Best 12V TV for Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, RV and Boat 2019

Best 12V TV for Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, RV and Boat 2019

Are you looking for a 12V TV for your campervan/trailer, caravan, HGV, lorry or horsebox? Check out this list of the best 12v TVs for mobile homes.

We have reviewed many 12V TVs and have chosen the below which we feel are the best value for your money.

Main things to keep in mind when choosing a TV for a small moving space are weight, sound quality, frame rate, size, number of inputs, in-built DVD and availability of Freeview.

Owning a motorhome is the dream of many people who love nature and outdoors. It offers you the freedom to go wherever you want, the open road and the convenience of having your home with you. Also known as caravans, they allow you to pack all your necessities and have them on the move.

Campers are rapidly gaining popularity, especially with people going for small vacations. Apart from the necessities, you need entertainment when you are out there camping. That is why you need a TV for your caravan. You want to catch your favourite channels or movies and stay entertained throughout the journey.


What to look for when choosing your 12 volt TV

When choosing a TV for your caravan, you need to consider three things; size, functions needed and power. Having a TV in a closed space comes with several constraints. One of them is size.

Small vans, lorries and trailers should go for TVs below 20 inches. Medium and large caravans can consider going for the larger than 20 inch TVs. Apart from the screen size, you will need to consider the other dimensions of the TV.

Many TVs designed for conversion vans are powered by 12-volts. Some use the normal AC/DC power; some have to be fitted with an adaptor while others can work with multiple sources of power. Choose a TV that is compatible with the power sources on your caravan.

In terms of functionality, there are several caravan TVs in the market today, which are multifunctional. This implies that they also come with a CD or DVD, Blue Ray and other entertainment needs. Consider a TV with an inbuilt DVD player in order to limit the number of devices that you should carry.

Under £100 TVs

Smaller than 20 inches in size

August DTV905 – 9″ Portable Freeview TV


The August DTV905 is a high quality, slim and stylish portable Freeview TV. It comes with as USB port, thus allowing you to watch all your favourite digital media. It is an excellent product that you can easily plug into your main aerial, in your caravan. It picks up the channels pretty fast, while providing a crystal clear picture. You can receive up to twenty channels.


  • Scheduled and Real-Time recording
  • 7 day EPG
  • Slim and stylish


  • Poor sound which can be boosted with an external one
  • Not the best quality

Larger than 20 inches in size

Finlux 22 inch TV


This TV is the perfect one for smaller sized rooms, especially caravans and campers. It comes with a stunning frame and a sublime design on top of integrated Freeview and built-in DVD player. You will save space in your campervan, since you will not have to carry an extra DVD player or set-top box.


  • Full HD entertainment thanks to a 1080p screen resolution
  • Integrated DVD player that is multi-regional
  • Built-in Freeview channels
  • Good quality sound


  • Only a single HDMI port

This product is currently out of stock on Amazon. Check out alternatives.

See other alternatives

Under £150 TVs

Smaller than 20 inches in size

16″ Ultra Slim LED Digital


If you are looking for an ultra-slim and lower power consumption for minimal battery drain, this is the one for you. This TV provides crystal clear images ensuring fantastic picture quality. On top of the HDMI port, you will find COMPOSITE and SCART inputs for your set-top box or old VCR.


  • Multi-region DVD player
  • Built-in recorder, straight to a USB device
  • VGA port for connecting to a laptop or PC, thus making it an auxiliary monitor


  • Low sound
  • Smaller viewing angle

Larger than 20 inches in size

Cello C22230F 22-inch


The Cello 22-inch TV lets you add you add a touch of sophistication to your motorhome or campervan, thanks to its stylish and unique features. Offers full HD display, with crisp sharp images, vibrant colours and high resolution.

With a built-in Freeview tuner, you can watch all your favourite channels, without the need for a set-top box. It offers a wide range of connectivity options for a maximum viewing experience.


  • Full HD 1080p
  • Freeview Tuner
  • in Built DVD Player
  • can be used as a monitor


  • single HDMI port

Under £250 TVs

Smaller than 20 inches in size

Pyle PLRD195IF19-Inch


This roof-mount LCD TV has everything you need to keep you entertained while out there in your conversion van. It comes with a brilliant 19-inch widescreen monitor for all your viewing needs. It can play media on different devices such as CDs, DVDs, SD cards among others. On top of that, it has a built-in FM transmitter, for receiving all your favourite channels.


  • flip down roof mount
  • high-quality contrast ratio
  • built-in FM transmitter
  • 19-inch widescreen view


  • Lack of inbuilt speakers (Headphones or Portable speakers are required.)

This product is currently out of stock on Amazon. Check out alternatives.

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Larger than 20 inches in size

24-Inch LED Full HD TV


With ultra-low power consumption and LED technology, Freeview, DVD player and USB PVR record, this is the ideal TV for trucks, trailers, motorhomes and caravans. It has improved viewing angle and crystal clear picture quality.


  • Freeview digital tuner
  • Integrated audio speaker system
  • Wall mountable
  • Low power consumption
  • 12, 24 and 240v compatible


  • No SD card reader

Featured Accessories

Vivomounts TV Wall Mount Bracket (suitable for 15″ 17″ 19″ 20″ 22″ 23″ LCD/LED TVs)

This wall mount is suitable for Plasma or LCD screens, and can carry a maximum weight of around 15kgs. It is a low-profile design that can support any screen measuring 100mm by 100mm or 75 by 75mm. It is made of durable steel for guaranteed long-term service

Nextbase IR Wireless Headphones


These are reasonably priced wireless headphones for using with a Nextbase Click and Go. They are easy to set up, work fine and fold to a near flat, for fitting inside a bag. They produce great sound quality.

2.1 USB Portable Speakers


These speakers are ideal for use in your caravan, since they only require 12 volts. Whether you are in a boat or a lorry, you can simply connect them to your TV and the sound quality will be crystal clear. They are powered by USB device, thus no need for additional 12v sockets.

Whether you decide on a portable TV, a projector or a TV/DVD combo you can enjoy your favourite music, movies or TV any place that your recreational vehicle can travel. Purchase the one that suits your needs and preferences.

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