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Celestron Regal M2 65ED

Celestron 52304 Regal M2 65ED


Are you a fan of any outdoor activities? Specifically, is bird watching, hunting, or astronomical observing your thing? Honestly, outdoor recreation is a good thing. It lets us explore, discover, and know the beauty of this world (environment). But of course, for some travelers and the exploration itself, find it dangerous at the same time. In traveling, it is better to have the proper equipment, which is one of the main rules. We may not know who is with us and what danger’s waiting for us, especially for the travelers. That’s why it is necessary to have the materials for this kind of activity. On the other hand, it makes our adventures more enjoyable too. So, we suggest if you want interesting outdoor activities, make sure you have the Celestron Regal M2 65ED with you.

It is safe to use, easy to function, and affordable at the same time. However, it provides safety not only for travelers but to all who want to participate in any outdoor activities. Likewise, the recreations like bird watching, hunting, nature discovering, or even watching a favorite team are the best moment to use the Celestron Regal M2 65ED. On the other hand, it is also the ideal spotting scope in today’s world.

How did it become an ideal spotting scope?

The Celestron Regal M2 65ED is not a casual spotting scope. Besides its usage – looking at the things in the distance, this scope is the best use to have a clear view of your surroundings. In other words, it has the same purpose as what “scope” really is, but it becomes different due to its quality.

It is the ideal spotting scope because of its high-quality build and affordable price. It offers a high-transmission optical path with the nitrogen-filled magnesium-alloy housing that makes it more interesting to use. Because of these, it allows you to see the sharpness and the clarity of the images. But let’s elaborate on it more.

The result of the combination of high-transmission optical path and nitrogen filled magnesium-allow housing is to deliver the perfect shot of the images. But apparently, it is not a camera who takes pictures. Likewise, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is known as the ideal spotting scope nowadays. For furthermore, these are some details of it:

  • ED Objective: Lens: 65 mm
  • Eye Relief: 20mm
  • Magnification: 16x-48x
  • Focal Length: 540 mm
  • Field of View:5-1.3°
  • Close Focus:4ft./5

So, these are the basic information of Celestron Regal M2 65ED that we should know. However, the “ED” on its name stands as Extra-Low Dispersion Glass. It corrects the optical color defects or the chromatic aberrations. It is completely showing and representing that it performs well compared with the other scope. Well, what makes it different from other scopes anyway?

Besides this given information, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED offers more. So, check this out:

Dual Focus

First, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED provides the quickest mechanism in focusing on specific things. On the other hand, it provides both course and fine focus. Well, what is the difference between these two?

The “course focus” is for rough adjustment, while the other one is for detailed adjustment. Therefore, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is the best spotting space so far, especially when it comes to focusing on the real images. Likewise, it provides the easiest and quickest way to focus on things, even in the distance.

T-Adapter Ring

Secondly, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED includes T-Adapter Ring. It provides an easy way for photography, specifically for DSLR.

Tripod Mount

Thirdly, you do not need to hold it with your own hands. What we mean is, you can place it anywhere with the help of “tripod mount.” Honestly, it makes the adventure a little bit easier. And it seems like it is convenient for everyone. Likewise, with the help of a tripod mount, you can now see the real and clear images.


Lastly, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED provides various accessories too. It includes eyepiece covers, eyepiece port, zoom eyepiece, lens cloth, objective lens cap, and soft carrying case.

The advantage of the soft carrying case is, it is easy for you to carry your Celestron Regal M2 65ED anywhere, and safely.

However, these are the necessary accessories whenever we hunt or do any outdoor activities. Therefore, it is good news that the Celestron Regal M2 65ED provides it for us. It is so great to have these accessories for your recreation. It provides convenience and safety for both yours and your Celestron Regal M2 65ED.

Look how excellent this Celestron Regal M2 65ED is. No doubt, everyone is excited to have their spotting scopes like this, especially for those lovers of outdoor activities. So, as experts, we suggest you have your Celestron Regal M2 65ED with you to enjoy the outdoor activities even more.

On the other hand, it’s the legitimate ideal of spotting scope. Imagine, we can now have astronomical discoveries through the use of the Celestron Regal M2 65ED. Well, you have read it right. It is one of the spotting scopes that allow us to see the astronomical elements such as moon and stars, because of its max magnification.

Therefore, if it captures the astronomical view in a sharp way, then it is for us to do other activities such as bird watching and hunting. In today’s generation, outdoor activities are continuously arising. There are a lot of people now who want to be involved in this recreation. But honestly, as experts, we are recommending to have this activity with the Celestron Regal M2 65ED. Recreation became more enjoyable and easy. Likewise, it doubles the fun!

But before we become totally into this product, let’s have its advantages and disadvantages first. It is necessary to consider these for us to know it further or to know if it is suitable for us.


  • Water and Fog Free
  • Excellent Optical Quality
  • The scope is collimated
  • Smooth external finishing
  • Produce sharp images
  • Easy to set-up
  • Rotating Tripod Mount
  • Interchangeable Eyepiece Option


  • Mostly, the eyepiece doesn’t fit well to lock ring system
  • Quality control issues

As you can see, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED has a lot of advantages rather than disadvantages. No doubt, it is considered as the ideal spotting scope. However, out of these disadvantages, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED still performs excellently.

Out of its excellently, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is available at an affordable price too. It may sound expensive due to its high-quality performance, but the truth is, it offers at low-cost.

You do not need to spend too much money, to be able to capture the sharp images using a spotting scope. It is affordable, yet offers high-quality performance. It is indeed the best and the ideal spotting scope in the world.

One thing, based on people’s views, spotting scope is better than the binoculars. It is easy to use and to carry anywhere. Other than that, since it is spotting scope, the optical quality works well compared with the binoculars. But both are great on their own. What matters most is what is suitable and comfortable for you.

Since it is used in outdoor activities, it is necessary to have the spotting scope that doesn’t let you feel discomfort. One of the purposes of this is to make your adventures or recreation convenient, safe, and enjoyable. Therefore, it is better to choose the better spotting scope too.


So, are you a fan of any outdoor activities? Are you into bird watching, hunting, or even astronomical observing? If that’s so, double your fun and excitement with the help of the Celestron Regal M2 65ED.

Honestly, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is one of the ideal and best spotting scopes in the world. Starting from the external quality into internal quality up to prices – everything works well.

It works according to what people want and needs. On the other hand, it is exactly convenient for everyone. Therefore, we consider the Celestron Regal M2 65ED as the ideal spotting scope.

Moreover, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is letting you experience the perfect stargazing, framing the moon, and bird watching without discomfort.

Everything is perfect. In other words, the Celestron Regal M2 65ED is indeed the best spotting scope. So, it is better not to miss this opportunity to have your own, to be able to double your enjoyment in outdoor activities.

Well, it is not only for enjoyment, rather it offers safety too. When traveling, hunting or any outdoor activities, one of the necessary equipment is to have a scope. So, we suggest this Celestron Regal M2 65ED as your partner in doing any outdoor activities.

Double your enjoyment and fun, and have a safe outdoor activity through using the Celestron Regal M2 65ED. Likewise, discover more breathtaking scenarios and images, and explore more through using this ideal spotting scope. However, with the Celestron Regal M2 65ED, every moment is perfect and bright. So, have yours now.

Celestron 52304 Regal M2 65ED Spotting Scope
  • ED Objective Lens: Minimizes chromatic aberration, accurate colour reproduction, increased resolution and contrast. XLT Coatings (Fully Multi-Coated Optics): Proprietary XLT lens coatings maximize light transmission through the optical path for brighter images and increased resolution and contrast.
  • Magnesium Alloy Body: This material is strong and durable, but lighter weight than traditional aluminum alloy housings. Dual focus: Course focus for rough adjustment and fine focus for detailed adjustment. New quicker focusing mechanism. Rotating tripod mount with detents: Place the orientation of the eyepiece in the best viewing position for application.
  • 16-48x Zoom Eyepiece: Adjustable magnification, giving you a wide field of view for general viewing and detailed up close viewing when needed. Twist-up eyecup for correct positioning of the user's eyes for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. Standard 1.25” eyepiece mount allows a variety of astronomical eyepieces to be used with the spotting scope. T-Adapter ring included for easy 35 mm/DSLR photography.
  • Sliding sunshade with sighting line keeps out stray light and keeps moisture off the objective lens. Sighting line aids in finding the subject you want to bring into view.
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