The latest best non smart tv with good features review

Are you looking for a simple Television as a presence for your older Mom? Westinghouse 32 Inch best non smart tv is here, no need for any hassle of setting up a complete seventy available channels you can watch. It is best for watching your favorite shows and late-night games while enjoying its stunning picture and sound quality.

This is not a smart TV but you can avail of a smart TV box or stick where you can stream your favorite movies and catching-up services.

Westinghouse 32 Inch best non smart tv

best non smart tv
  • 720p HD display technology – Amazing picture quality. You will enjoy the clear picture as real. With the 720p you can easily hook the TV on the satellite or cable box.
  • Freeview HD – Upon purchase it has a built-in tuner for 70 channels available which include 15 high definition channels.
  • Three HDMI ports – At the back where you can plug your favorite Blu-ray player for your movie marathon or your game for easy and track a few high scores.
  • Two USB ports – Another port where you can view your favorite movie on the silver screen. Plus there is an auto power-off function that provides energy-saving to cut your electricity bill.
  • LED Screen – For safety watching the screen is made of LED that will make your viewing safe especially if you had a movie marathon.
Westinghouse 32 Inch


  • Affordability: The Westinghouse 32 Inch HD TV is priced competitively and is an affordable option for those looking for a smaller TV.
  • Good picture quality: This best non smart tv 720p HD resolution provides clear and crisp picture quality, making it suitable for watching TV shows, movies, and even gaming.
  • Decent sound quality: The TV comes with built-in speakers that provide decent sound quality, eliminating the need for external speakers for basic viewing needs.
  • Multiple connectivity options: The TV comes with multiple input options, including HDMI and USB, making it easy to connect various devices like gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more.


  • Basic design: This best non smart tv has a basic and minimalistic design, lacking any standout features in terms of aesthetics.

Point of View

People enjoy the features of the TV which they can hook the smart TV stick through its HDMI port and other available ports it has. Easy to set-up and use besides its lightweight you can hang it on the wall without other people helping you.

Not to mention its affordable price where you can purchase without cutting your other budget. No-fuss and subscription because of this best non smart tv is Freeview HD tuner no need for monthly payment. As well as, no need for television accessories because of its Freeview tuner, clear picture ad best sound.

Westinghouse 32 Inch HD TV with Freeview T2, USB, HDMI, PVR - Black
  • Westinghouse 32 Inch HD TV with Freeview T2 USB HDMI PVR Black
  • Brand : Westinghouse Lighting
  • Product type: TELEVISION
  • Color: Black
  • hd


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