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Buying Bowers & Wilkins Series Speakers Review

One of the most famous lineups of speakers in hi-fi history, the new and upgraded Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Speakers have arrived! Designed for stereo or home theatre, this speaker range usually gives you audio excellence you’ve never had before. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on our verdict and decide for yourself if this is the speaker series you’ve been looking for.


B&W 600 Series at a Glance

Offering a vast choice of models for home theatre and stereo music, the Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series covers a range of applications, perfect for home partying or basking on classical music on your date night.

The newly launched B&W 600 Series brings high-performance characteristics to every home for such reasonable price points. Choose among four new models including the flagship 603 floorstanders, 606 bookshelves, more compact 607 bookshelves, and the HTM6 centre channel speaker.

What’s new with the B&W 600 Series?

Bowers & Wilkins 603
Bowers & Wilkins 603
Bowers & Wilkins 606
B&W 606 Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins 607
Bowers & Wilkins 607
Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP

Bowers & Wilkins HTM6

Stunning Looks

The most notable advancement in this new lineup is the upgraded speakers’ midrange driver cones, replacing the brand’s signature Kevlar construction for cones. Aside from its impressive driver cone upgrade, the B&W 600 Series updated its Decouples Dome tweeters. Bowers & Wilkins added a more powerful neodymium magnet and repositioned the driver to make it even closer to the grill.

What’s more, the brand also upgraded its speakers’ immersed acoustic screens with magnetically attached screens, giving it a classier look. Bowers & Wilkins has replaced the black vinyl, faux-woodgrain cabinet finish with a new satin white painted and new matte black finishes. The B&W 600 Series is sure to captivate every onlooker.

Impressive Immersion

Not to be outdone by its predecessors, the new B&W 600 Series Speakers comes with a more organic, less coloured, and more accurate sound. Expect a more engaging, compelling, transparent sound whether you’re playing your favourite acoustic music or also listening to recorded podcasts.

All of the selections in this lineup are designed with bass reflex loading. If you’re craving for more excitement on your movie night, the B&W 600 Series certainly delivers. This speaker range is best at creating a large sound stage. It also uncovers the tiniest details of classical ensembles, jazz combos, and blues musicians.

More Convenience

Expect an easy and painless setup process with the new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Speakers. Because the lineup comes with Ikea-like instructions for building the plinth to sit underneath the 24kg speakers. It’s even more exciting to revel on the exquisite design of the cabinets that are definitely hard to ignore.


The latest update to the B&W 600 Series Speakers brings such as technological advancements from the brand’s 700 and 800 Series speakers. It also delivers excellent values and upfront, engaging sound. However, it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Better dynamics

  • Deeper bass

  • Clear sounds

  • New silvery Continuum driver and domed driver

  • Magnetic grilles


  • Sounds may appear too bright

  • Lack of versatility

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The Bottom Line:

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series of speakers offers bucketful of bass power and resolution, shifting toward a more dynamic and more revealing sound than its predecessors.

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