Celestron Regal m2 80ed review

Are you looking for a new and innovative telescope? Celestron has created another member of the family of the telescope. Celestron Regal m2 80ed is an angled-viewing telescope that combines a great transmission optic path that is filled with nitrogen magnesium-alloy housing. It delivers a dependable imaging work at low light and in relentless weather conditions.

At the center of the telescope, the body is multi-coated optical, this includes BAK4 prisms. And with an extra-low dispersion glass objective that lessens chromatic aberration and enlarges light function. With many layers of Celestron’s propriety, XLT coating on each lens maintain the brightness and transfer differ rich images to the eyepiece.

This variant of Regal M2 marks the scope that includes the 16-48x eyepiece that is perfect for medium to higher distance glassing. The wide magnifier distance, the convenient 20mm eye relief, and the curve-up rubber eyecup. Which makes the zoom eyepiece quite adaptable for longer period attentions. The ideal scope is 1.25inch eyepiece frame will obtain most stargazer eyepieces, that allows a close limitless number of optic configurations.

In this article, we will see one variant, Celestron Regal M2 80ED let us see the best description of why this telescope is worth it buy. Most wildlife fanatic wants to see nature into a clear vision this telescope is the best for you. So for you to keep your view on nature better to own this telescope.


Celestron Regal m2 80ed

The Pros and Cons Celestron Regal m2 80ed

Celestron Regal M2 sits at the top capacity mark with its huge scope with and a big amount of price. Let us see why this telescope is expensive to let us see why?

The quality of the image

The aim lens was built with the use of Extra-low Dispersion glass, so there was a small chromatic aberration. It has a realistic color, and all are definite and clear. To increase the resolution and differ in the image the lens is covered in XLT. Any ideal 1.25inch eyepiece can be backed up on to the scope.

The 20-60x zoom eyepiece appears in bundled with the scope initially. The range of capabilities of scope eyepiece’s zoom is great for wildlife followers, as goals can be aimed at lower magnifier and then provide a close-up at the top magnifier. The thing that you need to see is the option to change filters. It is not a big issue, but it will help to uphold the price.


The marking scope with double focus characteristics is a good addition. The dual focus knob you can adjust it, and fast fine-tuned with the use of the scope the course focus and the fine focus respectively. This recovers a good deal of time when focusing, but it took a bit of time to get used to it.

The scope has a twist-up eyecup, to adjust the eye relief. This is a good advantage for a person who has eyeglasses. The sliding canopy covers the target lens from stray brightness and humidity. A viewing line on the cover maintains to line up any targets into view. However, the telescope does not include a tripod.

The scope only has a rotating tripod mount with detent. There is a case bag added with the range that works well. An opening at the target lens has a zipper so that the range can be used while it’s protected in the case.

The quality build

The telescope is made from a magnesium alloy, the extent is moderate that what you know. The body of the telescope is strong and durable and surely feels that way. This model of Celestron surely is not cheap on the use of materials. It asserts that the range is fog and waterproof which is true. The range is properly assembled and the inner part is cleansed with nitrogen.

Furthermore, if there is positive side Celestron Regal m2 80ed, there is also a negative side of it. Let check them.

No warranty

The thing that lacked on Celestron Regal m2 80ed is the warranty. Other models are covered with the warranty. Mostly most product comes with at least two years warranty in case an issue arises on the product. But this telescope has no warranty so in case you face any issue with this product the company is out of responsibility.

Not include a Tripod

Celestron Regal m2 80ed does not have its tripod when you buy, you will buy it separately. You cannot use a telescope without a tripod because it will affect the excellent view of the images. However, this product Celestron Regal m2 80ed do not have their tripod. Before you use, this product makes sure that you already have a tripod to set it up. Though it has a rotating mount it will not help to protect the whole telescope.

How to use Celestron Regal m2 80ed

Get an outstanding optical performance at a fraction of the cost of other spotting scopes with similar features. If you are observing wildlife hidden on a brush or birds in the dim light of dawn Regal m2 80ed extra load dispersing glass will bring your subject into view. The engineer equips the m2 with the same proprietary optical coating that was used in the observatory great telescope for maximum light transmission and bright sharp images.

Use the rotating tripod mount to adjust the eyepiece to multiple viewing angles for the most comfortable view. Customize Regal m2 for the best views with an adjustable end shape and twist-up eyecup. Once you are in the position, bring your subject in the focus quickly with the dual focus knob.

You can even attach with one of the Celestron optional smartphone adaptors custom made for Regal m2 family included zoom eyepiece to capture high images with the smartphone and scope.

Point of View

Though this model of Celestron has no warranty it will not bother you because of its reputation in making good quality products. The range of the telescope is created to last a lifetime with a body that is made of waterproof and magnesium alloy. And generate the topmost quality images. This telescope provides almost all you can have from marking range. But it does not come with a tripod, you provide your own. However, with all said it is a perfect marking range.

The Celestron Regal family receives positive reviews from all the owners due to its provision of clear images. All the views are all outstanding are what the owners are saying to the product. Which matches the views from other expensive spotting scopes. For example. one owner shares that the Celestron Regal m2 80ed has an excellent view even at 300 yards distance or more. Also, even for the owner with precision rely upon obtaining a better view of the subject being aim.

There are so many reasons that this product’s performance is great. One way is the ED objective lens that lessens its chromatic aberration and offers an excellent and smart image of the subject being watched. The Extra-low Dispersion or ED glass from which the lens is designed to lessen the dispersal of the light as it crosses through the lens. The dispersal can jeopardize the clarity of the subject that comes through the scope. So, the lesser light dispersal has a clearer and excellent view.


Celestron Regal m2 family is the best telescope for better spotting and viewing. It delivers the accurate color of the object because of its ED glass that provides the best color you focusing. With the best focus, you can surely reach the images you want to view with the help of a dual focus knob of the instrument.

And with other parts that provide the best feature of the telescope makes it more achievable for the best result you are expecting. Though the price is expensive, compare to other telescopes you will not regret buying this telescope. You can use this for your experiment for school requirements or a more in-depth study of nature.

People with a positive review of the product you will not surely hesitate to purchase this instrument for yourself. Though there is no tripod, included it still worth owning because the whole body is built with strong material that will last a lifetime. Most consumers who want to buy a product make sure that the product has a warranty in case of unexpected damage happens to the product.

However, Celestron Regal m2 has the confidence that their product is surely durable and has a longer lifespan. Depends on how you take care of your instruments you will depend on how long will it lasts. Every detail of the product is precise for it and with the intention to last and effective for the best result, you can have.

So when you buy this telescope you will surely want to possess it. With the clear information you read in this article you will have the answer to say yes to buy this. Enjoy viewing the birds and other wildlife in the forest and other places.

Celestron 52330 TrailSeeker 65-45 Degree Spotting Scope, Black
  • XLT FULLY MULTI-COATED OPTICS: Celestron’s proprietary XLT fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission through the optical path to deliver crisp, high contrast images
  • FOCUS AND FINE TUNE: Focus on a subject quickly, then fine tune the image using the dual focus mechanism with course and fine adjustments
  • ROTATING TRIPOD MOUNT: Get the whole picture using the rotating tripod mount; This mount rotates a full 360° and allows the eyepiece to be set in any viewing position
  • GET CLOSE TO THE ACTION: With a zoom up to 48x magnification or see the widest field of view at 16x
  • EASY TO CARRY: Perfect for those who want performance in an easy-to-carry package, the 65 mm objective design lets in plenty of light while keeping the overall size of the scope to a minimum

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