Sony Bravia the best OLED TV vs KD TV review of 2023

Get ready to be in awe and empty your pocket with the arrival of Sony’s flagship. The Sony Master Series best OLED TV vs KD TV.

And the Sony Master Series KD TV claim to be the best ultra-premium OLED TV in the market to date! Let’s see if these TVs live up to the expectation.

Picture Quality

A masterclass in contrast, the Sony Master Series BRAVIA OLED TV is in a league of its own. The BRAVIA shines with fantastic colour, brightness, and black levels.

Its viewing angles are very wide, screen uniformity is close to perfection, and you won’t see any lighting artefacts.

However, the Sony Master Series BRAVIA OLED TV falls short when it comes to its capability to process detail areas in motion.


Regardless, the Best OLED TV does not disappoint, delivering good content effect on Dolby Vision, HDR10, or HLG HDR.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Sony Master Series KD TV battling to get the crown for the best ultra-premium LCD/LED TV.

Just like its predecessors, the Best OLED TV comes with outstanding black levels and local dimming quality, allowing viewers to enjoy movies like the real thing.

The KD TV uses the new Custom Mode that includes the Cinema Pro mode setting, highly recommend for a movie and/or documentary watching. It also handles various viewing angles well, quite evident in its high colour gradient testing marks.


The Sony Master Series BRAVIA OLED TV takes sound into multiple dimensions. With Acoustic Surface Audio++™ This feature immerses you into a whole new entertainment experience of breathtaking sound, After all, clear vocals and instruments, and exceptional clarity.

Meanwhile, the Sony Master Series KD TV also proves worthy of your money with IMAX Enhance content. As well as, Go cinematic with the KD’s soundbar that brings immersive surround sound.

Smart Features

If you’re looking for a smart TV worth its salt, then you’re in for a great deal with the Sony Master Series BRAVIA OLED TV and the Sony Master Series KD TV.

Both TVs were made even smarter with Alexa and Google Assist features. Ask your Google Assistant to locate your favourite romantic movies, with no remote require!

These latest Sony TV series let you have control just by connecting your TV with your smart devices. With Alexa, you can turn your TV on, control volume, change channels, and even do more, hands-free! Now, that’s what smart living is all about!

Entertainment Features

Ready to binge-watch your favourite movies and series? Sony has made streaming even more accessible with its Netflix Calibrate Mode.

After all, Both the OLED and KD reproduce. The same picture quality so you can enjoy your movie marathon. With great precision, clarity, detail, and smoothness!


The Sony Master Series OLED TV and the Sony Master Series KD TV are on a class of their own. If you’re looking for the best ultra-premium OLED TV.

Then the BRAVIA OLED is your best choice. Meanwhile, if you want the amazing qualities of the best ultra-premium LCD/LED TV, then the KD is one that’s hard to beat.


Sony BRAVIA XR OLED XR55A80J - 55-inch - OLED - 4K Ultra HD (UHD) - High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Google TV - (Black)
  • OLED contrast with true black and bright highlights, powered by our Cognitive Processor XR
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ on the Sony XR-55A80J, turns the entire screen into a speaker.
  • With more apps than any other smart platform, there's something for everyone on Google TV.
  • Even fast-paced scenes are smooth and clear with XR Motion Clarity
  • Great for gaming | With HDMI 2.1 features like 4K120, supported games will look super smooth. You'll also benefit from quick response times with low input lag and there’s also support for VRR and ALLM.

Sony TV MASTER Series KD

Sony TV MASTER Series KD
Sony KD-43X85K – 43-inch – 4K Ultra HD – High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Smart TV (Google TV) – Black (2022 model) - Google TV - (Black, 2022 model)
  • Fast-paced action movies, sports, and games are smooth and clear on the KD-43X85K 4K TV, thanks to our 100Hz / 120Hz panel refreshing the content on your television 120 times per second for seamless transitions.
  • Clear, powerful audio is delivered by our innovative X-Balanced Speaker, designed to complement the slimness of this 43-inch flat screen TV. The surround sound technology of Dolby Atmos lets you enjoy cinematic thrills at home!
  • Our Flush Surface design delivers a more immersive viewing experience - the bezel is so narrow, your eyes will naturally focus on what you’re watching, not what’s around it.
  • Great for gamers, BRAVIA TVs deliver ultra-responsive and smooth gameplay with a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode in HDMI 2.1.
  • Command your TV using your voice, browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your streaming services, and more, on this Google TV!



What is the most popular Sony OLED TV

The most popular Sony the Best OLED TV is the XBO-70ES. This set has an immersive display that makes watching content a totally new experience with its deep blacks and bright whites, making it appear much more realistic than other TVs on the market today!

What are the example of Sony OLED TV?

The Sony OLED TV is a great buy for those who want the best of both worlds. It has superior picture quality and an affordable price!

Which is the better Sony OLED TV?

If you’re in the market for an expensive, high-end TV then Sony’s latest the Best OLED TV models are a great choice. They offer top quality and performance at affordable price that will fit any budget!

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