVs. Whether it is about getting a TV in your price range or you wan the TV in particular screen size. You will definitely see this model of Samsung there. This is because of the affordable pricing and the screen variations it has to offers. You get many screen sizes here starting from as low as a 40-inch screen to 75-inch. In between, you can get  49-inch, 55-inch, and also you can get the same for 65-inch. These are the most wanted screen size, the price may change according to the screen size you select.

The TV comes with 4k ultra HD screen with 4k resolution. If you want the latest version of the TV, you can get the model of 2018. It has energy class A. As it is a Samsung product, you will also get access to Smart Hub. The looks and the overall appearance are amazing. Along with this, you will get awesome picture quality and sound quality. TV is one of the best products in each and every place. No matter what your purpose is, you will surely enjoy this TV.

There is decent brightness and you can see each and every pixel which makes it perfect for gaming. Therefore, if you want a professional all in one TV which you can use in watching your favorite shows or for gaming purpose, this is one last stop you can go for.




Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best gaming TV available in the United Kindom. Please check out the full product description from the official website. We have here only given the basic highlight of the product and how the product fits your gaming needs. There are some of the extra features that you will get on the TV and we haven’t mentioned it here. This is because we only have some of the important features that are necessary. In this way, you can easily choose the product as you can only see the most wanted and the essential features in that product.

Moreover, we already have posted several other posts where we have already seen the list of TVs according to the brand name or we have seen them according to the screen size. If you are one of them who wants to purchase a TV in particular screen size and in particular budget, you can check out those posts from the below links.

You can also check them out and choose the best from these. Lastly, it is up to you, which you want to go with. You should choose the one according to the features and the price. Also, make sure that there are all the features present that you want to go with. Moreover, do not forget about the pricing of the product in choosing the right features. Once you have checked all the things and it is a green light, you can choose to go with that particular product.

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