Bose Home Theater Soundbar

Bose Home Theater SoundbarDo you want to have an everyday cinematic sound in your living room? With more than six decades in the industry, Bose Company proves itself in providing the best sound entertainment for every home and businesses areas. Bose Soundbar 700 provides you the best sound you can have while watching your favorite shows and movies. This model of Bose develops with the latest technology that will make your entertainment an easy and exciting moment.

Bose Soundbar 700 has built-in Alexa for a more easy way, with a simple command to Alexa to play music. For questions, Alexa will answer and even control smart devices in your home. With the eight built-in microphones, it can easily pick up the voice.

  • With another compatibility like WiFi, Bluetooth, and, Apple AirPlay 2 wirelessly plays whatever you like.
  • Through your WiFi, you can play directly on Spotify, Amazon Music, or Bluetooth connection you can play from your phone or tablet.
  • With its control, it has three different ways where you can listen – your voice, connect with the Bose Music app, or with the universal remote control.
  • Simply, you can set it up at the front of your TV or mount it on the wall with the Bose Soundbar wall bracket.

Point of View

A simple but has an innovative design and great materials that makes it elegant. The price is not that cheap but every penny is worth it, everything from the outside design to the inside.  You will not think that it is a speaker. Because of its top tempered glass and metal grille around it makes it more sophisticated. You will not regret buying this kind of brand. They have the reputation of bringing into life the sounds of music and every scene in the movie you are watching. Always waiting for the brand new model of Bose soundbar system to make a more realistic sound.

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