8 Best LG Smart TV (Handpicked)

LG is one of the most popular brands in the United Kingdom. There are many best LG Smart TV out there and hence for many people, it becomes difficult to choose any one TV from the list. For the same reason, we have here handpicked all the Smart TVs from the list. The list features all the smart TV of LG brand. For the people who love LG, should surely check out this top TV in the United Kingdom. We have also provided a direct link to Amazon for those who are interested in buying.

Please note that we are not comparing the TV by screen size but by the features it has. In other words, if we say the #1 TV is a 43-inch model, we are not particularly talking about screen size but we are talking about the features it has. You can surely for different screen size as per your convenience. Most of the models will have a different screen size. You can select from the variants.


#1 LG 43UK6300PLB – Best LG Smart TV

Best LG Smart TV

Our first model will be 6300 series. You can get this particular model in a various different size. The number of screen size we have selected here in 43-inch smart TV. You can get the same TV in 49-inch, 55-inch, and also you can get it in 65-inch. Therefore, it is up to you which screen size you prefer and you like the most. The TV has 4k ultra high definition picture quality to see crystal clear picture. It is Amazon certified and hence works well with Alexa.

Moreover, It has IPS 4K display with thinQ technology. It is the technology using which the TV can give you an answer to your questions. Along with the true color accuracy and amazing picture quality. Here, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows without any interruptions. Moreover, the smart features make it easier to watch your favorite online shows with the help of Netflix and Youtube. There are more than 400 people on Amazon who have rated this product as a 5 star. Therefore, it is the best option to go with the model.

The image aspect ratio that you will get here is 16:9. The model was recently launched in 2018 and so it has all the features of today’s generation. Therefore, you can go with this one. More information available on Amazon. You can directly visit the official Amazon UK website from the link below. Don’t worry about the pricing, you will get the product under 300 if you go for a 43-inch screen. Even if you choose to go with other screen sizes, the price is affordable.



#2 LG Electronics 32LK610 – Affordable Smart TV

Best LG Smart TV

Our next pick is the model with the LK series. The model is Amazon’s choice and so you can totally trust when it comes to the pricing and the features of the TV. Talking about the screen size, you will get here 32-inch screen as a default variant. It is a smart TV with webOS. You can watch your favorite Netflix and YouTube shows using this particular TV.

Moreover, the TV is active HR and you will get here HD display of 1366 x 768. The TV has a lot of connectivity options, here you can connect the TV with HDMI as there are 3 ports given and also you can connect with USB due to the two of the USB ports given. The TV has a great display and most importantly it has all the necessary features and comes in your budget. This is the main reason why this particular TV is on our list of the best LG smart TV. For the people who want to get surround sound are more interested in sound quality should surely check this model as this has every little thing.

When you visit the official website of Amazon, the information is not well-structured. To know more, you can also take a look at the product Q n A or you can simply check out the user review for more information. Moreover, the product is affordable and you can simply purchase it from Amazon. There are two models given here, one is HD ready and the other one that you can check is full HD, you can go with the one according to your wish.


#3 LG 49UK6200PLA – Popular LG Smart TV

Best LG Smart TV

This Best LG Smart TV comes in a different size, the model we are discussing here is of 49 inches. however, you can get the same smart TV with different screen size, namely 43-inch and also in 55-inch. You can get the TV with the HDMI cable and you will get some discount when you buy both together. Both of the products are mentioned below. So, all you have to do is choose the one that you want.

Coming back to the TV, first of all, the TV is UHD and comes in 4k Ultra resolution. The picture quality is just perfect and you can see each and small little details clearly. You can go with a bigger screen if you want more picture quality. However, the quality is best even if you go with 43-inch. So, you don’t need to worry about the screen size. It can easily adapt the HDR picture as it is HDR active. It also has to surround sound and amazing sound quality. The TV has awesome sleek design along with minimal bezels. It totally enhances the outer look and appearance of the TV. You can keep the TV anywhere you want, it will surely look good in every room regardless of which design your room is.

The screen is LED and you will get Freeview Play as well as you will get Freeview HD. It has thinQ technology which works on AI. Your TV can listen to you. It is a 2018 model TV with energy class A. For the Alexa lovers, it works amazingly well with Alexa as it is Amazon certified.


#4 LG 49SK8000PLB

Best LG Smart TV

Alternatively, you can go with LG 49SK8000PLB, the TV comes with a 49-inch screen size where you can also choose 55-inch or 65-inch depending upon your choice. There are different variants available in which one of them includes the TV with soundbar whereas the other one comes with wall mount, you can always choose to go with only TV option where you will only get the TV and no extra accessories.

Moreover, the screen resolution of the TV is IPS 4k which makes it ultra HD. It is one of the best LG Smart TV because it comes with thinQ technology. ThinQ works purely on AI that will help you enhance your experience. Talking about enhancing your experience, it has Dolby Atmos for standard sound quality. If you want an honest and short review about this product, the price is a bit high but on the other hand, you get clear picture quality, amazing sound quality, and it also has thinQ. So, in other words, it is a totally great deal that you can take advantage of. It has the α7 Processor for fast processing.

The mode is also new as it was recently introduced in 2018. It has an LED screen and for the connectivity, it has HDMI, USB and also they have Bluetooth for those who still prefer Bluetooth or want to connect any of the devices. Also, one of the other features that this TV has is Nano Cell Display. Very few in this price range have this particular feature.



If you do not have a problem with increasing your budget and going higher, this is the best LG smart TV you can choose. It is a bit more expensive when you compare it with other models. It will cost you more than 1100 pound in the United Kingdom. Therefore, there are many people who don’t have enough budget to go with. However, when you check out the features and the screen size, you will think the price is worth it. The TV comes in 55-inch and 65-inch.

It works perfectly well with Alexa as it is Amazon certified. You will get here OLED pixels. If you are not familiar with the OLED, it will give you the best picture and enhance every color on the screen. Most of the people will prefer this screen when it comes to TV. Moreover, it comes with the Dolby Atmos for amazing sound quality. Furthermore, it also has HLG, HDR 10, as well as Technicolor. All these things do is enhance the color and the resolution of each and every picture. In this way, you can take advantage of the true display present over here. There are many other features that make the TV awesome. Therefore, if you have a budget, this would be the best choice for you.

If you are still not satisfied with the features and want more, it also has Freesat HD along with the Freeview play and Freeview HD. Only a few of the TV has all of these things, not to mention it has the HDMI port with WebOS. Now, you might think the price is worth it, don’t you? There are certain other features that are quite amazing and you should check out in the product description.



#6 LG 50UK6500PLA – 4K LG Smart TV

LG 6500 series comes in many screen sizes, starting from 43-inch, you can get it for50-inch, 55-inch. 65-inch, and you can even get it in a bigger screen of 75-inch. This product is best for people who want a bigger screen. Generally, the bigger screen is not given in most of the model. This is the main issue for many of the people and therefore, they are not able to choose any one model. However, here you can get a 75-inch screen along with other amazing features.

Talking about amazing features, first of all, it has 4k ultra high definition screen resolution. You will get amazing picture quality here especially if you go with a bigger screen. It has thinQ technology for those who will love to have AI in their own television. It has surround sound technology with 7 multi-channel, in other words, you will get sound from 7 different channel making the sound quality super cool. There is true color accuracy to see each and every pic clearly and perfectly. You will be able to see the smallest graphics on the screen. It would be the best experience to watch Netflix here.

You can purchase the TV from Amazon, you can either go with the soundbar or if you want to save some money, you can directly go with the variant that does not include soundbar. Furthermore, the sound quality is already amazing. So, if you want standard quality, you don’t need to go with the soundbar. However, if you are a hard-core music fan, you can surely go with the variant that includes soundbar.


#7 LG 43LK5900PLA

The next best LG smart TV in the United Kingdom. It comes in full HD resolution of 1080 pixels. For those who want 4K resolution, this model is definitely not for you. However, for the 43-inch screen, 1080 is not that bad. Therefore, for the same reason, this model manages to be on our list. The LED TV was launched in 2018 and when it comes to the pricing, it is one of the most affordable televisions. You will get this LG Smart TV under 300 pounds. So, for the people who have budget issues, you can surely go with this particular televisions.

Talking about the connectivity, the model has USB connectivity option and there are not more features to take a look here. You can surely watch or stream your favorite videos online using the television. Moreover, the tuner technology used here is DVB-T2/C/S2. It also has a 50 Hz refresh rate.

In other words, it is an LG Smart TV with minimum features and affordable rate. You won’t find any amazing or unique features as we did above, neither it has thinQ. This is only for the people who are looking for affordable smart TV under 300 and they only want to go with the LG brand. These people can surely go with this model. It does have Freeview if you want to use it.


#8 LG 28TK420S-PZ – Cheapest LG Smart TV

Our last choice here is the LG 28TK420S-PZ. There are some of the people who want to get smart TV especially the one with the LG brand. However, they were unable to find Affordable LG smart TV in their budget. If you are one of them and are ready to adjust in the screen size, you can check out this model. 

The model has only a 28-inch screen display which is not liked by many people. However, as they have unique features along with the smart features, you can go with this one. It has dynamic contrast with 5M rich colors making it super beautiful to watch the television. Moreover, It will give you a unique experience when you are watching. It has built-in Wi-fi and you can also connect it with MIRACAST. This is one of the outstanding features out there. Not many televisions are able to connect with MIRACAST. Therefore, you can utilize it. It has 720 High definition screen resolution.

Moreover, for the connectivity technology, you can connect your flash drive here to watch your favorite shows. You can just copy the movies from your computer and start playing in your High definition television. Furthermore, you can check out more information from Amazon’s website.

Other Best LG Smart TV

There are many other televisions that we have not mentioned here but are one of the coolest choices that you can take a look at. Most probably, we haven’t taken these into our consideration is because of the screen size or because the models are not mostly available on stock. If you do not have any problem ongoing with a smaller screen or going with a little outdated version, you might save some more money here. However, we personally recommend you not to go with old models as they do not have the features that our current generation needs.

If you are still wondering which are some of the other products that we missed, here are some of the products that you can check out. Unfortunately, we can’t review all of them and so we will just add a link to Amazon where you can check for more details.


Choosing the right TV for you

Lastly, it is always about which one is perfect for you. There might be many of the televisions out there that you can see which will have lots of features. However, it might not have the one that you want. Therefore, you should first see which are the most important features that your product or the model should have. You can keep these as the base model and then you can check out to know which of these will fit your needs.

First of all, you need to see which features you want in a TV, you can then choose the one that you want accordingly. Here are some of the features that are in the current generation products and which you should see when you are buying a Television.

  • First, you should know that as long as you are going with LG Electronics, you should check out their thinQ. It is a technology that will help your television to connect with artificial intelligence and hence understanding what you are saying.
  • The second thing that you should see is the screen resolution. Many of the visitors here will be looking for 4K ultra high definition television. If you have any such requirements, make sure you follow it carefully.
  • Sound quality does matter, ensure the model has either surround sound or they have Dolby Atmos.
  • Last but not least, you can check out the model year or the year when the product was launched. In this way, you will come to know if the TV has the latest trending features or not.
  • Above all, pricing is the most important part, do not just go with the television if you can’t afford it. Make sure it is in your budget, in this way you won’t be in debt.


LG Smart TV vs Others

No doubt, LG Electronics is one of the most wonderful companies out there when it comes to their products and also their pricing is affordable. However, if you can’t find any of the LG product, it is not necessary to go with that particular company. There are also other companies out there who have great products. Recently, we reviewed the 10 Best Samsung Smart TV in Every Size and Price range, you can even take a look there.

Moreover, if you are not the kind of person who will go as per the brand, you can go according to the screen size. We also have a top list where we have handpicked 40-inch best Smart TVs and along with that, we also have the same for every Best 32-inch TV. In other words, all we mean to say is that you can also take a look at other brands. Even if you don’t plan to buy it, there are no cons in just checking out the list.


Final words

Therefore, to conclude, you can choose any of the listed ones. We have handpicked all of them and you can also completely rely on this list if you do not want to waste your time in figuring out which one is the best. However, make sure you get all the features that you want. Nowadays, in today’s world, people consider Alexa skills and also Artificial intelligence as a must-have feature on any TV.

Therefore, in the same way, you should make sure that the features you are looking for are present in the product that you purchase. If you don’t do so, you might also end up purchasing the wrong TV-set. Furthermore, you should see if there are other variants available. If there is something else available along with it, such as soundbar or HDMI, and if you also want to purchase that product, you should consider going with the combos. In this way, you will save some money.

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