Edifier Wood Case Speaker

Edifier Wood Case SpeakerA speaker that is equipped with both style and the technology with Bluetooth connection. It also has dual RCA inputs that produce up to 42 WRMS of audio sound. With a port of 4 inches bass driver and front-facing box to make sure the bass notes are robust. And have a great sound with the 100% MDF wood case to lessen acoustic vibration. The wood case makes it retro and vintage looks on your bookshelf but simple and elegant. This makes your home decoration pleasant and great.

Product Description

  • Customize your hearing sense with the bass, treble, and major modification tuner.
  • Multiple connections with Bluetooth, optical, cable and two RCA input provide you to link to your home enjoyment with ease.
  • Great sound from its 4 inches bass drivers and a reflex ports at front-facing bass.
  • This bookshelf speaker is a combination of style and technology with a power output of 42 Watts.
  • With the inclusion of remote control to adjust the volume for your preference.

Point Of View

This is a great desktop speaker that you will enjoy the sound and the design that makes you go back in time with its wood case. Also, you can connect with other devices for a more sound trip to your favorite music. With affordable prices, you can take this not only for one set but for two or more so that you can place it in your whole house that will surround every room and place. The Bluetooth connection is a very clear and easy link not to mention the other cable for other devices. You cannot have both the best sounds and a great price at the same time. Surely you will enjoy this while you are doing your work or even in your free time.

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