Celestron best spotting scope for hunting review

When it comes to hunting, having the sharpest vision and unparalleled clarity can make all the difference between a successful expedition and a missed opportunity. Celestron, a renowned name in the world of precision optics, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to offer hunters a remarkable range of spotting scopes designed to elevate their hunting prowess.

With a legacy of optical excellence and cutting-edge technology, Celestron’s spotting scopes have become synonymous with unmatched quality and performance in the field. In this review, we delve into the world of Celestron’s best spotting scopes for hunting, exploring their features, benefits, and how they can enhance your hunting adventures like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the pursuit, join us as we unveil the tools that can bring your targets into crystal-clear focus and redefine the way you approach the wilderness.

Celestron best spotting scope for hunting

best spotting scope for hunting

Another family of Celestron Regal M2 the longest and brighter lens for clear view both on day and night. This model of Celestron is made to give the best images results. This is best for bird watching, for viewing nature, for long-range scope and ordinary stargazing view. Celestron is one of the top-of-the-line marking range gives all the advanced characteristics which usually found on the more expensive range.

This includes Extra-Low Dispersion glass. This series of Regal m2 possess a magnesium alloy body, lessening the overall weight of the marking scopes by more than 14% when related to the prior model. This new M2 ranges also contain an upgraded double focus mechanism, providing you to bring your idea into focus two times faster.


This family of Celestron Regal M2 the best spotting scope for hunting is completely waterproof and removal of nitrogen to stop the fog. It is accessible in a new color green body and includes a carrying bag so you can carry it with you wherever you go. If you love to take a photo of your discoveries this family of Celestron Regal M2 is best for you. By attaching your camera to the eyepiece with the help of T-Ring with the inclusion of T-Adapter to create an awesome photo.

The Celestron Regal M2 100ed marker is an excellent partner for every outdoor fanatic. In this article, we learn more about this telescope- its characteristics and other information you need to know. So that for your next shopping of telescope consider this one.

Celestron Regal M2 100ed Description

Extra-low Dispersion (ED) objective lens – Lessens chromatic peculiarity, excellent color photography, High resolution, and diversity.

The optics are fully coated – The lens is made of proprietary XLT coatings lessens brightness transmission through the optic path for clearer images and high resolution and diversity.

The body is made of Magnesium Alloy – This kind of material is strong and durable, but the weight is lighter than traditional housing made of aluminum alloy.

Double Focus – The detailed focus for harder adjustment and the fine focus for specific adjustment. Faster focus mechanism.

Tripod rotating mount with detents – It helps to place the instrument in the best scoping position for better operation.

An eyepiece size of 22-67 x zoom – An adjustable magnifier provides you more space of view for general viewing and specific up-close spotting if necessary. The twist-up eyecup to correct the position of the owner’s eyes for better viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Celestron 52334

The Pros and Cons of Celestron Regal m2 100ed


Though the instrument is expensive there are ways why it is costly. We will see one by one the advantages and reasons for being an expensive telescope.

Outstanding Optics

With 22.67x zoom, eyepiece helps you view the images accurately both for short and long-range views. Even the farthest area you can see the perfect color of the images you are spotting. You will enjoy the beauty of the far side of the view as if it is near you.

With a great system and an exact focus

Another advantage of this product, it has a double way of focus for rough modification and an excellent focus for a specific adjustment. With a new faster focus mechanism. This offers an excellent focus there is no cloudy at the side of the images. Instead, you will surely enjoy the fullness of the beauty of the birds and the nature from afar.

Great fabric case for protection

Though it is heavy it has a free bag with two openings to the eyepiece. The objective lens which more accessible. In this way, you don’t have to take it off when using and safe for the wet season though the body is water and fog proof.


With the advantages of the instruments, there is also a disadvantage of it which will have additional expenses because it is important.

The Whole Body is Heavy

The Celestron Regal M2 100ed is the best spotting scope for hunting in the Regal family and it is the heaviest in weight. The material that was used is fully magnesium alloy and rubber-coated which makes it heavier. Though it is light in weight it is still heavy without the help of the tripod. In the family of Celestron Regal, this instrument is the longest and thick to handle when viewing your target images. To have perfect capture better to use a tripod than carrying the whole body of the instrument.

No, fasten cap for an objective lens

There is no protection on the objective lens which very important for this is the main part and important in viewing the images you want to see. So for us to protect it and make the instrument to use for many years. We need to buy our cap to cover on the objective lens. This is a kind of troublesome to the owner.

Not included of a tripod

Other cons of Celestron Regal M2 100ed it has no tripod which is important for us to use the instrument perfectly. Besides the expensive price of the instrument we also need to add an amount for the tripod which makes it more expensive.

The Celestron Regal m2 100ed is Best used for

Range Use

This is best to use for distance viewing with accurate images and the perfect color of the subject you are viewing. With a minimum range of 300 yards with the help of the double focus knob, you can establish the right position on the eyepiece for clarity. All the images are clear from the center to the edge of the images. Moreover, it is useful both for day and night viewing.

For Stargazer

This instrument has a material of poroprisms which is better for stargazing viewing at night, you can see the target of the stars.

Long Range scope and stalk

The long-range of Regal M2 100ed is 1.5mile on a steady object like farmhouse you can perfectly see it. Regal m2 100ed is great for a game spotting for far away distance.

Celestron 52334 TrailSeeker

Point of View

This angled viewing telescope from Celestron with a high-transmission optic with a housing of nitrogen-filled magnesium-alloy that provides a reliable viewing work below light even in cruel weather conditions. At the center of the telescope are fully multi-coated optical, this includes BAK 4 prism. Also with an extra-low dispersion glass target that lessens chromatic aberration and widens brightness.

The proprietary XLT coating of Celestron is multi-layer plus every lens of it keeps its brightness and transfer contrast-rich views to the eyepiece. This the largest family of Regal m2 by Celestron which provides the best viewing point than other members of the family. With all the great performance it provides from bird watching to stargazing you can collect pictures of your view. With the help of the T-ring that attached to the eyepiece of the telescope, you can surely get the best images you can take both day and night.

In particular, this member of Regal m2 is the most advance and most useful than other Regal M2. However, each Regal M2 family is also durable and useful not to mention all of their body are all with the same material. Nonetheless, this telescope surpasses them because it has a more effective viewing point. This is a little heavier than other smaller versions of Regal M2. Celestron company never fail their customers because they use the most innovative equipment that each telescope or even binoculars has.

Celestron 52334 TrailSeeker 100-45 Degree Spotting Scope, Black
  • XLT FULLY MULTI-COATED OPTICS: Celestron’s proprietary XLT fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission through the optical path to deliver crisp, high contrast images
  • FOCUS AND FINE TUNE: Focus on a subject quickly, then fine tune the image using the dual focus mechanism with coarse and fine adjustments
  • ROTATING TRIPOD MOUNT: Get the whole picture using the rotating tripod mount; This mount rotates a full 360° and allows the eyepiece to be set in any viewing position
  • GET CLOSE TO THE ACTION: With a zoom up to 67x magnification or see the widest field of view at 22x
  • EASY TO CARRY: Perfect for those who want performance in an easy-to-carry package, the 100 mm objective design lets in plenty of light while keeping the overall size of the scope to a minimum


For more excellent view try Regal M2 of Celestron which provides you the best images and scope both in day and night. Most of us love to see the birds in the day and see the sky at night. Because of the excellent lenses that this instrument has it help us to use it both in the day and at night.

Most owners of Celestron best spotting scope for hunting Regal M2 100ed enjoy the beauty of all kinds of birds, nature and the outer space. They both use all the accessories that were included in the package when you buy the telescope. They are all satisfied though no tripod is included in the amount they paid the quality it provides to them it is worth the price.

For your next outdoor activities consider this telescope for you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature. Though expensive it is worth the price because of its durability that guarantees long life. Students can also use this for their project or can assist them with their scientific research and other experiments regarding nature and basic outer space subjects.

With so many reviews that you have read plus this review that we offer it is of no doubt, you can decide to get one of this telescope for you to own. As it mentions, regret will not be in your mind after you bought this product. Though there negative on this product it is tolerable because of the overall great performance of the telescope. So for your next shopping of telescope grab one of Celestron Regal M2 for your investment.

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