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Discover the latest TV offers from Blaupunkt tv With curved screens and smart features, our TVs are suitable for discerning consumers. From those mainstream retailers. Want something different from what is being given!

What would you get if you didn’t have a TV? Bored and empty heart.

Blaupunkt tv is the perfect solution to all our problems. Because it not only entertains, but also teaches values ​​like responsibility. Which helps children become adults!

With the latest TV offers from Blaupunkt. You can find the perfect one for your home. Curved screens and smart features set these TVs apart in a growing crowded market.

With a difference that is perfect for you. We have the latest TV offers from Blaupunkt . Curved screens and smart features set our TVs apart in today’s market!

Last year when Ayonz release their Android TV set-top box. They were then advertise as officially certifie by Google

However, it turne out that most of these Chinese-made Blaupunkt TV are from the Play Store or third-party App Store. There was no access to any other form. Which persuad some Australian retailers.

Such as Big W Store Limited (a major retailer). Sever ties with them. Part of the reason is that “they do not want any impact related to potential illegal activity.”

Ayonz’s cheap Blaupunkt TV is not only made in Australia. Also certify as Android TV. The company market these devices as capable of running various apps.

Ayonz’s cheap Chinese BlaupunktTV are a cause for concern, as they were not officially AndroidTV certified despite being market as such.

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