Best Seller HDMI Switch Splitter 2019

Entertainment has gone a long way ever since the first television was made. Flat screen TVs and a myriad of consoles can now be connected using the best seller HDMI switch splitter of 2018. The result is a whole new level of gaming, streaming, and viewing to whoever uses it.

A switcher is a powerful audiovisual tool that allows you to plug multiple gaming and viewing devices into one screen. Meanwhile, a splitter works by connecting an audiovisual device into multiple screens. Whatever you choose to purchase, it will definitely level up your leisure time. It’s also a great way to bond with your loved ones.

Here are four of the HDMI splitter switch best buy options you can choose from:

GANA Gold-Plated 3-Port HDMI Switch Splitter

hdmi switch splitter | Gana

For avid gamers and movie marathoners, the GANA Gold-Plated 3-Port Splitter is a treasure. It supports 3D videos with a resolution of as much as 1080p. With that, you can expect deeper and fuller colors while you watch or play. There will be no sound or image distortion and the signal transmission will be real time.

The three HDMI input ports can be used for cable and media boxes, computer, gaming consoles, and DVD players. It’s the only thing you need to connect almost every device to your TV. Instead of plugging and unplugging ports to switch the device, you simply connect everything and select which one you want to use.

This plug and play splitter will not require additional power; instead, it will use the electricity from the source device. You can play and watch endlessly since the ports of this splitter are all coated with 24k gold to prevent tarnishes and rusts from getting on the way of your entertainment.

For such an affordable price, you’ll get an HDCP and HD Audio compliant splitter that can work on a variety of formats like Dolby AC3, LPCM, and Direct Stream Digital.


Betron HDMI Best HDMI Switch Splitter

hdmi switch splitter | Betron

If you want a compact design, the Betron switcher will be an excellent choice. It has three output ports and one input for the easiest operation. You no longer have to get out of the couch just to switch cables. Just set up everything and you can alternate from watching to gaming real quick. In fact, each port can support up to 25 meters of cable length to ensure that you at your most comfortable spot.

This switcher supports definition displays including 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 4k. You will also enjoy a full 3D, HD support without losing signal. This switcher is highly HDMI-compatible and you don’t have to think about additional power source since it will use the input device to work.

Like the GANA switcher, the Betron model has 24k gold-plated ports for the best transmission and longevity. The best part is it auto switches between the three inputs, but you can always use the manual switch override if you wish so.

The Betron switcher is small at 5 cm x 5 cm. It’s the smallest yet most powerful switcher you can find in the market.


Neoteck 3-Port HDMI Switch Splitter

hdmi switch splitter | Neoteck

For a high-speed choice, the Neoteck Switcher would be unbeatable. It has three switcher ports with reduced signal interference for the best audiovisual experience. The version 1.3b of this switcher is compatible with a lot of consoles like PlayStation, Amazon Fire, HDTV, projectors, Fire TV Stick, and more.

Expect a stable connection on its three input ports that are also gold-plated like most switchers and splitters in the market. This will work efficiently even for compressed audio files. There’s nothing but fuller colors and crisp sound. It will manually switch between the ports even if you only plugged two.

You can plug and play usual gaming and streaming devices including Sky TV, Chrome Cast, and Blu-Ray DVD players. It does not support 4k formats which is the only niggle about this switcher.

This is cheaper than other switchers, but it can pit on performance, quality, and lifespan. Also, it’s easy to use even if you know nothing about techie stuff.

hdmi switch splitter | Neoteck

eSynic 2-Way HDMI Switch Splitter

hdmi switch splitter | eSYNiC

Now, if what you’re looking for is a splitter that can project your audiovisual device on multiple screens, look no further than the eSynic 2-Way HDMI Splitter. It has one input and two output ports that will work simultaneously without delays.

This splitter is a champ in resolution since it can work with as much as 1920 x 1200 for the best gaming and viewing experience. It also supports a variety of resolutions including 3D for realistic images.

The eSynic splitter is compatible with a wide range of devices like PlayStation consoles, Xbox, Sky TV, Virgin Blu-Ray player, HD Camcorder, satellite, laptop, and HTPC. All of these can be enjoyed without the need to install a driver. At a speed of bandwidth speed of 1.65 Gbps, there would be no interruptions on your bonding time with family and friends.

Take note that as a splitter, it will need a DC 5V power supply with a maximum consumption of 10 watts.

The best seller HDMI switch splitter of 2018 is an excellent purchase if you’re planning to up the ante of your audiovisual entertainment. It’s easy to use and expected to work without fail. You can now break free from the cable clutter that disrupts your enjoyment and compromises the output quality.

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