Best TV Brands UK 2021 – Things to consider when buying new TV

We all go through the confusion on an everyday basis. Which brand to choose? What are the best TV Brands UK is offering right now? With so much competition in the TV industry, we get to see a lot of these companies fighting to stay relevant. Therefore, we get to see all aspects of various price points, features, bizarre technology, and a lot of other things.

If you’re in a confusion zone, not knowing what to buy, TopUpTv is here to help you. For most people, it’s easier to stick with the same TV brands for decades – not knowing what the competitors are providing. For example, most people are familiar with a brand, the ecosystem, and how all the things work. However, if you want to go deeper into what things to consider when buying your new TV, we have an all-in-one guide for you.

This guide will run you through a simple way by describing what are the most popular trends in the TV industry, and how certain brands are handing it.

Are you unsure of where to begin? This is an ultimate guide of Best TV Brands UK right now.


LG Electronics TV: The Best OLEDs in Business

Best Brands Uk

Have you ever seen those big and beautiful LEDs in the market that are brighter all day and night? Most probably, it’s LG. For the past few years, LG has been rolling out the best OLED panels out there, making them one of the Best TV Brands in the UK. Moreover, LG is not just making the OLEDs for itself. But the company is known for making these awesome displays for the competitors too. Talk about a beautiful heart.

As the trend of OLED TVs going viral, LG knows who, when, and where to target. So does that mean LG is the best in business when it comes to OLED? Heck yeah! They have been making OLEDs for years, and now it’s growing better than ever. The LG 65 INCH OLED is hands down one of the best OLED TVs available right now. If you’re someone who prefers something innovative and extreme, this is your cup of tea.

However, why should you go with OLED? The same question we asked ourselves years ago. But when we first saw what punchy and vivid color this technology offers, we just couldn’t use the normal LED technology anymore. The LG 65 INCH OLED is an entry-level OLED that possesses all the features you need to take your setup to the next level. Right now, this technology is better than ever. Moreover, LG’s WebOS is crazy, pushing one of the best user experiences out there.

As the company possesses OLEDs, you might see colors to be a bit aggressive. And they do not support HDR+ like some other companies. But when it comes to the sound quality, you’ll be stunned by Dolby Atmos and its wonders. All in all, LG is one of the Top TV Brands out there right now.




Samsung Electronics: The Jack of All Trades

best tv brands uk

Samsung is one of the most popular TV brands when it comes to TV screens. Moreover, Samsung has maintained the spot of biggest TV sellers of all time as well. You must know the company from its innovative technology and the ability to turn feedback into a plus point.

This South Korean company is popular for a reason. Whether it’s smartphones, TV, or even something like a washing machine, Samsung is giving the type of variety that other brands fail to give. From one of the finest built products to a budget level, you will see all sorts of TV variations throughout the company.

Samsung is also popular in LCD games due to its 4k TVs that they give at such an entry-level price range. Unlike some of the other brands, Samsung lets you enjoy QLED technology. Therefore, if you aren’t a fan of OLED panels, you know where to go. Well, LED technology has some benefits over OLEDs too. With their premium, high-quality displays, people are loving Samsung TVs more than ever, making them one of the best TV brands UK of all time.

But what gives it an edge over OLED panels? Well, the price tag. As we all know, OLED comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not the case with Samsung TVs though. You can get your hands on some of the most premia yet affordable LEDs out there. You would be surprised by the thousands of nits brightness as it offers something unique over the competitors. The great display angles and affordable prices are what’s making SAMSUNG one of the Top TV Brands in UK.

Samsung – The King of Innovation

As we’ve previously talked about, Samsung provides some of the most unique features too. Right now, the research and development for 8k TVs are on a blast, and Samsung has been launching some of the most crispier-looking 8k displays too.

The company is making sure that each year, you get to see something interesting. With their Ultra High-Resolution displays, you are not missing out on any of the new features. Samsung also offers its one and only Bixby integration into their TVs. It’s always great to see these types of innovation, making different technologies smarter and intuitive.

All in all, Samsung is one of the most reliable TV brands in UK.





Sony: For Audio Freaks

best tv brands uk

Sony is another brand focused on rolling out one of the best (if not best) OLEDs out there. The A9G OLED is the epitome of what an eyecatching design with some of the best features looks like. However, that’s not the main quirk of why Sony is so popular.

Whenever you hear the word music, Sony is the first brand to come into your mind. Moreover, the company has been working as a leading Audio company for decades. Sony Music has made one of the best headphones, and its audio technology is exceptional. When they transitioned to TV as well, we got to see some of the best looking and great audio oriented LEDs out there. As time passed, they transitioned towards OLEDs, and nowadays, Sony is doing an excellent job.

All the high-end Sony TVs contain their Surface Audio+ for an immersive audio experience. Throughout 2020, we got to see one of the best TVs from Sony too. The A9G and the A8 are delivering the best audio quality experience.

All in all, we have high expectations from Sony and are looking forward to seeing them bring new innovation in the world of TVs. One of the best TV Brands UK out there.





TCL: On a Budget? No Problem!

best tv brands uk

Have you ever hear of TCL? It’s a relatively new brand in the TV industry that are making TVs on a budget. And it’s crazy to think that TCL has over 10% shares of the global TV market as well. Therefore, TCL is of the best TV brands UK right now.

Korean technology is cool. However, Chinese tech has always been producing much cheaper technology with great quality. That’s the best way to put TCL. The company is just a few years behind some of the leading TV manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG. Moreover, it is expected to exceed our expectations in just a few years as well.

Much like some other brands, TCL has been producing some of the most premium TVs in a budget price tag. They have been trying to compete with leading brands but by cutting the cost. TCL has made the TV industry a lot more competitive than what it was just a few years ago. But what’s the benefit of being so competitive? This is due to brands like TCL that we get to see some other companies bringing down their prices as well.

Budget Oriented TV

When we talk about UK, TCL is relatively popular for people who are hunting an LCD on a budget. Sure, the quality of materials might not be as good as some of the other brands but we get to see such a nice TV in a budget price tag.

The TCL 5 and 6 series are some of the most premium looking TVs you can buy worldwide right now. The company might not be as popular in the UK as in other countries, however, we got to see the C71 model that has made quite an impact in the UK market as well.

All in all, it is one of the Top TV Brands in UK right now.




HiSense: The Best Budget Competitor

best tv brands uk

As discussed earlier, TCL is providing some of the most budget-oriented TVs. However, HiSense is a brand that made its show into producing the TVs that will compete with budget TV manufacturers like TCL. Hisense provides one of the best bargain LCDs that you can buy right now. They offer newer technology like 4k display, premium quality material, and even supports HDR for that crispy experience.

However, the craziest thing about choosing HiSense is that their price bracket is super budget, and they are providing OLED TVs on a budget as well. While the tech they produce is great, you are sacrificing some stuff too. But what you’re getting is impressive in the first place.

Their new models are a perfect example of how a budget-oriented TV can be quite good. And from good, we mean OLED level good! Their ultra-thin TVs have caught quite an attention in the United Kingdom, making it one of the Top TV Brands in UK.



Panasonic: All About Immersive Experience

best tv brands uk

Panasonic has been making one of the best TVs in UK. While the brand doesn’t do much of the marketing in the UK, their new TVs are used by a lot of people. TVs are mostly used to display the color-accurate results that are seen in Hollywood movies. But aside from that, Panasonic is all about an immersive experience. If you want to build a home theatre in your house, Panasonic is the way to go.

Speaking about the quality, their OLED panels, coupled up with the powerful processors produce some of the best image processing results. For the people of UK, Panasonic provides some of the most color-accurate HDR OLED displays. So you guys aren’t really missing out on anything at all. Coupled with the Dolby Atmos, you can expect your movie watching experience identical to the cinema.

But what is Panasonic mostly good about? Well, we have the answer to your question. Their color accurate displays are a blessing to photographers, video editors, and photo editors. Therefore, if you’re into any of the photo manipulation stuff, Panasonic is one of the best TV brands UK is offering right now.



Things to Consider when Buying a TV in UK

The TV Buying guide is the most important thing to look at before buying a TV. We have compiled a list to take into consideration when buying a TV from UK. Moreover, we have taken a look at the Best TV Brands UK and basically researched some aspects that create value in your TV buying experience. Just before this guide, we have helped you in broadening your concept by informing you about Top TV Brands in UK provide and now we are going to look at the individual features as well.

We are going to talk about all of the basic stuff to the most advance. Whether you should choose a 4k, 8k, or budget TV. So before we jump straight into the guide, let’s talk about some of the tips you should consider before buying a TV in the United Kingdom (Applies Worldwide Too)

Tips to Consider when Buying a TV

  • If you have the budget, don’t buy a TV with less than 4k resolution (Trust me, you won’t regret it)
  • 120 Hz is the future of TV (Better refresh rate = better viewing experience)
  • Don’t buy 8k TVs right now as their price is a bit too inflated
  • HDR compatibility is always recommended
  • You should always prefer OLED TVs over the normal LCDs
  • Always buy a soundbar LCD as most TVs have poor sound quality nowadays
  • Choose amongst the Best TV Brands UK and avoid any unknown brand


Without any further redo, let’s dive straight into the TV buying guide.


What screen resolution should I choose? – 4k or 8k, maybe HD

Resolution means the number of pixels on the screen. On paper, we know that more resolution means more pixels and that’s a good thing. However, it solely depends on the size of your display. If you’re buying a 30 Inch TV, even Full HD will look crispy enough for all of your demands. Moreover, when we crank this up to something like a 50-inch display, that’s where 4k resolution comes into play. All of the Best TV Brands Uk is offering contains 4k displays nowadays as the new normal.

Therefore, we will also suggest you buy 4k if you’re looking for a relatively larger screen. As we’ve talked before, 8k displays aren’t worth it as of now. They are cool but they are too overpriced. It will take some time for the 8k displays to become the new normal. Nowadays, most TV manufacturers are pulling out 4k TVs along with an OLED screen. This is the most lethal combination we’ve seen in the tech world when it comes to displays.

As for 8k, right now, they aren’t worth it. Surely, if you’re looking for something bigger than a 50-inch screen, 8k can definitely make your watching experience great as well. However, you should wait for the black Friday sale to grab one if you have the budget and need.


Refresh Rate: Best TV UK’s offering

Most new TVs are rolling out the 120 Hz or 144 Hz displays. More refresh rate means more experience, and in general, faster is better. The Refresh Rate means the number of times your screen is refreshed in a second. Therefore, 120 Hz means that the display will be refreshed 120 times in a second.

As of 2021, the new normal will be totally changed. 60Hz can make some fast-moving objects look a little slow compared to what 12hz is offering. Just quite recently, Asus has launched the first monitor with a 360 Hz display which is plain crazy. But why is the refresh rate important and who should be wary of buying a TV with a higher refresh rate?

If you’re a gamer (especially esports gamer), you should definitely go for at least a 144hz display. The games have become more and more competitive to the point where 60hz isn’t enough anymore. Therefore, having more refresh rate means better viewing and playing experience.


Does HDR even matter?

It is quite common to see the Top TV brands in the whole world offering HDR technology. If you’re someone who values colors, fingers crossed, you should go for an HDR-compatible screen. HDR improves color to make them look punchier and vivid, increasing the viewing experience, overall.

If you’re someone who is interested in buying a 4k TV, you should not miss out on the HDR opportunity as it can make you experience double worth it. Moreover, the standard for HDR nowadays is called the HDR 10, and a lot of companies are providing some of the best 4k TVs with HDR 10 support.

In addition to this technology, having a Dolby Atmos sound experience will create a high-end TV setup for you. Most TVs don’t come with a good pair of speakers as they are thinner. However, some manufacturers are giving soundbars with Dolby Atmos’ support as well.

Just imagine watching your favorite Netflix TV show with a 4k UHD Dolby Atmos and HDR 10 supported display. The luxury is on a whole other level.


The Size Matters

It doesn’t matter what type of thing you’re looking at on the TV unless you take a look at the screen sizes. It all starts from size. Just consider what your requirements are. For example, do you want to play games, watch TV, or just chill out alone? A lot of things can determine what size you want for your next TV. Therefore, most of the Best TV Brands UK is offering, provides TVs that come in all shapes and sizes.

Screen size depends upon the number of persons, their viewing experience requirements, and your budget. Hence, there’s not a lot to debate about the screen size but it is the first thing you should look at while buying a TV for yourself.


Wrapping it up

So far, we have mentioned some of the most important aspects of a TV that you can look at. Moreover, we have talked about the Best TV Brands that UK is offering right now. These TV brands all have one thing in common. They have a variety of models that everyone can choose from. From some of the cheapest TVs to the most expensive ones that will make your money disappear in a second, these are the Top TV Brands in UK.


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