Manfrotto the best lightweight tripod of 2023

If you’re looking for a dynamic tripod for your next shoot, you should consider the Manfrotto best lightweight tripod. It offers unique angling features that every photographer will love. With its quick setup and excellent locking system, this tripod is a powerhouse gear for photographers who are always on the go. In this post, we will discuss a comprehensive Manfrotto review to help you decide if this gear is the right purchase for you.

The Manfrotto best lightweight tripod

best lightweight tripod

The Manfrotto best lightweight tripod series has been around for more than 20 years now. It’s one of the most popular tripod brands for photographers and enthusiasts. With the newest 190xPROB, we can expect to see some classic features with a modern touch.

Manfrotto is known for its compact design that’s not short of durability and function. Still, since it’s a modern version, we’re looking forward to seeing improvements and additional bits and bobs.

As a common choice in the professional field, we want to remind you that this tripod is suitable for small to medium cameras only. As a unit in the middle of the 190 series, the 190xPROB is a reasonable purchase for those who want to save some space in the car trunk without compromising the durability of their gear.

Manfrotto 190xPROB Specs

There’s a lot to tinker in the Manfrotto 190xPROB. The following are some of its specs that really stand out from the rest:

*90-degree column system. This angling system allows you to capture different perspectives.

*Angle selector. For smoother movements, there’s a leg angle sector on this tripod.

*Easy link. If you want to connect accessories, this tripod has the easy link feature so you can adjust and attach things on the go.

*Quick power lock. With this tripod, you can set up fast, and you can lock everything in place nicely. There’s no need to worry about wobbly legs or falling gears.

*Bubble level. On the top center of the column, there’s a bubble level for precise framing. You can easily rotate this feature so you can use the camera controls without any hindrance.

*Compact. If you don’t have any room for large tripods, the Manfrotto 190xPROB is your go-to choice. It’s easy to transport, and you extend the legs whenever you need to do so.

Shooting convenience

For those who are looking for a convenient choice for their shoot, the Manfrotto 190xPROB tripod will not disappoint. You can change the position of the camera horizontally once the tripod reaches its maximum height. There’s no need to remove and put the camera back.

The central column also allows you to move the camera in up and down angles fast and easy. You can reach the lowest altitude positions without removing your camera from the tripod.

Overall, this tripod has an Italian style that’s teeming with functionality. Using the easy link feature, you can attach video and photo accessories so you can shoot multimedia like no other.

Manfrotto Element MII Camera Tripod


The Manfrotto 190xPROB is designed for both comfort and durability. You can adjust the leg angle and length, so the tripod keeps steady on the ground.

It offers fluid movements, so your shots will look fabulous and stunning. If you have a topnotch camera, you should consider pairing it with this Manfrotto tripod for a spectacular shooting duo.

Overall, this is a solid tripod that can take the beating of indoor and outdoor use. Even during a breezy day, this tripod will not budge if set properly. We just wish that there’s a hook at the bottom of its central column to boost the stability of the tripod.

It’s a weighted tripod to ensure that it will stay solid during harsh conditions. Although it can be a little cumbersome for travel, the added weight will pay off during windy days.


If you want a compact tripod that can be transformed into a full-length mount, this Manfrotto best lightweight tripod will not disappoint. It has telescoping legs with multiple quick locks that will hold your preferred height in place.

We also like its one-finger operation to release and operate the center column. Say goodbye to shaky and hand-held shots once you have this tripod in your toolkit.

Aside from that, this tripod has leg angle selectors so you can adjust the legs as you wish. This way, you can take each shot with confidence. It’s also a great feature during outdoor shoots when the wind may topple a tripod with minimal leg angle.

You can adjust the angle of the legs to the point that the tripod is only an inch from the ground. And with the rotating leveling bubble, adjusting this tripod just got easier.


At the top casting of this Manfrotto best lightweight tripod, there’s an easy link connector where you can attach LED flashlight and other small equipment. This is helpful if you need more lighting or added shooting gear.

You can also use an extended arm or bracket if you need further support or handles on your tripod. From being a mere tripod, you can transform this piece into a mobile studio. Everything is attached to the tripod so you can shoot on the get-go.

Weight and size

Take note that the Manfrotto 190xPROB is compact yet weighted. This is to keep the tripod steady during outdoor use. Overall, it has a solid feel to it that gives a premium touch to the tripod.

Price point

Considering its features, the Manfrotto 190xprob price point is already a good deal. It’s made of premium materials and dotted with multiple features. Each part is made exquisitely for the modern photographer.

If you’re planning to invest in a tripod for your next shoot, the Manfrotto 190 series is a great choice.

Advantages of using the Manfrotto 190 tripod

The good thing about this Manfrotto best lightweight tripod is it comes with highly adjustable legs. Another excellent feature here is the center column that you can use to manipulate your camera to different angles. It also allows you to change your camera’s alignment from vertical to horizontal.

The following are some of the benefits of the Manfrotto 190xPROB:

*Compact yet solid. Although it’s smaller than other tripods, this Manfrotto model is solid and made durable.

*Telescoping legs. With its telescoping legs, you’ll get a versatile tripod that can be adjusted down to the ground.

*Solid locks. Once you find the right height for your shoot, you simply have to lock the legs to keep it in place. Unlike cheap models, this Manfrotto piece has durable locks that will stay in place even if you have a heavy camera.

*Precise framing. Thanks to its unique center column, you can now achieve precise framing in your shots. Nothing obscures the camera and you can rotate the column properly.

*Made of aluminum. To ensure that the tripod will last long, it’s made with aluminum. It will not rust even if it got soaked in the outdoor rain.

*Attachments for accessories. You can now use multiple accessories to improve your shots. This tripod also keeps the necessities handy while you take photos and videos.

*Versatile tripod. If you often shoot challenging terrains, the Manfrotto 190xPROB is your go-to gear. With the right configuration, it can stay steady under extreme climates.


Some disadvantages

Although it’s not really a disadvantage, many users say that if you’re traveling light, this isn’t the tripod to use. The Manfrotto 190xPROB is indeed a little heavy, but it sure has its perks.

Lightweight tripods can be blown by wind easily. The 190xPROB fixed this with added weight and highly adjustable legs.

Also, if you’re new to Manfrotto tripod, setting this model up can be a little challenging. We recommend taking some practice before using this tripod on your shoots.

One little thing that can be added on the next Manfrotto tripod release is a hook at the bottom of the center column. This will give more stability during the harshest conditions.

Is this the right tripod for me?

If you want a trusty and durable tripod, the Manfrotto 190xPROB is the choice to go. It’s durable, solid, and made for avid photographers. Every part of this tripod works smoothly so that you wouldn’t encounter hiccups during your shoot.

You can even use various heads for this tripod to increase its functionality. Although it’s a little taxing on the pocket, you will not regret buying this tripod. It pays for itself in the long run, especially if photography is your bread and butter.

If you often go and shoot on uneven ground and even on top of mountains, this Manfrotto model will give the stability you need. Of course, this benefit is in return for the added weight.


The Manfrotto 190xPROB is a champ tripod for professional photographers out there. It’s also a wise buy for enthusiasts who want to take their hobby to the next level. Although it’s on the heavy side, the 190xPROB isn’t short of excellent features.

What do you think of this Manfrotto 190xprob review? Do you have something to add? Let us know!

Manfrotto Element MII Camera Tripod, Travel Tripod in Aluminium with Ball Head and Carrying Bag, for Compact Cameras, CSC, DSLR, Photography Accessories for Content Creation and Vlogging
  • PORTABLE: Ultra compact and lightweight, Element MII tripod has a superior quality aluminium construction making it perfect for travel. Very lightweight (1.55 kg) it can hold up to 8 kg
  • VERSATILE: Extends up to 160 cm and reduces down to 42.5 cm, holding even heavy zoom lenses. This allows you to indulge yourself with any type of shot in complete freedom
  • COMBINABLE: The included plate 200PL-PRO Light is compatible with the attachments of the most popular standard heads - Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss - which can be configured quickly and easily
  • SAFE: The sturdy aluminium spider attachment offers exceptional stability outdoors, and the Twist lock closure latches keep the legs firmly in place
  • COMPLETE: The included aluminium ball head guarantees maximum fluidity of movement, ease of set-up and perfect frame positioning, thanks to the double adjustment closure


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