Manfrotto the best tripod for filmmaking review

In taking videos nowadays, you don’t have to hold your camera for a long time to capture the best moment of the event. However, your effort in holding your camera does not provide the best capture video result that you wanted with your video. But good news, there is a company that provides the best solution you ever wanted for your perfect video. Manfrotto the best tripod for filmmaking offers a variety of tripods that will suit your needs and budget.

In this article, we will discuss the details features of one of their product. That is Manfrotto 190X tripod. We will see how important this has to be for our party and special occasions.

Besides, we will also see the total function and why you need to buy this product as part of your investment. Surely, Manfrotto products last a long long time make worth your money. The materials that the company uses for all of their products are aluminum and steel which no doubt your investment will not go in waste.

Unless you want to upgrade your previous product to more high tech and innovation you have to change and buy a new one. However, Manfrotto 190X is one of your best choices to use for many years because of its body features and sustainability in capturing a moment.

Manfrotto 190X the best tripod for filmmaking

best tripod for filmmaking

As we all know in the industry of filming particularly videography and photography, a tripod is one of the essential equipment that a professional videographer or photographer needs in taking their piece or project. However high tech your video camera or even your phone is it will not capture the best video you need.

Tripod is the best solution to meet the best image stabilizers. Manfrotto 190X is the best choice for beginners in videography and photography or even for ordinary people who want to own one. Because of its affordable price they can afford this as part of their initial investment for their craft to develop more. This is also best for people who want to have their videos like a professional.

As mentioned above this product of Manfrotto is made up of high quality of aluminum that is why it weighs. So light which is easy to carry where and how far you may go. Besides, it is small in size compared to other kinds of tripod but with huge stability and can handle the cameras with big or lengthy lenses.

This smart Manfrotto best tripod for filmmaking product offers a different direction like 88degree, 66degree, 46degree, and 25degrees. Also, it can use in any circumstances, unnecessary terrain is. You can adjust the camera according to your own to any extent and nothing can stop you from taking the picture of your choice.

Because of its lightweight and small size, this best tripod for filmmaking is completely suitable for indoor photo shoots. Indoor space is often less and it may be difficult to carry around the big tripods. Also, this product is a little handy when shooting a closer angle of the pictures like a pet and many others.

How to use the product?

Selfie is another way to use the best tripod for filmmaking though it is not the main use of it. Most ordinary people use the tripod for taking pictures of themselves. Another way how to use the tripod is a video recording that demands that the camera should be standstill. In this way, the tripod aid much as we can see a nice place for the camera, turn on the record and leave as it is.

Low-light photography is one of the most difficult things for any professional or beginner photographer. In this situation, you have to lessen the ISO as long as you can together with the shutter speed of the camera. Because it will cause blur on the picture if you hold the camera on your hand to take a picture. Thus, this product is very much useful and will aid in taking the right shots.

Another way to use the tripod is to take a picture of nature where especially for the beginner photographer. Taking a photo of nature or landscapes is not that easy as we think and require so many changes.

A few times, it needs to lessen the speed the same to the lesser light picture and make use of the tripod. If you are taking long-exposure shots there may be a possibility to have failed results as we expected. This is because of the moving of our hands, that is why it is important to have a tripod for taking long exposure photography.

Manfrotto 190X

The Pros and Cons of the product

Manfrotto 190X is another way to create a new technique in picture-taking. This best tripod for filmmaking model tripod has included great value and characteristic a new ground-level adaptor to help greater shooting creativity. This makes the photographer have ultra-low positions that are perfect for a difficult shoot that an ordinary tripod cannot do.

This easy extended and adjustable legs and quick power lock levers, you can easily lock or unlock each leg section. Hence, its legs can easily release in just one movement so you can take a shot without any delays. For a short area, the lower part of the video cam the tripod has placed above the casting and connect on legs angles to make sure maximum stability. For more powerful lock the QPL lever is made stiffer than common lever designs.

On the other hand, Manfrotto 190X has its negative sides like the legs are longer which you cannot put on the luggage for traveling. In this way, it needs separate luggage for the tripod for you to travel anywhere you go.

Moreover, it is expensive other people cannot easily buy it. This product is heavier than other brands of a tripod because of the material that was used in it. Also, it has no free or provided bag to keep the tripod safe after use. You need to buy a separate bag that will fit the tripod and the fluid head.

Point of view

With the above information of the 190X model people who owned this tripod are met their satisfaction. They use it in many years even there is a new model comes out in the market this product is still in good condition and still last another year and so. Though it is expensive the cost is worth an investment because it lasts for many many years.

As well as, it is very useful in many ways and on different occasions. People both professional and ordinary lovers of photography and videography can enjoy this kind of tripod. With the manual instruction included in the box when you bought it, it allows you to understand more of its usage and its specifications.

Manfrotto 190X 2

Manfrotto 190X has the best qualification result of good viewing, particularly in moving background. Because of its wide range of angles, you can completely shot the best view you wanted to capture. Most people who both these products recommend it because of its plentiful useful specification particularly the stability it provides when capturing the view.

Most of the use the tripod in moving background such as birds flying, airplane taking off, waterfall and people running and having fun. This is also good for intimate views such as weddings and anniversaries. Also, this tripod allows you to enjoy shooting even there is a strong wind on the location you are doing the shooting. The stability of it will not change but provide you a clear focus and background.


In summary, the Manfrotto 190X model is one of the best products that the company ever produced. With its specification, you instantly get the advantage and disadvantage us of this product. All of the product you see in the market has its disadvantage. However, it can easily be covered by all the positive features 190X can give to the users.

This product is perfectly fair to use with any Manfrotto fluid head for best and perfect shots both indoors and outdoors. Nowadays with a high advance in technology, you will not be left alone to create beautiful videos and pictures with the use of Manfrotto 190X. Most people who woned this product not regretting to buy it even though they have a new model because they still can use it anywhere and anytime.

The overall materials that use in this product – highly graded aluminum provides the lifespan of Manfrotto longer than you expected. So buying this tripod is worth an investment whether you are an ordinary photographer who loves taking pictures and videos. Or professional videographer and photographer is worth using for many years.

If you are afraid to buy this product because of its cost you will not enjoy the better use of this product. That will create a beautiful memory for you and your family. There are a lot of online shops that offer this product and other products of Manfrotto best tripod for filmmaking. Browse your favorite tripod and grab one now for you. Enjoy the beautiful scenery around you with the Manfrotto 190X model you will surely not regret it.

Manfrotto 190X Aluminium 3 Section Tripod
  • Stretchy cotton
  • No cups, unlined
  • No padding
  • Racer back styling
  • Ultra-low positions for spectacular creativity


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