Very useful 5 best ps5 cooling stand Tested and Reviewed

Welcome to the forefront of gaming innovation and comfort! As the gaming world continues to evolve, so does the need for cutting-edge accessories that enhance not only your gaming experience but also the longevity of your precious console. Those 5 best ps5 cooling stand is very useful and helpful for maintaining optimal temperatures during high-resolution gaming sessions. This is where cooling stands come into play, offering a blend of performance, aesthetics, and convenience.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the latest and greatest PS5 cooling stands that have been rigorously tested and reviewed. We understand the significance of keeping your gaming powerhouse cool, not only to ensure peak performance but also to safeguard its internal components. Join us as we explore the top five cooling stands meticulously evaluated for their cooling prowess, ergonomic design, ease of use, and overall value they bring to your gaming setup.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated pro, finding the right cooling stand is an investment in the future of your gaming endeavors. So, let’s embark on this journey to discover the perfect companion that will keep your PS5 running at its best while you conquer virtual worlds without breaking a sweat.

best ps5 cooling stand

What is ps5 cooling stand?

A PS5 cooling stand is an accessory designed to enhance the cooling performance of the PlayStation 5 gaming console. The PlayStation 5, like many high-performance electronic devices, generates heat during operation. Prolonged and intense gaming sessions can lead to increased temperatures within the console, which might affect its performance and potentially even its longevity. A cooling stand aims to address this issue by providing additional cooling mechanisms to help dissipate the heat generated by the PS5.

These cooling stands typically come equipped with built-in fans, heat sinks, and sometimes even additional ventilation to improve airflow around the console. By facilitating better heat dissipation, a cooling stand can help maintain the PS5‘s optimal operating temperature, which in turn can lead to smoother gameplay and potentially extend the lifespan of the console.

Top 5 best ps5 cooling stand

When considering a PS5 cooling stand, it’s important to look for one that fits your setup, offers effective cooling performance, and provides the features you need to enhance your gaming experience. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and check compatibility with your specific PS5 model before making a purchase. That’s why we give 5 options to you can choose by your need.

1. OIVO PS5 Stand and Cooling Station (Best Seller)

OIVO PS5 Stand and Cooling Station

When I open it, I feel its first look is good. So need to check it by using it. And then I can tell you that this OIVO PS5 cooling stand can be your ultimate gaming companion for a cooler, more immersive PlayStation 5 experience. Designed to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, this innovative accessory takes your gaming setup to the next level.

The OIVO PS5 Stand is engineered to address the heat management needs of your PS5. With its integrated cooling fans and well-placed ventilation ports, this stand ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating during intense gaming marathons. Say goodbye to performance hiccups and hello extended gaming sessions.

If you tired of hunting for charging cables? The OIVO Stand eliminates the hassle with its built-in charging ports. Charge your controllers conveniently while they’re not in use, ensuring they’re ready to go when you are. It’s a statement piece that enhances performance, aesthetics, and convenience in one sleek package.

Efficient CoolingLimited Size and Space
RGB LED ControllerExtra Maintenance Cost
Organized Storage
Integrated Charging
Easy Setup
PS5 / PS5 Slim Stand and Cooling Station with RGB LED Controller Charging Station for Playstation 5 Console, 2H Fast PS5 Controller Charger, PS5 Accessories with 3 Levels Cooling Fan/Headset Holder
  • 【PS5 cooling fan features 3-level speeds & 4 additional charging ports】 The enhanced PS5 cooling stand features a robust 1.63-inch enlarged turbofan, delivering superior cooling performance to improve efficiency and prevent overheating. The inclusion of 3 extra 2.0 USB hubs and type C charging ports offers convenient multi-device charging capability. The OIVO PS5 cooler stand, designed in a vertical orientation, incorporates a touch switch and a 3-level cooling fan that effectively extracts hot air from the console's base, achieving optimal heat dissipation throughout all directions. Incompatible with 2023 PS5 Slim Versions.
  • 【Dual High-Speed PS5 Controller Charger Station & RGB LED Indicators】Powered by the front USB-C port of PS5 console, the supply power can be set up always running, which offering the high current 5V/3A, with the help of the included charging cables, the controllers can be fully replenished in under 2 hours. The charging station is equipped with RGB LED indicators, which dynamically breathe, and they serve as visual cues to indicate the charging status of the PS5 controller accessories. The RGB light signifies the controllers are actively charging, while the blue light indicates that the controllers are fully charged or in standby mode.
  • 【Excellent Space Management & Easy to use】 Enhance your gaming setup with the feature-packed PS5 charging dock, boasting efficient cooling fans, dual PS5 charger functionality, three 2.0 USB ports, and one Type C port. The integrated RGB LED charging indicators provide clear visual feedback on the charging status. With the capacity to hold up to 14 PS5 game discs, a wireless PS5 headset, screw storage, a PS5 media remote, an external PS5 hard drive, and a comprehensive PS5 cooling system, this all-in-one PlayStation 5 stand ensures impeccable organization for all your PlayStation 5 accessories. Elevate your setup with this superior alternative to the official Sony PS5 charging station.
  • All-In-One Multifunctional Design for both the Playstation 5 Digital Edition and Disc Edition consoles.】 Our versatile PS5 stand is compatible with both the PS5 Digital Edition and Disc Edition consoles. It includes a secure screw mechanism to lock your console in place, ensuring stability and balance. With its sleek white color, the stand perfectly matches the aesthetic of the Playstation 5 console. It serves as an ideal storage expansion and charging dock, providing a safe and organized space for dual Sony DualSense controllers and displaying all PS5 accessories and the console itself.
  • 【Advanced safety features for Playstation 5 Controller】 Offering protection against overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuits. This ensures the optimal health and longevity of your PS5 controller battery. It's important to note that the built-in automatic protective chip of the PS5 Controller intelligently stops charging when the battery volume reaches 70%, preventing any potential damage. Our charging dock stands out as the ideal replacement for the official Sony horizontal base stand, making it the top choice for PS5 accessory replacements.

2. HEYLICOOL PS5 Stand Cooling Station (Best Deal)

HEYLICOOL PS5 Stand Cooling Station

When I open the 2nd option of this accessory, I experienced a good by its deal offer. It’s a 4.6 (out of 5) rated product on Amazon and customer reviews are nice also. You can say goodbye to overheating and performance drops during intense gaming sessions. The HEYLICOOL PS5 Stand features a powerful cooling fan system that efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring your console runs at peak performance even during extended play.

This best ps5 cooling stand HEYLICOOL stand allows you to customize the lighting effects to match your mood, game atmosphere, or even your room decor. You can keep your gaming area neat and organized with the HEYLICOOL PS5 Stand. It also has stand features and built-in charging ports that make it easy to keep your controllers powered up and ready for action.

It is designed specifically for the PS5. Experience gaming like never before with the HEYLICOOL Accessories for PS5 Stand Cooling Station with RGB Light. More than just an accessory, it’s a statement piece that enhances your gaming performance, adds a touch of elegance to your setup, and immerses you in a world of captivating light.

Advanced Cooling PerformanceCost Consideration
Customizable RGB LightingMaintenance Requirements
Organized Gaming SetupDurability and Reliability
Tailored Design for PS5
Ease of Setup
HEYLICOOL PS5 Cooling Stand for PlayStation 5 Slim/Disc/Digital with RGB Light,PS5 Accessories Dual Controller Charger Station with 3 Levels Cooling Fan, Headset Holder,15 Game Slots
  • 🌀【NEWEST PS5 Accessories for PS5 Slim/Disc/Digital】 PS5 Cooling Stand equipped with 2 detachable panels, which is perfectly compatible with the PlayStation 5 Slim console and the PS5 Disc/Digital console. An extra USB port allows to charge devices like mouse, keyboard, headset. With a sleek and tidy design, PS5 accessories bundle saves much space to keep your all ps5 assecories like console, 2 controllers, 15 game discs and headset organized.
  • 🌀 【PS5 COOLING STATION WITH ENLARGED TURBOFAN】 The PS5 cooling fan has 3 fan speeds: Strong/Medium/Normal. With enlarged 1.97in turbofan, Playstation 5 accessories PS5 fan pulls out hot air from console bottom and efficiently dissipate heat from right side, so PS5 fan cooling fan will keep PS5 console cooling without noise, enhance your gaming experience. No need to worry about console overheating from playing games all day and night! PS5 cooling station will maximize the lifespan of console.
  • 🌀 【THE COOLEST P5 COOLING STAND WITH RGB LIGHT】 The ps5 accessories for Playstation 5 stand has a circle of cool RGB LED lights, just press LED light switch to adjust 6 different RGB modes at will. This is the COOLEST PS5 vertical stand for you! You can switch the LED color and mode according to different games to build your own exclusive gaming ambiance! The ps5 cooling station with led has a memory function. The last LED mode will be maintained when turned on again. Long press for 3 seconds to turn off the RGB.
  • 🌀 【3H FAST CHARGING & MULTIPLE POWER SUPPLY METHODS】 Come with 9.06inch C to C Charging Cable, PS5 stand with cooling fan and controller charger can fully charged 2 PS5 Dual-sense controllers within 3H simultaneously. LED indicators clearly shows the charging status. Light off: Standby; Red: Charging; Blue: Fully Charged and LED will turn off after 10min. And playstation 5 charging station can be powered by your console or AC adapter(≥5V/3A), provide you more choices of charging methods!
  • 🌀【Cooling Fan with Memory Function】Please turn the fan switch on manually for the first time and DO NOT turn it off after that. So cooling fan can be turned on automatically next time after powering ps5 base, and the last wind speed will be maintained when turned on again.

3. Hsility PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan (Affordable Option)

Hsility PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan

It’s the best affordable option. It’s a 4.2 (out of 5) rated product on Amazon. It’s the ultimate companion for your gaming journey. Designed to maximize both performance and convenience, this innovative accessory is here to redefine the way you experience gaming.

The Hsility PS5 Stand boasts an integrated cooling fan that ensures optimal heat dissipation, keeping your console running smoothly even during extended sessions. This cooling fan system is strategically positioned to enhance airflow and maintain consistent temperatures. With designated slots for your PS5 console, controllers, and game discs, it transforms your gaming area into an organized hub, allowing you to focus solely on what matters – your gameplay.

I experience the power of advanced cooling without the noise. That surprised me. Designed with the PS5’s specifications in mind, the Hsility Stand fits your console like a glove. Setup is a breeze, and the stand’s stability ensures that your console remains secure without compromise. It’s a statement. It enhances your gaming performance, prolongs the life of your console, and elevates the aesthetics of your gaming area.

Efficient Cooling PerformanceSpace Requirement
Organized Gaming HubRGB Lighting Absence
The cooling fan operates quietlyMaintenance Consideration
Convenient Charging
Aesthetically Pleasing
Hsility PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan PS5 Console Accessories Stand PS5 Charging Station PS5 Headset Stand Intelligent Micro Control PS5 Vertical Stand Dual Controller Charging Port 15 Game Discs Storage
  • 5-In-1 : This ps5 charging station features two PS5 controller chargers , a Type C charging port , and two USB hub ports . The versatile ps5 base stand can not only be used for charging but also acts as a storage unit . The Ps5 Cooling stand can keep all your gaming devices together , The Ps5 headphone stand is versatile while saving a lot of space to keep it clean and tidy . The ps5 controller holder base also comes with a non-slip pad ( note : The stand does not include a power supply ! ) .
  • Efficient Cooling Fan : The Ps5 controller stand has two built-in 4000RPN fans designed , keep your Ps5 controller stand cool while in use . The high-speed fan design , maximum air displacement and circulation ensure the best cooling effect of the Ps5 controller stand during your long playing sessions , and improve the operating life of the ps5 controller charger . When the ps5 headset stand is connected to the power supply , the ps5 controller stand fan will start automatically .
  • Smart Micro Control Technology : The ps5 cooling stand with charging provides over current , over voltage , over heating or short circuit protection to ensure the safety of you and your Playstation 5 headset holder . The ps5 console also has an LED touch screen indicator to show the charging status , so that you can keep informed of the charging status of the Playstation 5 stand .
  • Space Management : The Ps5 controller stand is placed vertically to make good use of vertical space . The ps5 accessories can store the PS5 console , 14 game DVD cases, remote control , headset and gamepad charger adapter vertically on the Ps5 headset stand at the same time with the help of the retractable game disc storage stand . The ps5 stand vertical also keeps the device safe with its precise slot design .
  • Extras : This ps5 horizontal stand also comes with two external USB ports with powerful outputs - two additional USB ports and a Type-C charging port that allows you to charge/connect controllers , keyboards , phones , tablets , and other USB devices . The Type-C charging port can charge the controller from an external power source when the playstation 5 is turned off . (Add 4 Type-C interface rotors) .

4. Amiles Stand Cooling Station for PS5 Console and PlayStation VR2 (Extra Features Option)

Amiles Stand Cooling Station for PS5 Console and PlayStation VR2

This best ps5 cooling stand has many extra features. It’s a 4.0 (out of 5) rated product on Amazon. This can be your all-in-one solution for optimizing the performance of both your PS5 console and PlayStation VR2. This innovative accessory is designed to enhance your gaming experience by ensuring optimal temperatures, organized storage, and convenient charging – all in a sleek and functional package.

The Amiles Stand Cooling Station is engineered to keep your gaming gear cool even during the most intense gaming sessions. Equipped with advanced cooling fans and a thoughtful ventilation system, it effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and ensuring that your PS5 and PlayStation VR2 run at peak performance. This dual compatibility saves space and keeps your gear within arm’s reach, ensuring you’re always ready for immersive gaming adventures.

Setting up the Amiles Stand is effortless, and its sturdy construction ensures a secure fit for both your PS5 console and PlayStation VR2 headset. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your gear is well-supported. Its modern design adds a touch of elegance to your setup, elevating both functionality and aesthetics.

Dual CompatibilityLimited VR Compatibility
Efficient CoolingMaintenance Consideration
Charging Convenience
Sturdy Construction
Easy Setup
Amiles Stand Cooling Station for PS5 Console,Magnetic Charging Dock for PS5 Controller & PSVR 2 Sense Controller,Vertical Stand for PS VR2 Headset Headphones Holder
  • 【Specially designed】Amiles accessories designed for playstation 5 and ps vr2. The charging station can charge two PS5 controllers, two ps vr2 controllers. Also cooling ps5 console at the same time.
  • 【Holder for Headset&Controllers】Hold ps5 headset, dual ps5 controller, PSVR2 headset,PSVR2 controller and ps5 system all in one playstation 5 stand. Keeps all PlayStation 5 accessories nice and organized while maintaining a tidy look. Great gift choice for ps5 gamer
  • 【Adjustable Fan Speeds】The ps5 cooling station has 3 fan levels(Low,Mid,High). All the heated air will be blown from the bottom of ps5 console,improve performance and extend the lifespan of playstaton5 console
  • 【PS5 & PSVR 2 Controller Charging Dock】There are 5 magnetic charging teminals. Fully charge PS5 & PSVR 2 controllers within 2-4 hours.
  • 【Charging Indicator Light】The attached LED indicators tell you when each controller is fully charged or charging. The Charging Station indicates red during charging, green when fully charged, which can know the charging status at any time.

5. GZW PS5 Cooling Stand with Fan (Amazon’s Choice)

GZW PS5 Cooling Stand with Fan

It’s an Amazon’s Choice option. It’s a 4.4 (out of 5) rated product on Amazon. This cutting-edge accessory is designed to optimize the performance of your PS5 console, ensuring peak efficiency, cooling, and convenience all in one sleek package.

The GZW PS5 Cooling Stand is equipped with a high-performance cooling fan that efficiently dissipates heat, maintaining optimal temperatures and ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. Experience gaming at its best, free from lags and slowdowns due to excessive heat. It also Stand features built-in charging ports that keep your controllers powered and ready for your next adventure, hassle-free.

Unlock the full potential of your PS5 with the GZW Cooling Stand with Fan. It’s more than an accessory – it’s a game-changer that enhances cooling, organization, and aesthetics, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. The GZW PS5 Cooling Stand with Fan is here to redefine how you game, offering a dynamic fusion of innovation, efficiency, and style.

Improved Gaming PerformanceThe noise level is high
Built-in charging portsLack of Customization
Stylish Design
Secure Fit
Enhanced Airflow
PS5 Cooling Stand with Fan, Dual PS5 Controller Charging Station for PS5 Console, Multifunctional PS5 Stand with Controller Charger and 3 USB Hub for PS5 Accessories
  • 【PS5 Cooling Charging Station】The PS5 stand is specially designed for for PS5 Digital Edition, Disc Edition Consoles and PS5 controllers. This PS5 cooling stand with two efficient cooling fans and dual controller charger station, LED indicators, 4 type-c magnetic dongles, 3 USB ports, It's a must have PS5 accessories for PS5 gamers
  • 【Efficient PS5 Cooling Fan & 3 USB HUB】The PS5 stand with 2 built-in fast cooling fans and maximum 3500/rpm speed, which can effectively helps dissipate heat from your PS5 console and prevent it from overheating after a long gaming session. This PS5 cooling station stand has three additional USB ports allow charging for other devices like wireless headset, phones, mouse or keyboard.
  • 【LED Indicator】LED lights will flash when the controller is charging. The controller indicator on the screen will display as red whilst your controllers are charging and change to blue when they are fully charged. It is convenient for you to know the status about ps5 controller charger.
  • 【Intelligent Protection】This PS5 charging station is built-in intelligent chip, providing intelligent overload protection, and protect your controllers from over-charging, over-voltage, overheat, and short-circuit, aims to extend the life of controller.
  • 【Lightweight-Sleek & Space-Saving】With a lightweight design, This ps5 cooling stand keeps all ps5 accessories neatly stored together, convenient for storage and access, and keeps the game place clean and tidy.


1. What is a PS5 cooling stand, and why do I need one?

A PS5 cooling stand is an accessory designed to enhance the cooling performance of your PlayStation 5 console. It typically includes features like built-in fans, ventilation, and sometimes even charging ports. The stand helps dissipate heat generated during gaming sessions, preventing overheating and potential performance issues, while also providing a neat storage solution.

2. Do cooling stands really make a difference in cooling performance?

Yes, cooling stands can make a significant difference in cooling performance. They are designed to improve airflow around the console and aid in efficient heat dissipation. This helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevents the console from overheating during intense gaming sessions.

3. Are cooling stands easy to install?

Yes, most cooling stands are designed for easy installation. They usually have a user-friendly setup process and often come with instructions to guide you through the installation steps. You typically need to secure the PS5 onto the stand, ensuring a snug fit, and plug in any necessary cables.

4. Do cooling stands make a lot of noise?

The noise level of cooling stands can vary based on the quality of the fans and their design. Higher quality stands tend to feature quieter fans that don’t disrupt the gaming experience. Reading user reviews and product specifications can give you an idea of the noise level before purchasing.

5. Are cooling stands compatible with the PS5 Digital Edition?

Most cooling stands are compatible with both the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, as they share the same dimensions. However, it’s always recommended to check the product specifications or contact the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

6. Can I use a cooling stand with other gaming consoles?

Cooling stands are typically designed specifically for the dimensions and ventilation needs of the PS5. While some features like charging ports might be usable with other consoles, the cooling performance might not be optimized for different systems.

7. How do I know if a cooling stand is right for my gaming setup?

Consider factors such as cooling performance, compatibility, design, extra features (like charging ports), and user reviews. If you engage in long gaming sessions or play demanding games, a cooling stand could be beneficial to maintain your PS5’s performance and longevity.

8. Are RGB lighting options available for cooling stands?

Some cooling stands offer RGB lighting options that can enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup. However, not all cooling stands include this feature, so if RGB lighting is important to you, be sure to check the product specifications before purchasing.


In this ever-evolving landscape of gaming accessories, the choice is yours. Take the insights gained from our reviews, weigh the pros and cons, and embark on your journey to upgrade your gaming realm.

These cooling stands aren’t just accessories; they’re the companions that ensure your PlayStation 5 operates at its best, allowing you to dive into immersive worlds without limitations.

Choose wisely, game confidently, and let the power of innovation guide you toward an even more exhilarating gaming future.

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