10 Best Samsung Smart TV in Every Size and Price range

Let’s just admit it, even if we go through thousands of TVs online, half of the people only filter out the Samsung products and buy one of them. Without a doubt, Samsung has set an example for the best TV. Therefore, for all the such hardcore Samsung fans, we are here with the new exciting list of Best Samsung Smart TV in every size and price range.

Most of the people who are here are only because of the Samsung brand model and will only choose Samsung product over anyone else. Therefore, for the same reason, we have got this post exclusively for Samsung lovers.

If you are not focused on any one brand can just want a TV, you can check out our other posts where we have compared all the TV according to the size of the screen.

However, for the people who are looking for only Samsung Smart TV, here are some of the TVs you can take a look at.


#1 Samsung UE55NU7400 – Best Samsung Smart TV

If you are a big screen lover, this is the best Samsung smart TV you should take a look at. It comes in 4 different sizes starting from 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and for the people who are looking for the huge screen TV, they also have a variant with a 65-inch display. Most of the people will only choose either 43-inch or 55-inch, you can go with the one that you like the most and are comfortable watching the TV in. You can also get TV without HDMI cable in case you already have and want to save some money here.

Moreover, talking about the screen resolution, it is 4K smart TV with true ultra HD colors. It gives amazing cable management as the cables are hidden, it means the cables are also cluttering free. As the model is provided by Samsung, you will find the Samsung smart hub to explore the channels. Moreover, it consists of HDR 10+ and for the same reason, you will get amazing colors, brightness control, and gives you the standard quality picture. It has wireless connectivity technology. It has an energy class A.

The LED display makes the screen looks the best. Moreover, the image aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 which makes it the best image quality. Also, the model is new and was launched in 2018. So, you will get all the modern features that you are looking for. If you are worried about the budget, you will get the TV at an affordable rate. However, if you think, it is a bit expensive, you can surely choose different screen size or go with our other pick for Best Samsung smart TV, UK.



#2 Samsung UE49NU7100 Affordable Best Samsung

The next Samsung smart TV for you is this model with 49-inch screen size. Talking about the other variants, you can get different screen size namely 40-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch or, you can get it for 75-inch. We have selected the variant with the 49-inch screen because of the price as well as the comfort. Most of the people will prefer either 43-inch or they will go with 49-inch. However, if you like a big screen TV at your house, you can surely for this variant.

Just like the model we have mentioned above, here you will get different screen size along with the ultra HD display. In other words, you get 4k screen resolution where you can easily see the each and every single little detail carefully. This is most loved TV as the color and the overall picture quality is just amazing. Also, you will get the best experience even if you go with the bigger screen on this model. There is nothing more amazing than a 4K screen and a bigger screen.

Moreover, you can stream your favorite shows on the TV as they have adjustable brightness options with great sound. You can also explore variant channels using the Samsung Smart Hub. In this way, the TV is one of the best Samsung smart TVs that you can go for. You can get the model at a little less price than the one we have placed at #1.


#3 Samsung UE32M5520

We have already ranked the TV as #1 when it comes to the best 32-inch Samsung smart TV. The dark titan TV also manages to get in the list of our best Samsung smart TV. It is a smart TV that does not have ultra HD display and hence for the people who are looking for an affordable option here, you can go with this one. The TV comes with 1080 pixels display, that makes it Full HD resolution. It is pretty good, not as excellent as compared to the Ultra HD but you can surely go with this one if you want to save some money and also want to get a better screen.

Moreover, it has a cloud gaming feature which makes it the best for the gamers out there. The sound output is 20 W and it has energy class A. The overall sound quality is excellent. Talking about the picture quality, you won’t enjoy as much as you do in the Ultra 4k screen but it is a good option to go with. You can explore the channel using its smart hub. You can also connect the TV using USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. It has an LED screen and you can get under

For the people, you really liked this model but want the same model in different screen size, here is sad news for you. Unfortunately, you can only get this model in 32-inch screen size. If you want a bigger screen, you will have to go with a different model.  You can get this Samsung Smart TV under 300 pounds.


#4 Samsung UE55NU7300 

best samsung smart tv

Samsung UE55NU7300 model comes with a 55-inch screen and lots and lots of connectivity options. Before talking about the connectivity options, the TV has a 4k resolution which makes it Ultra HD resolution. Starting from the crystal clear quality, it has everything that you need to see a clear picture and watch your favorite show in excellent quality. Therefore, you should go to the TV. 

As we mentioned in the first section, here you will get a lot of connectivity options. Some of the options here include HDMI, USB, Ethernet, etc. Moreover, you can also connect it with wireless LAN and Component/Composite. If you are using the sound system or any of the other devices, this is the best model you should go with as here you can also connect Optical Digital Audio Out and RF In. Smart TV has an LED screen and uses DVB-T2C as its tuner technology. Also, the image aspect ratio is 16:9.

It is one of the Certified HDR Smart TV and comes with energy class A.  Unfortunately, there are no other variants other than the screen size of 55-inch. Moreover, It has Samsung’s intuitive 2018 Smart Hub. It is Amazon’s choice, so you can check it out. The best part about it is that it has a curved screen. Moreover, it has a clean cable solution.


#5 Samsung QE55Q6FNA 

best samsung smart tv

There are many of the screen sizes,  49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. Moreover, it has a Q Colour technology, Q contrast technology as well as there is Q HDR. It is certified HDR 1000 Smart 4K TV. The model is not like other models that we have already seen. It has the whole new QLED technology. Therefore, the model is not only unique in this entire list of best Samsung smart TV, UK, but it is also very expensive when you compare it with others. For the same reason, there are many people who don’t prefer to go with such TV and go for normal TV instead. You can choose as per your choice. 

Talking about other features, the TV has HDMI support along with USB. You can moreover connect with Rf in and digital audio out. This is the best TV if you want to watch your favorite internet shows on Netflix, Youtube or on your cable. For connecting with the internet, you can do it either with wireless LAN or alternatively, you can do with Ethernet. Just like most of the models of Samsung TV, here all the connectivity options are given.

The mode was recently launched, so it has all the new features of today’s generation. Also, the overall look and feel of the TV are amazing. You can directly get the TV from Amazon website. This series of Samsung is specially made for the QLED technology. So, if you want to check out different model under the same technology, you can surely take a look at the same series.


#6 Samsung UE49NU7500

If you are looking for a model in UE series and also the product that is Amazon’s choice. Samsung UE49NU7500 is the perfect mode that you should go with. It is 49-inch smart TV but you can also choose different variants which come in 55-inch and 65-inch respectively. You can either get the TV only or you can choose the variant with HDMI cable. It is up to you which one you would like to go with.

Furthermore, the TV has a true 4K resolution by which you will get the best color quality and the overall picture quality. It has both of the things, Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+ to make your each and every show the best one. For the people who want more realistic feel, it has a curved display that you can take a look at. With the curved screen, you can really enjoy the shows you are watching whether they are in your cable or on the internet. Talking about the cable, it has clutter-free cable management where all the cables are hidden. It will not only enhance the appearance but will also keep everything safe. Most of the TVs these days prefer cable management and also people will choose such things first.

You can connect it with HDMI, Optical Digital Audio Out, USB, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, RF In, Component/Composite, as well as you can connect it with Bluetooth. Therefore, there are enough connectivity options available here. It is a 2018 model and has energy class A. Hence, it has the latest design and the TV is made keeping in mind the current trend on what people love. The item is only 16 Kg which is the light in weight.


#7 Samsung UE40KU6079UXZG

This model gained its popularity when it was first launched in the EU. People used to love this piece and order directly from Europe. The customs and the price were too high. Also, you would need to purchase a separate power cable for the same. As popularity was increasing day by day, Samsung launched the same model in the UK also. Now, the EU model that is sold in the UK has UK power lead and also the manual comes in English. In other words, it is completely compatible with UK people. Therefore, you can buy this particular model in 2 variant, one is for the UK and the other one is for the UK.

We will discuss here only the EU model as it is the most popular one. The TV comes in two sizes, you can either choose 40-inch or you can go with 43-inch. You can get the model from Amazon. It comes with Ultra HD screen resolution of 4k. It gives you the best picture quality and color quality. You will surely enjoy your shows on this TV. You can stream your favorite shows from Netflix or YouTube with this best Samsung Smart TV.

For the connectivity, it has USB, Ethernet, as well as you can connect it with Wi-fi. For the display, it has an LED-backlight display. In other words, it has all the features that you need. The only disadvantage here you will get is that the model is a little bit old. So, the appearance might be a little outdated. The model was first launched back in 2016. You can choose the UK model if you want some UK based features instead of these.


#8 Samsung UE55NU8000

If you have still not found one of the TV that suits your needs and is best for you, you can take a look here. It is one of the advanced TVs offered by Samsung. This is why the pricing is a little bit high as compared to other ones. However, when you compare it with other series of 8000 model, it is quite affordable. It has ultra HD screen with 4k along with Certified HDR 1000. 

The model is available in several sizes, starting from 49-inch screen size, you can get screen size as big as 82-inch. This is perfect for the people who are looking for the bigger sized TV and want all the features. Also, the TV has a stylish cable management feature to hide the cable and to ake the appearance super cool. The model is not old and was announced back in 2018. It is quite new and for this reason, it has almost all the features you will need now.

Moreover, you can connect the TV with USB if you want to play your favorite shows on your TV using the USB. The model is perfect for the people who are looking for a bigger size and also want to go for affordable pricing. You will get here everything and hence you can go with this model. You can get this model in black or silver color and in the same way you can select the size of the screen you want from the attributes.


#9 Samsung UE65NU8500

best Samsung smart tv

If you are not satisfied with the above one, here is another model you can check out. The screen sizes are either 55-inch or you can get the different variant that is in 65-inch. There are no other variants available. It has a curved dynamic display to get the best experience. It is Certified HDR 1000 smart TV. In this way, it will give you a clear display with great picture quality as well as you can see every single little detail due to the HDR resolution. 

Moreover, the TV is ultra HD with 4k resolution. You can control all the devices with a single remote control. You can enjoy all the features of Smart TV here. The screen size is also big and there is HDR 1000 for the best quality for the video. You can connect the TV with HDMI, USB, or you can even use Wireless LAN or optical digital audio out, RF IN. Also,  you can connect the ethernet to enjoy the smart features just in case you don’t want to go for a Wireless LAN.

The model is new as the TV was launched in 2018, it has an LED screen for the great display. Also, the overall look and appearance are good. It has an energy class A+. For the people who are looking for a bigger screen and the budget is not an issue for them, you have arrived at your perfect TV. It has everything else that you need.


#10 Samsung UE75MU7000TXXU – Biggest Samsung smart TV

best Samsung smart tv

Our #10 pick will be the most expensive model you can possibly go with. Along with the most expensive one, it has the biggest screen. It has a 75-inch screen which will make you feel like you are watching a movie in a theatre. This is one of the best choices for people who love the big screen. However, many of the people don’t choose this particualr TV only because of the pricing. If pricing is not an issue for you, you can surely go with this model.

It doesn’t have ultra HD resolution, you will only get here 1080 pixels which is alright as the screen size is too big. It has an LED display. The TV gives amazing picture and color quality and therefore it has been in our list. For the connectivity, it has USB connectivity options and you can enjoy smart features with this partciular TV. It has clear stable solution, supreme motion, and you will also get dynamic colors. In this way, it is one of te best choices to go with.

Moreover, talking about the image aspect ratio, it has a 16:9 image aspect ratio. The TV was first launched back in 2017, so it is pretty old but you will still get everything you want to. Therefore, it is surely not an issue. You can check out more about the TV from the Amazon link given below the section.


Choosing the best Samsung smart TV

  • Please note that there are different variants of each of these TVs. You can get the TV on a different screen for each of the models.
  • The other thing that you need to keep in mind is while you are going with the smart TV, some of them also have a variant that does not have smart features enabled. So, you need to make sure which one you want to choose.
  • Also, we have only taken some of the most useful and important features. So, you need to check out Amazon for detail review. Alternatively, you can also check our store where you will find each and every feature.
  • Don’t follow the list blindly and choose the one that you think is the best and which fits your needs. We have just selected the top models that you should take a look at.
  • The main requirement for most of the people here is always the screen resolution, you can easily get ultra HD resolution at affordable price. If you want a bigger screen, it will cost you more. So, you can just decrease the screen size if the TV you want to go with is going out of your budget.
  • Also, we have only picked the best ones from the Samsung brand that is available on Amazon. You can simply buy from the link given below each of the reviews.


So, keep these and mind and you can proceed to purchase your favorite TV in the UK. Happy shopping.

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